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HP 6: Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Movie Trailer

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With the return of Lord Voldemort, something wicked is going to happen and Harry Potter has got to go on a training under his mentor Dumbledore to defeat the odd. Will Harry survive this time in a wicked wizardry battle? Find out and watch Harry Potter 6 (HP 6) sequel – the final battle – “Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince” movie.

Harry Potter 6 - Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter 6 - Half Blood Prince

This will be another dimension of fun and entertainment for movie fanatics as this movie will be available in with some scenes in IMAX 3D. What could the Half Blood Prince mean and will Harry Potter be able to prepare in time to face Lord Voldemort? Just a few questions and the excitement will soon all be yours as the scheduled “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” movie showing in theaters come July 17,2009 in many Asian countries.

A few friends were already spending their time looking for the Harry Potter torrent while some will try free live streaming with their luck in channels online. On the other hand, the exclusive download of HP 6 soundtrack (OST) – “Friends and Love” will come totally free for those who will purchase their tickets early at or Hurry up if you want it because all will be in a limited time according to what I read at the official site of Harry Potter 6.

I wonder also if there will ever be an audiobook of such a wonderful masterpiece story in iTunes or YouTube… Hmmmm might try my luck a few days after the official release of the movie to cinemas. I’ve also seen quite a few Harry Potter wallpapers and layouts for Xanga but no myspace or friendster yet. See movie trailer below in HD quality. Enjoy!

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