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Spa and Massage Therapy Jobs in Boracay

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While I was in Boracay Island resort, we strolled down to the end  of the island and took a lot of pictures. I noticed that there are a few establishments there who managed to post up spa and massage jobs in Boracay. I didn’t realize at first how big an industry spa and massage services could be until I came across with a female blind masseur.

It confirmed my hunch that massages therapist jobs and spa jobs could be a regular offer for many people from out of the island because even if there are literally very few spas and massage parlors, there are almost no one is some small parlors to serve you a decent massage therapy for relaxation.

Most of the service there would cost too high not knowing if the massage is good or not. Now why haven’t those people who invest in putting up a business of massage parlor if they don’t offer good services and packages. Of about 5 establishments I asked about pricing, none of them can offer me a package of some sort so that I could save a little shillings for floor instead.

What we did then is to go stroll along the beach and I found out that even those who shout massage offers charge as much as Php 400 bucks. I say that was too much. Even more than what Metro Manila reflexology clinics charge and the massage is not that good from what I can see. Anyway, just some concerns why I wonder that spa and massage therapy jobs in Boracay is a great way to get employed especially if you are good at it. You could get lots of tip for that skill.

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5 Responses to “Spa and Massage Therapy Jobs in Boracay”

  • Eunice says:

    Spa and Massage job and career is a promising career but it will all depend on your passion, interests and the career ladder that you are willing to go forward with. You can start as a massage therapist then move towards being a spa therapist, etc.

    Not too long ago, massage was either viewed as indecent or only for the elite and royalty. Thanks to the proliferation of day spas and professional massage centers, slowly, things are changing for the better. As in all skilled labor, massage therapy needs education- meaning the person needs to invest in his/her own career through trainings, seminars, licensure, certifications, assessments and more. So needless to say, the career itself, although viable is also an investment. Rates and tuition is not also cheap so in order to make it worthwhile for others to engage in the industry and to make good at it, massage sessions need not be too cheap- but neither is should be too costly. But then again, pricing will depend on the quality, the products used, duration of the session, how specialized the massage is (like for example, Hilot is definitely more expensive than the usual Swedish massage) and the perceived value. The bottomline here is, as long as the massage therapist is well compensated and happy- it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

    Eunice –
    Spa Director and Consultant

  • Vilma Jayme says:

    i know how good massage to a client thats why oi want to fine and have more experience, therapy,reflex or we call some hilot,bentoza, i have also experience using aroma therapy candle.. and i want to work at Boracay ,could you help me sir if ever you have vacant on that place….
    Thank you ,

  • Vilma Jayme says:

    how can i find job in boracay

  • leila says:

    hi leila 31yrs old looking for massage therapist job in boracay….where can i apply…waiting for your response..thanks and god bless…

  • irene says:


    san po pwede mag aply as massage therapist in boracay..pls help me… i really need work..

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