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“Baler Movie MMFF 2008” by Jericho and Anne Curtis

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Baler is a classic set love story played in the role by Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. Baler is also an official MMFF movie entry to the 2008 festival and is expected to earn a lot positive criticisms from the viewing public because of the unique set up of the love story between a Spaniard and a Filipina that happened in the siege of Baler, Quezon in the World War where we fought the Spaniard colonization.

The HUKBALAHAP or Hukbo Laban sa Hapon is the main army of the Philippines that time who resisted in the war against the Japanese and can be clearly manifested in this movie as the same people who fought against the colonization by the Spaniards. The movie, Baler is played in the perfect combination by Anne Curtis, a Filipina who fell in love with Jericho Rosales a Spaniard.

This is yet another once in a lifetime team up by two of the best actors and actress in Philippine cinema and I expect this to top the charts too. Baler is a movie that captures a different twist in its story as set in the early times of the Filipino-Spanish colonization and as the warring parties come across. I give this movie a THUMBS UP!

44 Responses to ““Baler Movie MMFF 2008” by Jericho and Anne Curtis”

  • don says:

    u got ur history all mixed up man…

  • dodong says:

    its just that, theres a miscast in this film..

    anne curtis one of the indios..and jerico rosales a spaniard..naman..parang ang layo..

  • inxceszah:]] says:

    baler is nice

  • student says:

    Yeap, i thought Jericho was the indio and Anne was Spanish before i watched the movie. Haha.

  • incredible me! says:

    ..i saw Balercould be a great movie for us phil,that could reminisce the past of our Filipinos,,who survive under the ruling of Spaniards,,

  • nora says:

    HUKBALAHAP?! He He. That’s just messed up. :D Nice Movie though. Although, they could have made it more gory-ish so that the siege would be more realistic. The spaniards just looked like they we’re acting like dying, not really dying. Thumbs up for the product!

  • joel says:

    …i need a brief summary of this movie. …this is for my project.,.,…thanks a lot…

  • mark abraham says:

    ang japake!!! panget grabe

  • Smile says:

    the movie project the true events happened at the province of Aurora particularly in the town of Baler where the last stand of the Spanish soldier was measured, and the true Filipino values was projected by the cast and of course the director of the film together with the writer.The movie is nice and the actors are good. It realisticaly project the history of Baler which was almost forgotten by the grown-ups like me today.

  • mil says:

    the story was good…don’t be a di**..

  • Cozak says:

    Did you really watched the movie?? Because if you did, you wouldn’t give the wrong information.

  • athaxea says:

    haha payot

  • den2 says:

    so beautiful….u cnt change the history, but u made up to it!…

  • danese hernaez says:

    ive seen it and i love it///

  • danese hernaez says:

    Baler is a classic set love story played in the role by Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. i really love it// barron yopur so good!!\ 2 thumbs up// love yah guyz

  • gracel ann dolor says:

    danese …dyosa

  • me_kulit says:


  • me_kulit says:

    anne curtis so OA!DUh?! bitch!

  • angel says:

    The story of Baler is really good, awesome, the best! I’m sure that teenagers that forgotten our culture would be interested in this story. I’ve watched it and i really loved it!

  • baler says:

    ang panget nito!! gadiri!!

  • bom says:

    weLL,its a nice fiLm… i LikE dA’ waY theY kiLL anD shOoT,yah!reaLLy!! absoLuteLy,itS a nizE LoVe StoRy BetWeEn 2 PeopLe!!!hehehe But Its BeTTer Na Bigyan nyO na kuNg aNo anG ruLe NaNg mgA tauhAn sa iSinuLat nyoNg weB… so BaD foR thaT its FreaKin shiT… JowK,,,,///panGet!!!

  • aener says:

    it’s a really nice movie..kakaiyak grabe!huhuhhu..maybe sa mga wlang subject sa school n history ayaw ‘to.heheheh..thumbs up!^_^

  • jaine says:

    yoh..lOve da stOry…hey like to have the summary of the mOvie for my proj…better if in filipinO…bUt still ok evn if it’s in eng..i jst badly neEd it..ddline is apprOaching..

  • teodisio abby says:

    cno b producer ng baler na yan?

  • no one says:

    juz thought the spaniards look so stupid……parang away bata lang ang nangyari…..
    but we can’t change history.

