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Western Union Rates

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If you are looking to send money to the Philippines or from the Philippines to another country via cheap money transfer or remittance, Western Union is probably one of the first destinations you will look for online. To visit the official Western Union Money Transfer website, please go to Otherwise, see money transfer rates, charges or fees below for your guidance.

Western Union Philippines Money Transfer

Western Union Philippines Money Transfer

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Western Union Rates / Charges (applies only in Philippines)
Principal Range – Rates
1 Php – 200 Php – 19 Php
201 Php – 500 Php – 38 Php
501 Php – 1000 Php – 65 Php
1001 Php – 1500 Php – 120 Php
1501 Php – 2000 Php – 165 Php
2001 Php – 2500 Php – 200 Php
2501 Php – 5000 Php – 400 Php
5001 Php – 7000 Php – 540 Php
7000 Php – 10000 Php – 640 Php

Charges and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Visit the Western Union site for more information and updated rates.

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8 Responses to “Western Union Rates”

  • Subic says:

    I Ffind the western union rates and service ok , but their website is useless when you are trying to track the staus of your money transfer , it must be the slowest website on the internet.

  • dennis joy tan lim says:


  • Henry says:

    WEstern union is the best. fast and reliable service ever in the Philippines.

  • Mr. A. Hole says:

    Just try to copy my articles! DMCA will be your next email!!!!

    DMCA will be your mother!!!!!

    You can shuffel your DMCA up there where the sun never shines!!!

    but anyway why the hell are here links from one page to the same page!!!!! klick the link on rate only in the philippines and you are on the same useles PAGE!!

    HAve a nice day!!

  • Geronimo Tabiano jr says:

    kindly send through my e-mail ASAP the western union RATES up to Ph 50,000 pesos thanks

  • nemia says:

    Can you please help advise what is the rate if I am sending 90k to France?

  • maritess v. sy-quimsiam says:

    may i know how much is the service charge to send 800 dollars from the philippines to micronesia? thanks pls reply

  • pedrito says:

    how much you will charge if I send 30,000 pesos from philippines to dubai uae?

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