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Pinoy OFW Job Openings – Jobs in Cyprus for Filipinos

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Jobs in Cyprus for Filipinos (OFW) will soon be open for application to Pinoys according the latest news edition release by ABS-CBN today, December 3, 2008. Cyprus is said to be opening thousands of jobs for Filipinos who have skills for corresponding jobs like chef, electrician, concrete finishers, manicurists and labor workers.

According to the ABS-CBN report, two huge marina projects will accommodate jobs for Filipinos in Cyprus namely Limassol and Larnaca. This was based in the assessment given by different Cypriot recruiters who will be employing the said workers for different positions as early as February of the coming year, 2009.

Let us just hope that the economic crisis will not affect this special alert where Pinoy professionals as well as Filipino skilled workers will benefit from in the opening of the year 2009. Also according to the reports, there are as of today, about 12,000 OFWs in Cyprus wherein reaching almost 90 % of that population work as household helpers, commonly known as domestic helpers.

Although many European countries were hit by the recession that has been happening including in the United States, Cyprus is said to have not been one of these European Union countries which makes them a safe venue for Filipinos to work in the coming New Year.

If the economic crisis will not hit, Cyprus jobs for Filipinos will be provided by different recruiters in the said region in Europe which will give favor to the thousands and maybe millions more of Pinoys waiting for an opportunity like this one to grab.


40 Responses to “Pinoy OFW Job Openings – Jobs in Cyprus for Filipinos”

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  • FELICISIMO says:

    I want to apply in cyprus as carpenter.I worked in Bouygues Batiment international Cyprus branch,year 2007 to 2008

  • Ricardo G. San Diego says:

    I want to apply as a welder in Cyprus and I worked as a welder for years here in Manila, Philippines

  • jeanette r.gonzales says:

    i want to apply as store manager in restaurant or attendant in hotels..i worked 10 years in working here in doha qatar at present..i want to work in cyprus after my contract this coming june..please help me..thanks a lot @ god bless

  • Philippines Review says:

    Hello to all,
    guys, if you are looking for the job opportunities for Cyprus, might as well go straight to the POEA website first and see if there is anything going on already. I know the jobs will be offered there sometime this February and I know it will be a first come first serve basis so be the first by going straight to the POEA website first and checking on the updates posted there. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  • RAVI ANTHONY says:

    This is RAVI ANTHONY from Pakistan.In my country no one given me any job because i am a Christian and my country is a Muslim state that’s why no one can given me a job.I request you to please give me some job in your country you can reply me on my mailing address

  • hermie says:

    i want to apply in cyprus as domestic helper.pls. help me to find an accredited agency w/ small placement pay. thanks

  • arnel says:

    I would like to apply for a job in cyprus as a hotel staff. i’m working in macau as a room attendant from 2006 up to present. hope that you could help me find any vacancies in any hotels in there! thanks!

  • Gicelle Demanoy says:

    Dear Sir/madam

    I am filipina, i am eager to work in abroad especailly in Cyprus, Please help me find a better agency they give a financial assitance. actually i work here in iloilo in Korean Dormitory but my salary is cheap, i can not survive . I am cook in korean dishes, i know how to cook very well i work almost 15 years, that is why i want to go out of a country because of poverty hope you understand

  • benson john b bilayon says:

    good day,

    greetings of hope, i’m benson john bilayon from the philippines, i’m a caregiver by profession and have almost four years of experience in the said profession, anybody out their please interested especially in greece, i also have experiences in hotel and restaurants services and i do like to work as a hotel/restaurant service crew,utility can do(housekeeping),please anybody with a gooed intention of helping find me a job,hope to hear from you guys,thanks and god bless.

    benson john bilayon

  • wilfred&maricel torricer says:

    greetings of peace and hope.we are couple from ilocos and we want to try to work abroad cyprus..we are from riyadh saudi arabia 2 months ago.we finished 2 years contract there but decided not to go back because our salary is not enough.we hope that you can help us.thank u and god bless………you can call us anytime,this is our contact # 09151801438

  • Josephine R.Bulahao says:

    hello…….im a filipina looking for a job abroad espclly there at cyprus i want to work as dh or babysitter,abt my experience i have 7 years experience taking care of my so til hoping for ur call anytime.thanks & more power…..ucan text me anytime at my cellphone #+639097648962………………….

  • hazel j. ibayan says:

    Hi! please consider my interest to work as welder either in cyprus or qatar.. I have a certificate of competency from tesda-SMAW NC II. Pls. help..tnx

  • Francis says:

    hi!! I am interested to work in cyprus. Currently i am working in Saudi Arabia. Can you inform me if there is an available job as a Driver. thanks..

