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Best Friends Forever (BFF) Movie

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Best Friends Forever movie (BFF) is the new film that stars the Mega Star Ms. Sharon Cuneta and the comedy concert Queen Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas. I’m not so sure why it’s already out and being promoted but then, all I know is that it was made just a few months ago as far as I can remember it. This is a comedy film so it does not necessarily have to take years to finish, in fact, these types of movies are the type that’s really very easy to finish especially if the actors and actresses are professional.

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I’ve got a question though about contrasting ideas if the short lived filming is a sign that the movie is a cheap speedy-type of movie or if it’s just because the cast are all professionals that they were able to finish it sooner. Movies back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s take years to finish because they devote time to make such quality films and although time is not a reliable measurement of quality when we speak about movies, we cannot rule out the fact that this can be a sign of low budget and low quality in some films of today.

Anyway, just some thought and nothing more – an idea about a movie review. Until the movie is out for viewers to watch, we cannot judge whether it is good or not or whether it is low quality high quality or low budget or not. There are so many factors with which we can base our assumptions but one thing is for sure, Best Friends Forever movie by Sharon and Aiai will be a movie to watch out for. Let us see.

2 Responses to “Best Friends Forever (BFF) Movie”

  • anonymous says:

    are you dumb? in the 60’s and 70’s, the movie industry is not what it is right now. new technologies? hello!

    You are a talking contradiction. you just said in your first paragraph that these types of movies does not take years to make, specially if the actors in it are professional, then you go on and ask how come they finished so soon. how stupid is that?

    Before you publish anything, specially online, please make sure that you make sense…and have acceptable grammar.


  • mrsoft says:

    i confirm that i am a spammer

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