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Francis M’s Last 8 Songs and Collectibles

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Francis Magalona left us with his art and music at 3 Stars & a Sun with his last 8 singles. So far there are 2 singles available according the Francis M’s Blog, a Free Mind. These 2 singles already out include “Sinong Magsasabi” and “Thou Shalt Not Blink“.You can get them at Braodway and it is brought to us by FMCC, Francis Magalona’s center for his pet projects.

3 Stars & a Sun and Francis M did all 8 singles forming a puzzle and an art from the master rapper and he devoted part of his life in the middle of his leukemia struggle. He did it just to bring out the best he has in music and have them available for people and fans as well as history archives to keep. “Sinong Magsasabi” track according to Francis M’s blog, has a dirty version and is a product of collaboration with other music icons.

You can find other Francis Magalona collectibles like t-shirts, “Super Proxy” which he wears when Jeff Tam visited him at the Medical City at 3 Stars & a Sun. Other collectibles include “Pride”, “Mikropono Bling” and “LS 3” (not sure what this was) according to the man in multiple artistry gifts.

Francis M also urges his fans and music followers to collect all 8 tracks as they will be able to complete a puzzle when put together side by side. This, according to him is his own concept of artistry once again which proves that there really is a lot to miss from the master rapper. Francis Magalona’s death left us one thing as his legacy – “through music and art, nothing is impossible”.

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