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MMFF 2009 Official Movie Entries (Metro Manila Film Festival)

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The “MMFF 2009 Official Movie Entries” was released according to the news and I immediately took a short research and saw the entries at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. See the list of entries below and a video I was able to catch up with. The release was an initiative by the MMFF 2009 executive committee headed by Bayani Fernando.

There are overall just 8 official movies included in the entries list as released by the said committee that handles all matters of the current 2009 MMFF event which is scheduled to happen each year as Christmas approaches.

  1. “Panday” starring Bong Revilla – Imus Productions and GMA Films
  2. “Nieves” starring Marian Rivera –
  3. “Ikaw na Nga” starring Kris Aquino
  4. “Wapakman” starring Manny Pacquiao – Solar Entertainment
  5. “Juan” starring Dolphy and Willie Revillame
  6. “Ang Darling Kong Aswang” starring Vic Sotto – Octo Arts Films
  7. “Mano Po 6: My Mother” starring Sharon Cuneta
  8. “Shake, Rattle & Roll 11? starring Ruffa Gutierrez – Regal Films

The committee for MMFF criteria in selecting the included movies were creativity, commercial viability and Filipino cultural values. Good luck to all the entries!

21 Responses to “MMFF 2009 Official Movie Entries (Metro Manila Film Festival)”

  • Perry the Platapus says:

    MMFF sucks.. It should be done only in Metro Manila because it’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Why in Jesus name they subject other provinces of such a rule that only MMFF films be shown during the duration of MMFF? I don’t hate Tagalog movies. I just don’t like them. Manila is NOT the Philippines and the Philippines is NOT Manila.

  • perry the moron says:

    i think you should drink common-sense juice…what a moron.

  • Perry the Platapus says:

    drink some man juice.. atay ka..

  • cimon says:

    I love you Goodbye is missing on the list ?

    I just would like to add it !

    more power to the Filipino Movies !
    thanks !
    happy new year

  • rarara says:

    Yeah, because of that, i’ll miss the Avatar. Those movies wont return before classes start. AND i totally agree with Perry, Metro Manila is not the whole Philippines, why should we suffer from all those crappy special effects and bottom rated story lines as well?

    I HATE filipino movies. Redundant love stories and stupid plots, I dont understand why there are awards in the first place.

  • Movie Goer says:

    OMG…rarara and perry the platapus… magsama kayo..though i am also affected sa pagkawala ng avatar, i still do not think it is right that you scrutinize and HATE tagalog movies..ang babaw ha… mas maraming dapat problemahin ang pilipinas kesa sa kaartehan nyong dalawa no. yayaman ba ang bansa natin at tatalino ba kayong dalawa kapag napanood nyo yung Avatar? And rarara… try mo gumawa ng plot for a movie at ipalabas mo… if you can make a good movie at sa tingin mo walang kwenta ang tagalog movies, eh di gumawa ka ng sarili mong penikula!!!

  • awwww says:

    Aheheh…. Kailan matatapos ang mmff? para makanuod na ng other movies….

  • LolMovieGoer says:

    I totally agree, Tagalog movies do suck. I also wanted to watch avatar.

    Kung mas pipiliin mong manuod ng retarded Wapakman at ang JuanJuan na yan kesa sa avatar, ewan ko kung anong pumasok sa kokote mo.

  • Isabella says:

    To Perry the Platipus – Whatcha Doooin? Obviously you watch Phineas and Ferb.


    I agree with your opinion.

    Those who do not agree are the TRUE morons. Face it, Locally produced movies really, really SUCK. (I do not include the small budget digital films that continually reap awards at international film feasts in this statement.)

    Don’t try to deny it, even Hong Kong films are getting better than us, and they have gained international recognition, meaning the emmy’s, golden globe and the Oscars. And don’t tell me it’s all about the money.

    What have our locally produced attained aside from best actor for Bong Revilla for 2009?

    Mano Po 6? Panday = Bong Revilla???! SHET!

    Where’s the creativity? Where’s originality?

    Instead of adapting and striving to be better, the locally film industry still insists on doing the safe, tried and tested route which doesn’t work anymore.

    Filipino’s aren’t bobo, some just watch those films because there’s no other choice, or required by certain UP diliman arts professors as extra credit. Others just watch for the heck of it, to see how low mother lily could sink or if Enteng Kabisote and his Fae in laws are battling the same evil again.

    To mother Lily, yes we get it, Chinese traditions and norms are interesting… to a point. Making six films about it isn’t, especially when you cast actors who butcher mandarin and try to look Chinese.

    We’re tired of the same faces re-enacting their same roles for the same plot lines.

    Sadly, banning foreign films prevents us busy folk from watching the awesome that is Avatar. (I’ve watched it twice)

    Sorry for the rant. And again, only watch AVATAR in 3d, if there’s an imax theater near you.

  • Rarara says:

    Movie Goer, uhmm are you reading what you’re typing. If the PHILIPPINES have important problems to solve, then why have the festival in the first place? The time and effort in making these useless events can be used to run some charity instead. All Filipinos can live without those tagalog movies.

    And frankly speaking, I do posses the freedom of opinion. Im just annoyed that they have to take away the good movies and replace them with low-grade Filipino stuff.

    And FYI, having these festivals wont make the country rich. It would only make those actors’ pockets fuller.

  • Rarara says:


  • Rarara says:

    @Isabella : i reaally, reaaaaly want to see Avatar in 3d……didn’t have much time and with the MMFF….no chance at all….

  • antoniodeguzman says:

    To all GMA 7 and ABS fanatics!

