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Eraserheads Reunion Concert 2 Turned to Francis M Tribute

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The Eraseheads reunion concert for the second time around was turned into a tribute concert for the master rapper, Francis M. This was because the members of the said group were all close and good friends of the artist who died of leukemia.

Francis M passed away at a young age of 42 and many were optimistic that should the master artist and rapper have been given the chance to live another life, he would have made a bigger difference for the nation and Filipinos.

Francis Magalona was an artist of his generation who was able to give time each on his own to become a loving husband, a father and an artist to his own sould. He is in to painting, photography and music. Proves the more that Francis M is truly an amazing person and much, an amazing artist. May you rest in peace in your life behind this world that we live in.

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