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Angels And Demons Book by Dan Brown

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angels & demons bookAuthor of Angels and Demons (Angels & Demons) Dan Brown created another book masterpiece. This best selling book and novel tells about the Symbologist, Robert Langdon, a Harvard scholar (fiction character) who is the same person who deciphered codes found in the Davinci painting. Led to a series of discoveries, Langdon found a long thought non-existent brotherhood, in this prequel Angels and Demons movie, the Illuminati and the rest is history.

A science and religion conflict, Angels and Demons movie and book are one as the discovery of this secret society who’s plot to destroy the Vatican leads the adventures of more secrets revelation for Langdon and his partner, Vittoria. To dissolve the Roman Catholic Church starting withe the Vatican, that is the mission of the Illuminati and rest is an adventure of a lifetime in Demons & Angels by Dan Brown.

One can very well note the existence in real life of some of the referenced works of art and the architecture which we can find part of the Vatican history. Through the expertise of the scholar Symbologist, Langdon, a secret society called the Illuminati was believed to have been revived after centuries of non existence. It’s cause, retribution against the Roman Catholic Church. Perfect Elements, perfect history set up and a perfect book about deception, conspiracy, symbolism and a centuries old battle between religion and science – Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

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