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Pinoy Nurse Jobs in New Zealand

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Nursing Jobs in New Zealand

Nursing Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand assured the Philippines and its government that the hiring of Filipino nurses in New Zealand will continue despite the previously reported discrimination that some may have suffered before. Nurse jobs in New Zealand is one of the hope of professional Filipino nurses and many have been looking forward to this availability.

The New Zealand Nursing Council gave this assurance through Chief Executive Carolyn Reed and Registration Manager Andrea McCance with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) which means that the hiring of OFW nurses will be on the way as always.

The dispute was made clear with parties involved in the reported questioning of the competence of Filipino nurses in New Zealand and put emphasis on the fact that the remarks were not made by anyone related to the New Zealand Nursing Council or the New Zealand Government.

Attesting to the fact that Filipino nurses were great professionals in the field of healthcare and hospital services, they occupy about 200 registered nurses in New Zealand each year which by far is the second largest number of foreign nurses there. This year, nurse jobs in New Zealand is expected to grow to a significant number because of this announcement.

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15 Responses to “Pinoy Nurse Jobs in New Zealand”

  • katrina says:

    hi im kat im 22 yrs. old a registered nurse and a graduate of Far Eastern University last 2008. I just want to inquire what are the requirements neede in applying as a nurse or care giver in New Zealand. I don’t have a 1 yr experience yet but i had my training at a tertiary hospital for three months already. for your repli kindly please feel free to contact me at my mibile number 09052689352 or email me at magc7_31@ thank you and good day

  • brian says:

    Hi! I’m brian, 23, a registered nurse and with more than 1 year hospital hospital in a secondary hospital. I also passed IELTS just last Sept 2009 with 7.0 in all bands. Could you please send me the information needed to apply as R.N. in NZ? thanks. pls contact me at

  • Juanito Casibang says:

    Hi! Im Juanito, 22, a registered nurse. im currently taking my masters degree. do you credit this degree in your country..? pls contact me in my account.

  • ferriza ann mae recto says: eezah 22, registered nurse..Can I kindly ask for the requirements for RN in New Zealand?thank you! Godbless!!!^_^

  • Charlene says:

    ..hi.. I’m Charlene.. I am a registered nurse.. Just had my four months of training in a government tertiary hospital. Can i ask for the requirements needed? Thank you and God bless.ü

  • jerome rey b. valdez says:

    …… jay 21, registered nurse..Can I kindly ask for the requirements for RN in New Zealand? pls reply asap …thank you!

  • ZALDY B. TOMAS says:

    Tthis is ZALDY B. TOMAS,registered nurse,had an hospital experiences and presently caregiver here in israel for 7years now. I am very much interested to repatriate in NEW ZEALAND in any position that suits to my qualifications acquired knowledge from the college of nursing.english,filipino and hebrew languages spoken.
    Send to my email for returning me back.
    Waiting for your earliest correspondent. Many thanks for attending my introductory letter.

  • John Paul G. Joven says:

    good day.. im Paul.. a registered nurse.. present working in a gov’t hospital. i have a more than 2 yrs of experience working as a staff nurse… i very much willing to apply in new zealand.. can i ask for the requirement needed.. thank you very much..

  • Christopher Rivera says:

    To those who wish to work as RN in New Zealand, the FIRST thing you need to do is to register to the Nursing Council of New Zealand. You can download the application forms at You can also check there what the requirements and associated fees are.

    Alot of foreign nurses are applying for registration. So, you better act as soon as possible because it takes months for the NZ nursing council to review applications.
    Based on personal experience, I submitted my application last October 2010 and I just got approved last February 02, 2011.

    Guys, dreams remain as dreams without action. Better act now. Apply now! Good luck!

  • Myra T. Day says:

    Am interested to work in NZ as a staff nurse or caregiver.
    And want to know what are the requirements and how to apply for this jobs.
    Hoping for your immediate reply for my querries.
    Thank you.

  • Mary Anne says:

    Hi! I’m Mary Anne, 21 yrs old, a registered nurse.. i am interested to work in New Zealand as a staff nurse, can i ask for the requirements needed? thanks, god bless!

  • jusha says:

    hi im Pepito! 29 years old registered doctor i want to fuck a kiwi. can you please send me the requirements in applying for this job. thank you in advance

  • jubairah says:

    Pls gvi a requirements needed

  • cj says:

    I would like to apply..what are the requirements?

  • maricel says:

    is this job still open? how can i apply? what are the requirements?

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