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“Manila” Independent Film – Indie Film by Piolo Pascual

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Piolo Pascual in “Manila” indie film – Manila, known to be the center for all sorts of stuff and the most important happenings in life for the common Filipino. Manila is where they say many promdis (people from the province) dream to come to not knowing about the fact that Manila is also home to some of the worst crimes in the Philippines. Amidst this opinion, Manila is still the center of trade, the center of business, the dream of an OFW to come home to from working abroad for a family. Manila is also where you can find some of the best night out places in the Philippines and Manila also represents everything that is to be dreamed of not just by Filipinos or the people from provinces but also by tourists from all over the world as if a visit or tour to the Philippines will not be complete without having stepped in the dust of Manila.

Manila, a shortened colloquial term coined after the Filipinos in the city got tired of calling it Metro Manila. But what really is Manila to Piolo Pascual this 2009? I’m sure he has toured the city in the many films he’s made for the Philippine Cinema. What really is Manila to Piolo Pascual this 2009 then? “Manila” is the newest independent film by Piolo Pascual this year and he is here to perform once again as the actor who made himself popular in what I can remember as one of his best performances in Lagarista, another independent film early 200 or so.

In “Manila” indie film, Piolo interestingly plays the role of a son by the very popular and controversial sexy actress of the 2000 era, Rosanna Roces. According to some reports I read today about Manila indie film, this is actually a tribute to the film by Ishmael Bernal – Manila by Night and Lino Brocka’s Jaguar. This is the same reason why this is yet a soon to be another outstanding film and performance for the young hunk actor Piolo Pascual this year. “Manila” is a two-part indie film expecting tough performances form its cast of characters to be led by Piolo Pascual where he is playing as a drug addict (William) social mover who wants to recuperate from his feat trying to cling to people around him.

In the second part of the indie film “Manila”, Piolo Pascual plays the role of Philip, a bodyguard who’s duty is to secure a Mayor’s son. Then in the wake of his duty where he later suffered a lot of misfortune and desperation in life awakened that he is already being led to know more about the underworld and how it works for some people in Manila.

Manila indie film to me is about people and life in the city leading to cruelty for those who thought they can do away with what it offers to them. Later on only to find themselves in the middle of a self crisis, a self struggle to free their inner person trying to belong with the people around and trying to understand it with the past.

3 Responses to ““Manila” Independent Film – Indie Film by Piolo Pascual”

  • Kryzty says:

    “Manila”will definitely be one good indie movie.Pj will portray the other side of himself. Good job IDOL!

  • .... says:

    This will be perfect for Piolo, he can act as O.A as he wants!

  • Rexieboy says:

    I was able to catch it here in Manila and I loved it! :-)

    It’s actually available online now — just go to and search their movie database. They have pretty good Filipino indie films as well.

    Catch Manila by Piolo Pascual online via the TFCnow site. Astig yung performance ng mga actors :)

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