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Western Union Money Transfer Charges Rates

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Basically, Western Union Money Transfer fees, charges or rates differ based on many factors. For one, the exchange rate may influence the charge. The amount of money to be sent will also play a factor. Another important factor may be the destination of the money that the customer where the money will be sent.

Western Union Money Transfer Charges and Rates

Western Union Money Transfer Charges and Rates

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Aside from these few factors, I couldn’t think of anything else where we can base the charges. In the official website of Western Union Philippines money transfer, there are no rates or charges specified for whatever reason. Please be reminded though that there are hotline numbers that you can call regarding this matter.

Western Union Rates / Charges (applies only in Philippines)

Principal Range – Rates
1 Php – 200 Php – 19 Php
201 Php – 500 Php – 38 Php
501 Php – 1000 Php – 65 Php
1001 Php – 1500 Php – 120 Php
1501 Php – 2000 Php – 165 Php
2001 Php – 2500 Php – 200 Php
2501 Php – 5000 Php – 400 Php
5001 Php – 7000 Php – 540 Php
7000 Php – 10000 Php – 640 Php

Note: Charges are subject to change without prior notice as stated in some Western Union Philippines branches / franchise location terms and conditions.

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