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POEA Accredited Agencies – 8 proven online marketing strategies to get applicants to apply for your company job openings

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Apart from the fact that there are literally thousands of POEA accredited agencies in the Philippines today, these agencies vie for a share of the pie on where to get applicants to apply for their job openings. But the usual problem is how and where to get them. Some would be contented in being one in the list of the duly licensed recruitment firms by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

Well, I say it is not enough because you must very well know that again, the competition is not with you being accredited while others are not because most of you are already listed. What have you to offer to your job applicants that other don’t have? Why not use the internet? If you don’t know how, read along below.

With this on hand, I could safely say that very few if none of these agencies do employ online marketing for their manpower pooling and job applicant hunting. This is wrong. Why? Simply because if you are an owner of an employment or recruitment agency in the Philippines today or just about any kind of business, you have to go with the flow.

You have to use the power of the internet and online marketing and with this I will enumerate some full proof tactics on how to gain visits to your placement agency website or company website via my own all-original and full proof 8 online marketing strategies for a business to attract the right traffic and convert high on them for a high return on investment. Do note however that if you are basically new to some of the words I am about to feature and use on my article, you can always Google it for some additional information.

List of Online Marketing Strategies

1. Create a Facebook Business Page – Now, we all know that people, especially Pinoys. By data, Filipinos looking for POEA jobs using Facebook by data numbers up to 21,983,640 people. Now, let us play safe by taking in just 1% of these numbers 21,983. Imagine taking just 1% but what about 10%? See the point?

2. Launch a PPC or Pay Per Click Campaign – Using either Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Network, you can launch a targeted campaign to drive applicants to your company… Just imagine if you only spend .02 cents $ of a mere Php .50 cents for every targeted traffic or visitor willing to apply for your job opening. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to do so? Well, return on investment will only say it so if you own a job placement agency duly accredited by the POEA, it is not enough if you want applicants to pour on your office trying to get in via call, email and coming in personally. Just imagine how much return it could offer your business.

3. Advertise in Online Jobs Classifieds Websites – Did you know that if you own a manpower company or just any other company in the Philippines, you can advertise it online for free? If you don’t you better explore this online marketing move, otherwise, you’ll be left eating smoke from your competition. Such examples could be available via using Google Search just like,, and more. Try looking for online jobs classifieds websites. I’m pretty sure whatever list you could come up with, it will play handy all the time forever for you. With these kinds of sites, you can launch an advertisement targeted to the right people.

4. Launch Link and Company Profile Building Campaign – There are so many methods you can do this particular online marketing move. This could probably include online branding which means you can establish an online followers list by simply promoting your business website in a manner that also establishes your brand name. A good example for this is Work Abroad. People these days try to search Google using the keywords work abroad and the first website that appears in the search result would be the very company (if I may call it that) that holds for the domain or website name itself. You can also launch a regular link building campaign to build relationships with jobs site bloggers and other site owners therefore helping your company establish a good online profile.

5. An additional yet unrelated method but will definitely help your company grow is to hire or employ the use of OJT personnel who knows online marketing and website development at the same time. Somebody who is a SEO or SEM (search engine optimizer) or search engine marketer) at the same time would be best.

6. Advertise in Jobs Blogs and Websites – If you have a company website, then surely, you already know what a blog is, more so, a jobs website is. Granted that you do, did you know that you can actually advertise to these types of websites? Yes, you can actually arrange launching an advertisement with them for as long as you know that these websites do receive an enormous amount of targeted traffic or in layman’s term, Pinoys willing to apply for work abroad / looking for a job overseas. Be sure to measure return on investment with this particular move, otherwise, you might lose your investment ratio over company expenditures compared.

7. Establish your Own Company Website Blog – Now, where did this particular marketing move come from? Where else but from #6 marketing move above. Since you ought to know by now that blogs do receive enormous amounts of traffic or targeted visitors / applicants and job hunters, then wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a blog for your company. Hurry up, arrange a good page where you can put all updates regarding your company and what is the latest happenings in the jobs industry in the Philippines. If possible, establish or hire a blogger who knows the job with SEO / SEM or simple online marketing skills.

8. Establish a Company Profile using Social Media (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook etc.) – I guess by now you should understand this. If you still don’t, Google for social media websites / sites. Twitter and Facebook is probably 2 of the most popular, proven and full proof effective in this case so be sure to have an official company page in both these sites. now.

What I have featured above are all my original ideas as an online marketer and search engine optimizer. Now, no need to relate to these terms but if you want to find out what I do, just Google it. Otherwise, if you think you will have big problems understanding the methods i have featured above and how to start up with using and implementing them, you can always call or contact me – Sam Casuncad

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