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Who Killed Nancy? Movie – Sid Vicious Innocent After 30 Years

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A movie is now on the way on the tragic death of Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sid Vicious, a very popular rock icon in the 70’s. The movie is titled Who Killed Nancy? and is scheduled to be shown this January or February of 2009 according to some reports. In the police version of the killing, Nancy was killed by Sid Vicious a.k.a. John Ritchie while colleagues and friends of the couple don’t believe what the police is up to in the turnout of the investigation. In the movie however, Sid Vicious will be innocent after 30 years.

There was even a song purely dedicated to the innocence of Sid Vicious whose title is “Sid Vicious was Innocent”. The movie, however will discuss and twist what the police found out and will take the case as Sid Vicious – an innocent man. Now, on the 30th death anniversary of the Death of Sid Vicious, a new movie will be out where the version is amazingly different from the version that was out by the police investigation.

Also, in some interviews, stories told that Sid Vicious was so stoned that night after the party that he couldn’t have lifted that knife just to stab hid girlfriend to death. To colleagues and friends of the couple, nothing could have happened to Nancy Spungen that night with Sid so high on drugs. Apart from that, knowing how the couple was, their friends know that Sid couldn’t have killed Nancy for any reason they don’t know. Let’s just find out in the movie.

Sid Vicious this time will be innocent of the murder of his blonde girlfriend. I wonder what will turn out in the events in the movie Who Killed Nancy? and I am also thinking why this movie will prove something else. Will this movie be the only witness to the truth that John Ritchie, a.k.a. Sid Vicious was really innocent. Just watch the official movie trailer for free here.

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