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CBCP Wants Blanktape’s Banana Song Banned

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The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in the news last night issued a press release requesting the stop-airing of the Banana Song by Blanktape including “Nagmamahal ako ng Bakla”.

Not sure about why but according to the statement of a radio DJ, Martin D, it could be because of the double meaning of the songs which could possibly be inflicting immoral values to the mind of those who listen to the song.

The DJ also said there are other artists back in early 90’s whose music also have double meanings in the likes of Mae Rivera, Selena Sevilla and more.

Although no allegations were confirmed, the artist, Blanktape and producer of the said album and songs said they will yield to the CBCP request to stop airing and reproduction of the said songs. The artist also said his apologies if anyone was offended by the songs and that he didn’t mean it to be interpreted that way. He also said it was just his music and he didn’t mean any harm singing.

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