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How to Send Money via Western Union Money Transfer

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Sending a Western Union money transfer online (moneygram transfer) to some may be easy as pie but for those who do not have any idea, here is a quick guide on the process of sending using internet transaction. As a tip, know first the money exchange rate before sending any funds.

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer

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You will need a credit or debit card issued from a bank and access to the internet in order to accomplish moneygram money transfer to any chosen Western Union locations in the world. You may also prompt to send cash but you have to visit the nearest branch or outlet to do that. Please read the quick steps and guide below.

For the Receiver
Fill up receiver information in the money transfer form. Ask the attendant if you don’t know to check the boxes you should fill up if you are sending cash offline. If you have an account with Western Union, log in with your username and password and you automatically skip step 1 and 2.

For the Sender
Enter personal information and register for new users. For offline cash sending, please bring an ID. This is for the purpose of faster service and accurate transactions in the future.

Determine the Services You Need
Select any service or transaction you need. Choose mode of delivery if door-to-door or by pick up on a branch location. Choose any of the available services which relate with your money transfer. Check rates you are to pay for the service you need.

Payment System
Be sure to double check the Western Union rates / charges and amount specified, charges incurred for the services you need. Enter payment information in the form. Double check again the form and make the necessary changes if needed. Enter your credit card or debit card information.

Make Sure you Get the Receipt
Don’t forget to take your receipt as you might need it as necessary when problems are encountered. Demand for a receipt. If you are doing online transaction, upon your payment information confirmation you will receive a transaction receipt. Take that.

Note of your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) confirming the transaction and send it to the receiving party. He or she will present the MTCN when claiming the money you sent. Sign in to your account as necessary to check if your funds were received by the other end.


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