  • Arthur C. Sarmiento says:

    hi, I’m very much interested to work at cyprus to support my family & provide better education with my 2 kids. i hope i will be given a chance. please contact me at 0908-4175331

  • Arthur C. Sarmiento says:

    by the way my current job right now is welder… i’ve been in the company for almost 2 years. contact me at 09084175331


    Im Dolores Majaducon, 35y.o , Filipina.
    An OFW from Hongkong, i had a 10yrs. experience there. And currently looking forward to work there in Cyprus. im great in cooking esp. when it comes on chinse and filipino foods. i also do house keeping very well.
    but my olny my financial needs to go there and to have somebody to help with anything that has to do with go there like fix my papers.
    i hope youll give me a chance to find a good employer for me to be able to support my papers and financial needs.
    hope for your response. thank you.


    my contact number is 09154262030.

  • Analia B. Pagilao says:

    I am very much interested to work in cyprus. i had an experience already. I was worked in Ireland before, so maybe all household chores is easy for me now. Please help me to find because I want to help to my parents need.

    Thanks and more power.

  • gretchen mata says:

    good day!im gretchen mata from the phillipines…i need work right now..& i want to have a work ex[erience there in canada such a verry beautiful country!!!if you have an open for a sales representative please do text me this is my number,,09275317259

    thank you & have a great day!!

  • jocelyn s. domingo says:

    im very much interested to work in canada as health worker or hotel staff. i had an experience in restaurant management, training instructor for caregiver and business management. Please help me to find a job to support my family. My number is 4557440

  • lourene says:

    dear sir / madam iwould like to apply as a d.h in cyprus i`m 30 years old pls help me txt me at my celphone no.09053215238

  • Cecil says:

    Im cecil,filipina. Im looking for a job as a caregiver in cyprus or in canada. I already finished my caregiving course. Thank you.

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  • Hazel M. Garcia says:

    Hi!Im from Philippines,I want to work in Cyprus,please do help me.I have Certificate of Competency SMAW NCII from TESDA.Thank you and more power!

  • Mary Jane D. Foronda says:

    Hello to all, I,m 38 years old, I been working as a domestic helper since 1997 in different countries like Malaysia,Singapore and China.In Malaysia i worked in a muslim family,in Singapore i worked in a chinese family and in China i worked in a Swedish,Mexican and from New Zealand family.Here in Philippines i worked with americans family they are from Florida,USA.,I’m good in cooking western foods,i know how to take care children,i also do housekeeping very well.I’m honest,patient and clean person. I want to apply for a job in Cyprus as a domestic helper.Please help me to find good employer and please help me to find an accredited agency with small placement fee to pay.Please txt me or call me at my mobile phone number 00639065185548. Thank you very much.

  • MELANIE says:


  • rolando s. otero says:

    dear, sir/mam
    im rolando otero phillipines. this time im looking for work job to the other country.
    im graduate of caregiver in 2010.
    and i have more experience.
    this is my mobile no;+639064450399
    thnk you.

  • rolando s. otero says:

    im rolando otero phlis. this time im looking to work abroud.
    any kind of work. im hardworking. if u contact me, this is my mobile no;+639064450399

  • Adeluisa says:


    I’m Adeluisa phils.i would like to apply as a DH n Cyprus please help me to find and good imployer and please help me to find accredited agency w/ a small placement fee thank you…This my mobile # 09061010962

  • Mr roland smith says:

    Job Offer!!


    Am smith from London.I saw your placed ADs on the internet.So if you’re
    still interested in it, just contact me.

    Full Names




    Zip code:




    Marital Status

    NAME: Mr roland smith
    ADDRESS: 64 Newman Street. City, London.

  • cristina villegas says:

    I’m Cristina phils.i would like to apply as a DH n Cyprus please help me to find and good imployer and please help me to find accredited agency w/ a small placement fee thank you…This my mobile # 09216915842

  • evelyn abigania says:

    Hello,mga kababayan. My name is Evelyn and I’m looking for a job in Cyprus particularly housekeeping. I worked in the middle east( Lebanon 3 yrs and Qatar 2 years). Kindly, help me to find a good employer in Cyprus and also an accredited recruitement agency in the Phillipines. I’m still residing here in Qatar and this is my phone number 974777899349. kindly contact me.

  • MARIA says:

    My name is MARIA FLORA,im working before in saudi,singapore&now here in syria as a caregiver,but i have experience in work in HOTEL or RESTAURANT TOO,i love to work in cyprus me any kind of job in cyprus,but now im here in syria,after 9months,im finish my work here working 3yrs here in syria,thanks,god bless you all,i hope u can help me as soon as possible,thanks to all of you,SINCERITY YOURS,MARIA,my email add,MARIA.DENUSTA@YAHOO.COM,CAN SEND ME HERE A REPLY THANKS….

  • Lorena Bernardo says:

    Good Day! Im Lorena Bernardo currently working here in the philippines as an office staff. I used to worked before in Kuwait as a service crew. now im working here in philippines and wants to try again to work abroad. im hoping you will find me a work fits in my working experiences. thanks

  • marnelli barrozo says:

    hello mam sir can i apply to ure company…
    but im only high school graduate
    i want to work any job hiring..

  • buffat says:

    I’m looking for a young and pretty woman for homework. the woman can have experience, no problem.

    I live in France

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