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“Love Me Again Movie” – Angel and Piolo In Love Again

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Love Me Again Movie is directed by Rory B. Quintos played once again by the love team of Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual. Love Me Again : Land Down Under premiered in L.A. and San Francisco for the big screen and was another success for Star Cinema. The movie, again was a love team and a love story that is expected to be patronized by the viewing public who first saw the unique and well blended chemistry of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin in Lobo and wanted more from the couple.

Love Me Again movie proved that the tandem of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin really is an unbeatable duo. It is in this movie that Angel Locsin suffered different injuries 3 times in a shoot held in Bukidnon. A video was even featured in the news where Angel was seen kicked by a horse after falling from a ride where she later on got hospitalized. Piolo Pascual also had his own misfortune shooting this film and again, the incident was caught in a video where Angle Locsin herself was seen helping Piolo get up from a fall in a horse ride where she seemed unfazed by the danger that the incident poses to her.

Love Me Again : Land Down Under was also a history in the making being the first all Filipino movie production with local actors that got a U.S. theaters premiere just before the official release in the Philippines for the viewing public. This movie was originally supposed to be shown November 2008 in an exclusive release in the Philippines but was moved because of shooting problems on schedule in Australia. Furthermore, the movie will be in coincidence with the showing of movies for the Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF 2008 because only movie entries to the festival will be allowed to be shown in theaters that time.

Due to this, situation and condition, the schedule was moved on January 15, 2009 and while on the waiting for the said schedule, the movie was agreed to be released under premiere in theaters in the U.S., particularly Los Angeles and San Francisco in time for the 15th Anniversary of Star Cinema Festival in United States.

Showing of Love Me Again : Land Down Under premiere in Los Angeles happened last December 6, Saturday at Wadsworth Theater and at San Francisco Bay Area on December 7, Sunday at Fox Theater respectively. Watch the official Love Me Again movie trailer. Please take time to visit also our Love Me Again Movie soundtrack review and Love Me Again song, I Don’t Want You To Go lyrics here.

22 Responses to ““Love Me Again Movie” – Angel and Piolo In Love Again”

  • nanay says:

    we are very excited to watch love me again….!!!!

  • Philippines Review says:

    @ nanay,

    Ang dami na pong nag aantay ng movie na ito. It just got shown in the U.S. for 2 consecutive days and the viewers, mostly Filipinos were really very proud to see it first there.

    Thanks po for visiting my blog nanay, hope you can come again for more updates of movies to watch here in the Philippines.

  • mako says:

    i’m so excited to watch love me again kc sa trailer plang ang ganda na…
    prang nakakainlove talaga…im sure it’s a blockbuster movie…

  • nanay says:

    we pray na mag very big hit movie na love me again (land down under)…!!! para mawala na ang pag ismid lagi ni kris aquino na…big star is her or him…na alam naming and obviously ayaw nya kay angel..kaya hindi na namin ipapatronize lahat ng show nya ni ruffa.

  • lyka2008 says:

    Yes, waiting na talga kami sa movie nila ni Piolo. . .sana naman ABS CBN ipromote ng todo ang Love Me Again nina Angel and Piolo. SA toto lang para kasing pinababayaan na nila si Angel Locsin. . . . .

  • Luisjacinto says:

    Im sure maganda tong movie ni angel and piolo unlike the movie of marian and dingdong ni hindi umabot ng 100 million unlike the movies of star cinema na lumalampas sa 100 million go go go angel locsin idol kita i will support you!

  • Michelle says:

    i’m very excited to watch LOve Me Again, especially na some of the scenes where taken from our own BUkiDnon in Mindanao…where proud of our place…

  • Philippines Review says:

    @ Michelle and Luis,

    I bet tama ang mga sinabi nyo dito. Seeing the movie trailer alone excites so many movie fans and this is record breaker because knowing that this is the first time Piolo and Angel were together in a movie, yet this became the first and only all Filipino cast film that had a premiere in the United States. Now, Ain’t that makes it more exciting? Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you come again for more new movies and trivia I have here. Also nanay, mako ang lyka.

  • carol says:

    anu po ba tittle ng ost ng love me again sobra lamig boses ni piolo at ganda ni angel

  • Philippines Review says:

    hello carol,

    The OST is titled “I Don’t Want You To Go”. It’s an original cut by Lani Hall back in the 70’s pa. Here is my post on the Love Me Again OST and the I Don’t Want You To Go Lyrics.

  • lynx says:

    I am an avid fan of the love team! Though can not watch it on the first day of opening @ cinemas….. for sure I will catch up!!!!! Cannot wait to see it!

  • waygamit says:

    Yah.. I bet this is a very good movie…

    What happened to the premiere here in the Philippines? Is it a big success?

    Go Star Cinema.. Go ABS-CBN.

  • Nhidz says:

    Hello…Wow,grabe ang premiere night ng Love me again,dami ng tao.Isa ako dun nakipagsiksikan.Syempre, I am A big fan of Angel Locsin since nasa kabila pa xa at c Papa Piolo pa grabe. I think magbockbuster movie ito. I wish u all the best Angel-Piolo.

  • star says:

    the movie is the greatest ever produced by star cinema. no villans, all characters are positive in their outlooks in life. no negative vibes at all.

    this is the kind of story that producers need to develop to impart lessons in life. angel and piolo were able to give justice to the characters of arah and migo with so much confidence and competence. no actress and actor can better perform the characters of arah and migo than that of angel and piolo.

    angel made a right move in transferring to star cinema because she can now be ranked among the caliber of actresses of philipine movies.

    we expect to see another follow-up movie of angel and piolo. they are the best partners on screen now.

    fresh blood, new but beautiful faces, at least, for a bigger change on the screen.

    keep up the good work, star cinema!

    we will continue to watch your films especially when the lead roles are angel and piolo.

    this is the kind of movie that we should support.

  • Philippines Review says:

    I totally agree with you in this comment of yours “star” at hindi lang ikaw ang star dito kundi truly star is the love team of Angel Locsin and Piolo Pacual. “Perfect chemistry” – perhaps this is what describes their team up best! Thanks for your very beautiful comment, “star”. I hope you keep coming back here in my blog.

  • aira says:

    yah,this is a very nice story tlaga,,,,,,,im sure na maraming manonood……..sobrang wafo tlaga ni piolo at ang ganda pa ni angel”””’

  • jhanriel says:

    hahahaha……………exited na ako xa pelikola ni angel at piolo. ekasi ang view nla ay galing xa bukid nun. proud 2 b bukidnun.god blez poh.

  • jenie says:

    can’t wait to see it

  • patpat says:

    hello angel

  • cheche says:

    inaantay ko npo ang palabas na ito

  • cheche says:

    hi piolo sana mag meet tayo

  • rose says:

    hai Love Me Again movie is so nice…

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