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ML Kwarta Padala Branches

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M Lhuillier or ML Kwarta Padala is a money remittance / transfer service company. The fact that money is their nature of business means that it is ideal that ML Kwarta Padala branches be scattered all over the Philippines to reach a wide market share.

ML Kwarta Padala

ML Kwarta Padala

If you want to know the nearest branch of ML Kwarta Padala in your area, province, locality or municipality, you have to follow a few simple steps I have listed below.
1. First, visit the official website of ML Kwarta Padala (MLhuillier.Com).
2. Click on their navigation tab labeled “branches” above the menu bar.
3. Select major island in the drop down menu (either Luzon / Visayas / Mindanao)
4. After selecting, select the municipality or province or city that you are interested to see the specific branch of ML Kwarta Padala.
5. Click on “go” button and all the results will immediately pop in front of you.

Choose which is which among all the branches of ML Kwarta Padala. You can call them using the telephone number to be sure if they are open on the day you want. Good luck!

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18 Responses to “ML Kwarta Padala Branches”

  • Maria Helen V.Aragones says:

    To: The Manager of MLhuiller Kwarta Padala


    While I appreciate so much your easy and convenient way of sending and receiving money, I only have one comment…..Here’s the scenario:

    I went to your branch in UC Banilad, Cebu City yesterday to claim my remittance from my brother in Sauidi Arabia. My brother has instructed one of his men (Ramon G. Pillone) to send the money for his lack of time in going to and fro the MLhuillier branch nearest their place of work. However, I was not allowed to claim by your personnel in Banilad, the one wearing white blouse in case you’d likew to check despite identfications given and the reference number because of my ID bearing “Ma.” and “Maria”. The one recorded by the sender was only HELEN V.ARAGONES. My brother who instructed the sender doesn’t know that my ID’s contain Ma. or Maria. I tried to go to other branches in going home to my place in the north area however, all were closed at 4pm due to their having a Christmas Party……..I cried of mental anguish because the personnel in UC Banilad never tried to look for ways to find out my true identity when in fact they were never busy. It was my time and effort that was so precious to me and most of all the deadline I was beating at to pay something that would earn interest starting today and all my other payables. I sent a text message to my brother in KSA but he said that he could not call anyone because they send the money only thru teller machines. Your personnel never had these thoughts…and my question is…..if all of your personnel would do such thing, would you return the money to the sender then? Or what any other measures should you do so that the money will be given to the receiving party? Isn’t the REFERENCE Number enough proof to identify the receiving person together with the ID? If not may you be strict enough with the password or however should you identify the other party in order to avoid such embarassing and time consuming situation?

    I hope the problem with only such minute defects like the presence of Ma. or Maria in the ID card should be well considered since nowadays if a person really has a plan to be dishonest it is very easy to make identification gadgets with the use of computers. For now if you have some plans to contact me my cell number is 09165770965 and my office number is 3444384. Thank you

  • maria charlette ermac says:

    yes ur right sis same as my situation middle name was lacking with two letters and in fact i always get the money from them @ml kwarta padala..i already bring those old receipt starting from the first month until the last month that my brother sends me.but still they wer not concern of their customer..Elite told them that reference no.and id is enough to prove that he or she is the receiver..i told their staff to call their head offices or what..but then they refuse and said they have nothing to do with it. and that fault wasnt my brothers fault coz he wrote it correctly and the records their in taiwan is also correct only their records is lacking with two letters..
    in other words they are not customer oriented..

  • Jomar says:


    I would like to present a certain experience w/ your good company located at P. Burgos St., Calamba, Laguna. It was not a very good experience yet it was a something that I should learn from.

