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How To Send Money via Western Union, requirements, fees and step by step guide

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Western Union Philippines Money Transfer

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I’ve been in a dilemma a couple of days ago. This is because of having a hard time trying to seek money transfer services that opened up for people wanting to send money. Western Union was a first choice even if they do charge a big more than what other cash remittance service providers do in the Philippines.

Now my question is since I just had my neighbor send the money as I cannot take the risk of getting the living room full of the Habagat flood water and since my neighbor already said to me that she will be out to the market, I immediately told her if she could extend a helping hand sending money for my niece in Aklan via Western Union which is the only choice near the market if she knows how to send money via Western Union money transfer. There were no guides in the establishment and since the electric power was earlier cut off due to heavy rain and flood, I can’t go online to make the instruction clear.

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On the other hand, today as I write this post, I wanted to make a clear manifestation of how to do it by taking a peek at the WU official website and trying to seek for the frequently asked question. Here is the answer to my concern below as copied from the site.

Questions about Sending Money – How do I send money?

Step 1. Visit any nearby Agent location

Step 2. Bring the necessary requirements (valid ID and your cash money)

Step 3. Get yourself the particular form of concern. This time, its a sending cash form.

Step 4. Complete the To Send Money form and show the agent clerk your identification.

Step 5. Give the Agent clerk your payment and the necessary fee in cash.

Step 6. Sign the receipt to complete the transaction

Western Union Rates / Charges (applies only in Philippines)
Principal Range – Rates
1 Php – 200 Php – 19 Php
201 Php – 500 Php – 38 Php
501 Php – 1000 Php – 65 Php
1001 Php – 1500 Php – 120 Php
1501 Php – 2000 Php – 165 Php
2001 Php – 2500 Php – 200 Php
2501 Php – 5000 Php – 400 Php
5001 Php – 7000 Php – 540 Php
7000 Php – 10000 Php – 640 Php

The only set of requirements before you can send money anywhere is your valid ID with picture and your cash money which you will send plus the exact fee or charge depending upon the amount you will send via electronic transfer to and from a destination place or address.

Don’t forget to remind the receiving end that he or she will need the MTCN or money transfer control number (serial number) and to bring an ID for claiming the money. This ID must again be with picture and is updated or not expired.

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