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MMFF Entry 2008 – “Dayo” Animated Movie

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The first ever animated movie since the MMFF was staged in the Philippines, Dayo is an official entry to the MMFF this year for 2008. To tell you frankly, this animated movie is quite convincing to be the best animated movie ever made in the Philippines by Filipinos and for the Filipinos. This is an animated movie that we can all be proud of and if I have a chance to see a movie from among all the MMFF movie entries, this is the movie that I will go watch because this is history in the making and I want to be part of that.

Dayo is truly a movie of firsts in many categories aside from being the only and the first animated movie ever accepted to become an MMFF entry ever since MMFF was put up. Dayo is a must see movie only if you do not want to miss history in the making and breaking the record of the first ever animated film in the likes of Panday in terms quality and artistic value. Dayo is truly of professional quality that we Filipinos can be proud of and I would want to be one of the first people to go watch it in theaters as the Metro Manila Film Festival opens up on Christmas Day.

I’ve seen the trailer of “Dayo” and I must say that it is indeed an art and a craft made to perfection for those who are behind this animated movie in the Philippines that is first to set the MMFF yearly celebration. I salute with pride all the people behind this masterfully crafted animation scenes. Truly, the trailer is not enough for me to rejoice as I would like to personally promote this movie using this blog and help Filipinos realize the value that we as masters of art can provide for the world to enjoy. Thumbs Up!

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