    Monday, May 117,2010 when I went to this branch to receive money. Everything was okay the fist 10 minutes. An employee named Haidee was able to accommodate me then she informed me (if I remembered it clearly “wala pa po”) that I have to wait. I waited together w/ a friend of mine when i remembered previous transactions w/c they had to ask me when was the money sent and through what partner and they started calling to confirm. I had to wait until there was a pause to the incoming customers and approached Haidee and asked her to check again. She informed me its still showing the same thing so I told her “pwede po bang pakitawagan para ma confirm kung meron na” she told me “Mamaya po. Gagawin ko po un. Mamaya po” i sat again talking w/ my friend then she called out after a few minutes that she’d like to get the paper so she can check it then she added “tinawagan ko na po kanina pa kaso lng busy.. kasi po narinig kong sinabi nyo na di ko tinawagan”. I told her “d po.. ung sinabi ko Pwede bang..” then she cut me and said “d po narinig ko eh” and she told me that w/ another customer standing between us. Then i had to say “Ah ganun po bh..” I was holding back my temper because I was tired of waiting and i can see that she is not the type who would listen to what I will say. She checked it again and told me “maling mali po yung number.. available na po ung money 10:20 pa kahapon” i offered to show her my cell phone where the message was w/ the ref. # yet she told me “mali po ung number paki confirm nyo nlng po sa sender… available na po ung pera kahapon pa ng 10:20” I sat down and checked the message and saw I lacked 1 digit at the end. I approached the guard and asked him if I could be the one next in line because we’ve been there longer than we thought. He kindly checked my paper and said it was okay. I showed it again to Ms. Haidee and explained that i lacked 1 digit.. she processed it and we left. We thanked the security guard before we left.

    My friend and I almost reacted when she told me that she heard me say she was not calling to confirm w/ the partner. I would like to bring this to your good office so that IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN.. not to me or the others having transactions w/ your company. Also i noticed there were inconsistencies w/ her reasons why she could not process the transaction it was only when she thought she heard me said that she was not making a phone call to confirm the transaction when she told me that the ref. # i gave her was wrong.

    I have enclosed some of your companie’s Core Values together w/ this report for you to further review. My intention however is not to punish but rather to alert your company that THESE THINGS HAPPEN.. I would like to recommend that an orientation be conducted or a reminder be INSTILLED in your employee’s mindset that when they start to accommodate customers, they bring w/ them the name and face of the company they work with. If they have personal problems they can deal it when they are off duty and leave it behind before going to work. There is still room for improvement. Please do enlighten me if you have anything to suggest for me to grow as well.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Honesty in dealings with customers, colleagues and owners/stakeholders

    Conducting oneself with the highest level of professionalism, keeping matters confidential, and behaving in such a way that the company’s reputation is enhanced

    Putting all customers at the top of our minds, giving them the best service, satisfying their requirements and making them customers for life

    Taking care of the company’s property, reputation and image

    Being obedient to the leaders of the organization, respecting the rights of colleagues, giving what they deserve and being supportive of Management

  • Joevany A. Mabuhay Jr. says:

    i want to work with ML Kwarta branches..Please give me a chance..God bless

  • eunice dulla says:

    how can we track our money
    tru internet..

  • maydory purok says:

    how can we track our money
    tru internet..

  • georgia says:

    i would like to know how i could get a personnel to come down to our office and get the checke that i would like to send.

    it seems so difficult for me to reach your office could you pls assist me where and what number to call i need your kind assistance regarding this matter.

    ill be waiting for your office to come pick up the money

    thank you


  • jun medina says:

    how can we track our padala tthru internet

  • SinungalingKau says:

    Your advertistment says: IN MINUTES YOUR MONEY IS AVAILABLE. But how come when I went to one of your branches, located somewhere outside the SM Cebu Mall, your teller told me that my money is not yet available WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO CHECK FIRST. With just a glance at my paper where I wrote the information: “WALA PA YUNG PERA MO”. Tang*na computerize na ba utak nya? At kaya na nya masabi kung wala pa o anjan na yung pera? D naman kalakihan ung pera. Natakot ba syang ibigay sakin sa liit lang nun? Completo naman requirements ko. At passport pa ID ko. Hahay buhay. Kala ko makakamura ka sa MLhullier. Oh well, libre naman konsomisyon, pesti. Nakamura ka nga. Ahak! Ayoha gud inyong serbisyong bai!

  • having a hard time says:

    you advertised of your strategic branches nationwide, but i’m having a hard time getting my money because you have no branch along e. rodriguez sr. ave. quezon city.

