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Jason Ivler Album Lyrics

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It was reported tonight that the fugitive Jason Ivler CD album and song lyrics will be heard live on television, TV Patrol. Jason Ivler’s album “JsIn in the Philippines” will soon be out but it is not sure if it will be in the market or what but one thing for sure, his words in the songs were all about him. Below will the first ever photo release of the said album which you will also see first here at the Philippines blog. for more of the updates to this post or latest exclusives, please subscribe to our feeds below.

Jason Ivler Rap CD Album

Jason Ivler Rap CD Album

From the news that was broadcast tonight, Jason Ivler’s album CD will be heard soon but if it will be out for public consumption is still in question. The songs were initially played in TV Patrol and the lyrics were revealed in the news.

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