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How to argue with a corrupt traffic enforcer

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Traffic enforcers in action

Traffic enforcers in action

When was the last time you were apprehended by a rude traffic enforcer, charging you with violation/s you never commit?

How does it feel encountering a corrupt enforcer?  And where you will go to complain from these people?

Though we have the so called ‘traffic vigilantes’ that want to get even with these corrupt traffic enforcers, we, as ordinary commuters and private drivers, we seldom fight or argue with these enforcers if we know that we did nothing wrong and surely we want to argue if we know that we are really right and have valid reasons.

But, once these enforcers read you your so-called ‘violation/s’ chances are, just not to be given a traffic ticket or pay the high fine, we are one of those ‘sige na maglagay ka na’ folks that tolerates this legendary enforcer’s lies.

For everyone to know, we all have rights! To ask, to argue, to be rightfully informed of the traffice violations we commit.

If you think you know that you did nothing wrong and the traffic enforcer insists that you did, read below how you can counter the enforcer’s claim that you have violated a traffic rules and regulation:

  • Get the traffic enforcer mission order so that you will know if its their real area of responsibility.
  • Get their time of duty.
  • Get to know their official function as an enforcer.
  • They are not allowed to get you driver’s license unless you are involved in a traffic accident.
  • They are only allowed to get your driver’s license if your record shows that you were engaged in 3 or more traffic violations.
  • They have no right to let you get out of your vehicle while questioning your violation/s.
  • And if they say that your violation is swerving, then tell them that, in traffic law … SWERVING IS NOT A VIOLATION!

If you still encounter rude traffice enforcers or trying to extort money from you, get his full name and complain to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) or email their office at



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