  • ana santos jagoon says:

    I would like to share an experience I had with one of your operators here in ML Jaen2 Branch – a not so very nice experience, though. I sent some money yesterday at around 4 Pm through this branch. The problem was the operator mispelled the receiver’s name. I told her about it and I asked her to make the needed corrections because this will definitely cause problems for both me and the receiver. But she made no such corrections, instead, she assured me that HER MISTAKE will cause us no problems. But it did. Although I am thankful that it took not very long for her to take care of the problem, it did cause problems. And the least she could have done was apologize that her mistake and her refusal to correct her mistake right away caused problems. I am very disappointed with the kind of service your company has by the way your employee showed me. It was very clear that whatever problems her mistake and her refusal to correct right away her mistake as to not cause problems, did not matter to her. She showed me that I, being a customer, did not matter to her. I am very disappointed with ML. Never did I experience such poor customer service with another company. Now, whether ML does something about this or not, it is upto them. But I am positive that if things like this happen again, you won’t be left with anymore satisfied customers.

  • siiti castillo says:

    my mga empleyado po kaung arogante sa customer,maraming beses na kng nka experience ng bastos nyong mga teller tulad lng kanina sa dahlia branch nyo sa fairview ang teller nyong si gerald sarmiento basta nlang sasabihin na wala pa ung padalang pera di pa pumapasok sa computer samantalang my txt na skin ang customer service nyo na pwede ko ng kunin ung perang padala na 3 days nkong pabalik balik sa ml lhullier dahlia branch dahil wala p nga ung padalang pera na galing sa canada,pinakita ko s knya ung txt message ng customer service na pwede ko ng kunin ang pera pero ang sinagot pa skin imposible daw ung txt message n un kc no record found dw ang lumalabas sa computer,n sana man lng gumawa cya ng ibang paraan para madouble check ito at itinawag nya sana sa customer service ang nangyari umuwi pko para tawagan ang customer service at ska sinigurado skn na available na ung pera padala at sana dw ung teller operator na tumawag s knla to confirm it.Bumalik ako sa dahlia branch na un at ibinigay ko ult sa knya ung papael at id ko at sinabi ko na sana nag double check ka sabi ng customer service nyo,aba sagot skin di daw cla dapat gumawa non kundi kming mga customer ang tatawag at mag check sa customer service ng aming perang padala at painsultong sumasagot at daldal ng daldal hanggang sa nakatalikod nko.Ang skin lng po at nakikita ko na ginagawa ng ibang teller ,nag dodouble check cla para malaman talaga kng available na ang padalang pera,ang nakakalungkot pa arogante,bastos ang teller na un ml lhullier ganyan ba ang mga empleyado nyo? sasabihin pa skin ng walang katakot takot na cge dw ireport ko cya sa head office nyo,bka anak cya ng my ari ng ml lhullier kaya matapang sumagot sa customer.Nakakalungkot lng po ml lhullier mga empleyado nyo sumisira sa name nyo nakakawalang gana kau

  • donad says:

    nalulungkot po dahil sa mga pangyayari sa ml kwarta padala,,lagi nlang po kz natatagalan yung pag released ng pera na pinapadala ko sa mrs ko,,tapoz ang mahal pa ng charge,,saka naka lagay pa d2 sa qatar 1hr lang matatanggap na yung pera,,but 2 days na wla pang na rereceive yung pina padalhan ko….. anu na bah nangyayari….

  • andrew bautista says:

    ml lhuillier,bakit po lahat ng customer service numbersnyo not available lalo na sa celphone? i am your regular customer at kun bakit ngpadala ako ng pera sa brother ko kanina (kptn 276312169620303510 mld 1696203035) at 8:37am from Baguio legarda br.,nung iclaim na nya before lunch,dpa dw available ung pinadala ko.sir/maam,ung pera po gagamitin sa hospital dahil na ER po mother nmn.ang bastos pa ng teller nyo na si RAMMILYN BALTIES OF SUSANO BRANCH NOVALICHES.ako na nga po nagkusang tumawag sa mga hotline numbers nyo na dapat ang teller ang mag double check…please ayusin nyo naman pag training sa mga empleyado nyo.and please comply any action if you can.xa nga pala,withrwn ko na lng perang padala kahit di na binalik sa akin charges…mga manloloko kayo!

  • Susan villanueva says:

    May I know your telephone number because I would like to verify the text received by my husband that he sent money and was claimed by a certain person. The truth is he or we never sent any money to that person or have sent thru MLP. Thanks.

  • Susan villanueva says:

    Please send me your telephone numbers. Thanks

  • jerome says:

    cvnu po brancvh manager ng ayala..tnx po

  • Grenick Puada says:

    Hi just ask kung pwede police clearance mag kuha ng pera international! email me at salamat po waig ko reply ninyo

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