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The ZTE Broadband Deal and Scam

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The ZTE Dynasty in Telecoms Market in China

ZTE – Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited is a large and world known telecommunications company based in China. They are in fact the biggest in the field of telecommunications equipment provider that specialize in services related to customized network solutions needs in China that serve the world market.

According to BusinessWeek Magazine, ZTE is a global telecom titan who once got in with the cellular phone industry by launching a campaign that plans to get in and break the ranks of Nokia and Motorolla by making cellular phones smaller, faster and with high technology capabilities beyond imagination back in 2005 as reported by the magazine.

ZTE with a Multi Million Dollar Broadband Deal in the Philippines

ZTE just entered into an initial multi-million dollar broadband deal (the NBN deal) with the Philippines ($ 329 million) and this is the root of what was now called as the controversial ZTE Broadband Deal Scam or the NBN deal scam for some corrupt government officials in the Arroyo administration including the first gentleman Mike Arroyo who is being accused of taking part of this ZTE broadband deal scam.

According to Joey De Venecia Jr. who said in the senate investigation that the deal is, “…illegal, grossly disadvantageous to the government and unjustly burdensome to the Filipino people because of the ridiculous overpricing of this project and the huge kickbacks anticipated by those who brokered this anomalous deal”.

More…The investigation about the scam lately included the first gentleman Mike Arroyo where his name suddenly surfaced in the initial investigations being undergone by the government of the Philippines. Everybody seemed surprised that the first gentleman’s name got involved in this ZTE broadband deal scam but authorities are digging deeper to find out whether the source and the news are viable as primary information to the investigation.

There were many rumors and People of the Philippines is just asking one question – How come the government is doing such multi-million dollar deals that the people didn’t know anything of at all and What is going on in the government?

Protesters Picket in Front of Miguel Arroyo’s Building on ZTE broadband Deal Scam

News from early today reveals that there were people on the picket line in front of the Miguel Arroyo building and they were demanding for some answers for his alleged involvement in the cancellation of the ZTE broadband deal. The protesters on the ZTE broadband deal brought with them some giant replica of the subpoena from the court of public accountability. All dozens of them belong to the militant organization from KMU and Anakpawis and the summons they brought was singed by Juan Dela Cruz judge of the court.

PIA Comment on the ZTE Broadband Deal Scam

The Philippine Information Agency early today also expressed their optimization stating that all is well even after the cancellation of the ZTE broadband deal and that the Chinese Government, PIA said still maintains a commitment for good ties with the Philippines and the Philippine government. PIA also said that despite everything the efforts of the government are all out to protect the Filipino –Chinese relations.

In fact, last Tuesday, the president already decided to cancel the NBN project because of the anomalous controversies that the country got in to. Even if this is truly an totally unknown issue and almost hidden from the eyes of the public from the very start of the NBN project, people are little by little waking up with respect to the issue and all that the president could do is to silence up everything.

This is when people saw that the name of the first gentleman is starting to surface in the investigation and in line to this, people of the Philippines is very cautious and they know that there is something that the president is trying to hide from them and that this is the reason behind the cover up which they Malacanang office tried to camouflage by stating that the purpose of the freezing of the anomalous ZTE broadband deal is to cover up the involvement of the Arroyo family and the Arroyo administration regarding the scam.

Rumors in the Senate about the ZTE Broadband Deal Scam

There were rumors roaming around early this morning when I watched the news that Senator Cayetano and Senator Manny Villar is being crawled and used by the Arroyo government in an effort to cover up the ZTE broadband deal scam by trying to delay or at least cancel the coming hearings in the senate blue ribbon committee.

Senator Villar spoke and said that he has nothing to hide and there is no such thing as that happening in the senate as he is the presiding minority leader. The same happened with the explanation of Senator Cayetano, trying to deny any involvement to delay the hearings that could possibly lead to the dying of the issue in the people’s minds.

Scams Affecting Filipinos who want to Send Money to the Philippines

In my own point of view, this scam will only make it even harder for Filipinos to make a significant part of the history in good terms. This will also affect the literally millions of OFWs who are looking forward to send money to the Philippines as this has a devastating effect to the current value of the Philippine peso against the U.S. dollar. I just hope that the Philippines could make it through this government crisis that we are on and the people can recover as early as possible for making a bigger break in the economy.

4 Responses to “The ZTE Broadband Deal and Scam”

  • kevin says:

    fuck you

  • heartee says:

    arroyo must be greedy to be able to get the billions of money of the philippines so she will be rich.. arroyo ako

  • Kieta says:

    Naliligaw ba ako? O_O

  • dave says:

    Arroyo family are sick! Every time I watch the news on television, and listen to Gloria’s sentimental speeches with a huge smile on her face, it really makes me fu**ing sick with her mother fu**ing bull shit lies! Well anyway, she’ll burn in hell someday, and she can’t run from it. Her husband’s a pig too!

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