  • dunno says:

    1. don’t like the characters
    >better if the indio is brown; not like anne, she’s not pure Filipino… heleerr?!
    2. don’t like the spaniards
    >better if they really are spaniards;[but it’ll not be a Fil movie]
    3. love the story
    4. love the movie

  • chichi says:

    wow!! ang ganda ng movie na Baler! talagang may kapupulutan ng aral =)

  • may ann says:

    hAnep si Anne…

    ang galing nya talaga….

  • brayan says:

    wow what a nice movie^^

  • blitz says:

    hanip ang team up nilang dalawa^^

  • ivz says:

    Heres the summary of the movie..hope i can help…

    The story happened during the siege of Baler. A battle between the Filipino forces and Spanish battalion in 1898.

    A young Filipina, named Feliza who fell in love with a half Spanish and a half Filipino young man, named Celso who prefer to be a Spanish soldier rather than to be a Filipino katipunero. Feliza and Celso’s love has to be kept as a secret because Feliza is the daughter of Nanding, a rebel leader who has the burning desire to completely annihilate Spanish soldiers in the town of Baler.

    Filipino troops including the father of Feliza started to attack Spanish soldiers. The Spanish battalion inhabited the church as their barracks to protect them from attacks of up armed Filipinos bounding the church.

    As the siege prolongs, little by little the Spaniards’ supply of foods diminish and many soldiers got sick because of no more supplies of food to eat. Commander Las Morenas and other subsequent commanders got wounded and sick because of being isolated for a number of months. There were some soldiers surrendered because they could no longer bear their sufferings. Even Celso who knew that Feliza got pregnant planned to escape together with his colleagues. That night of their escaped Celso was trapped due to his friends’ own fear. He was betrayed by his own friend. Feliza who was patiently waiting for Celso, knew nothing about the execution happened to her love inside the church.

    Filipino troops have many times tried to convince the Spaniards to surrender because Spanish fleet in Manila was already defeated and the war was actually ended. But still they refused to believe. “Viva España!” their principle.
    The last commander who discovered that the news was true was Commander(cant remember his name). After the confirmation of the news At last he and his follower peacefully surrendered.
    The sad thing was that poor Feliza, who longed for her love, who could instead be the happiest woman in the world that time because finally she and her love could be together, did not find Celso in the flock of freed soldiers rather found him inside the church….with life, no more . =’(

    I have learned that…
    Love is not easy in a time of uneasiness. But above all, Filipinos were really a freedom fighter. As Spaniards did not surrender, much more the Filipinos.

  • prUkUtOy says:

    d kqu maintindihan plabazxs niu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *=chelle=* says:

    i can say it was very awesome that it made me cry with many tears!
    and because of this movie, i realize how our heroes and some Filipinos sacrifice in this siege.
    so, vvveerrrrrrrrryy !!!!!
    hoping that there will be another movie about our past history (pero sana wala nang mga wild scenes!)……:)

  • ladylyn says:

    super ganda ng baler..ganda din ni anne, parang it

  • lavander says:

    huhuh lOve iT …
    nDi katulad ung mga movies ngayun ng mga pilipino
    dba mga cornie and boring puro naka2tawa daw kung saan
    uaLa taung matutunan..
    dito meron xana gan2 nlang ang ibang movies =D

  • kuLit. says:

    oh!! i realy lub it..

    it makes me cry.

    it is a very touching movie..

    marami kang matututunan.

  • DENISE says:

    HEY IVZ,

  • IVZ says:

    doo itashimashite DENISE!!!…Baler- its one of the best movie for me….

  • philiel 27 says:

    tnx for the reaction it helps alot!

  • paul says:

    okay lang naman it help said by ruben quari0

  • giselle says:

    amm ..kailangan ko po tlga ung summary s movie ng BALER ..grabe ung teacher nmin sa history ..nkakainis sobra ..

  • ninz e. says:

    sa totoo lang gusto ko talaga ang movie kasi nakakainspired siya at nakakakilig sobra ahaayy wow over!!!!!!!jajajaja…..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • fevell .. says:

    wHooa! grv tlga history instructor namn .
    .keLangan tlga summary ng baler ..hAixt ..

  • catherine says:

    ayun :) thanks sa mga reaction niyo :))

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