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Pipe Fitter Jobs Abroad for Pinoy OFW

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It is sometimes hard to realize that pipe fitting or pipe fitter jobs abroad can be a quite rewarding work for a Pinoy OFW. Just tonight, it was featured in Bandila that pipe fitting jobs can give the skilled worker abroad a salary that reaches up to as much as Php 300,000 bucks which is quite high for a high school graduate.

Why high school graduate? Well, this is simply because most skilled jobs like pipe fitting does not involve learning requirements, just the right experience and devotion to work. It is said in reports that this job would only require you a high school diploma to get employed for this position and work abroad. Another qualification is to have at least 2 years experience.

If you are interested to get this job abroad, you may inquire at the POEA and look for the jobs posting there and at the same time, you can ask for more details on how to get in the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) program. Goodluck!


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