    Para maintindihan niyo mabuti kung paano nagkakaroong ng TV ratings na laging nagdudulot ng awayan ng mga pro-GMA7 and ABS tuwing lumalabas ng TV ratings results ng AGB Nielsen, basahin niyo mabuti ito at intindihin.

    Ewan ko lang kung pag-aawayan niyo pa ang tungkol sa tv ratings.

    Based on tv ratings, di mo talaga masasabi kung alin sa dalawang tv networks ang mas pinaka tinutukan ng viewers, paiba-iba kasi ang result bawat araw.

    That means, hindi consistent ang tv ratings result, parang “see-saw”

    Do you know that 1 to 3% na difference is konting konti lang?

    Okay lang sana kung lahat ng mga households na nakatutok sa TV ay may kaniya-kaniyang set-top box or STB. Alam ng mga TV networks ito pero di nila ito ipinapaliwanag sa mga audience.

    Kasi nga baka magbago pananaw mo sa mga TV ratings. Natural, mawawala ang competition which can be translated to income for these 2 big TV networks.

    Ano nga ba ang STB?

    Ang STB ay aparatu na naka-konekta sa TV set, quadrado ang hugis parang DVD player na may PLAY, PAUSE, FORWARD, REWIND buttons.

    Ang viewer ay gumagamit ng remote control para i-turn on/off niya ang tv set sa pamamagitan ng STB. Kaya sa bawat pindot niya sa remote control ay naka capture ng STB at ipapadala niya ang captured information sa back-end server, tulad ng kung aling palabas ang pinapanuod ng viewer or household sa aling oras ng araw or gabi.

    Paglabas ng statistical report ng SGB Nielsen or other similar Survey firms that use STBs as instruments used for gathering data rather than phone interviews, malalaman kung ilang households ang nanuod ng Darna or yong katapat na telenovela sa kabilang station sa ganung oras.

    Ang tanong, di kaya minsan nakakalimutan ng viewer na isara ang TV niya pag inabot siya ng antok? Siyempre, pumapatak sa server na naka-tutok pa rin siya sa panunuod kahit tulog na siya.

    Or di kaya sinasadyang iwang naka-ON ng mga die hard pro-GMA7 or ABS ang kanilang set top boxes para dumami ang oras na nakatutok sila sa paborito nilang station?

    Ito kaya ang dahilan kung bakit madalas hindi consistent ang lamang ng GMA 7 sa ABS or vice versa? Tsk tsk tsk.

    Kaya di ako naniniwala sa mga tv ratings.

  • JM says:

    Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines (MMFF-P) is the annual film festival held in Manila. The festival, which runs from the 25th of December to the first week of January, focuses on locally-produced films.

  • Greatest... says:

    Hey… sa lahat ng nagcritcize sa Philippine movies… You are far beyond what the industry has achieved… It is enough that you don’t like and don’t dare watching filipino movies, therefore you do not have the rights to criticize… They rule and not you… para niyo na din sinabing wala kayong kwenta… Those were filipinos and so are you… If it’s really the avatar thing, then you should have watch it before the MMFF starts… it was open on cinemas even before the MMFF… Schools have early vacations than those who worked… But i guess you do watched those MMFF movies noh even other filipino movies??? Kasi hindi mo masasabing panget at parepareho lang ang plot kung hindi mo napanuod… or baka hindi ka lang makarelate…??? then for that i pitty you… You trying hard people… Kung gusto niyo ng foreign movies, why not go to foreign countries??? Dun for sure mapapanuod niyo at may mas magandang tech dun… But for sure hindi niyo magagawa… there are others na makakapunta but not all… so do sa cannot afford… magtiis na lang kayo sa kung anong meron… ang seselan niyo… mag wala din naman kayong binatbat….

  • Greatest... says:

    @PARARA… why? does having those foreign movies will make our country rich din ba???

  • Greatest... says:

    @ISABELLA – it is all because you don’t believe in what filipino can do… you have these concerns and yet you don’t dare do something for a change… you suc* guys…

  • Isabella says:

    To the Greatest:

    Your arguments are bases on assumptions.


    Where did that shit come from?

    I believe in what SMART, INGENIOUS and DARING Filipino film makers and actors can do. I support them, watch their small budget digital art films and the like.

    Is it wrong for me to yearn for something better when clearly, the quality in these recent locally produced, generic movies are lacking?

    Perhaps “The GREATEST”, you should look beyond our borders and see what the rest of the art community achieved while you continue to blindly (and ignorantly) praise the current crop of generic movies.

    Suggestions: Visit Berlin and Bonn, then perhaps Florence and of course Paris. Watch the art films, theater productions and museums there and perhaps you’ll be less ignorant.

    That is, if you can get a Schengen Visa

  • robert says:

    and the crapfest continues…welcome to MMFF 2010! lmao~~

  • ron says:

    kya ang dami nabubuntis kabataan ngyon , kailangan manood sila para alam nila, pag nakipag s*x sila alam nila gagawin at may condition no condom no s*x para safe at malayo mararating sa buhay di ba , dapat yan turuan leksyon pag ikaw buntis dapat may tax income kung ilang nabuntis mo halimbawa 2 anak 200×2=400para sa mayaman naman 3000×2=6000 libo isang bwan para matanda nila ganoon dapat…yon patakaran ng pilipinas para sa akin lang……………….para matuto disciplinary………….

  • ron says:

    tingnan mo sa american okay lang kahit nakahubad ka sa labas bahay sa kanila pero pangarap nila napakataas pride grabe dapat ganoon din sa pilipinas…..

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