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80 Top Criminals Given Passport to Britain for Asylum

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80 top criminals in the world including the Albanian murderers/killers were given their respective passports despite knowing the fact that they are all wanted by the law and by the InterPol, the world police. The reason for these foreign killers seeking asylum in Britain is because they are all looking to extract the chaotic asylum system to their favor.

The open system came to the exploiting eyes of the 80 top criminals just yesterday as it was revealed. Although of the most interesting part is that part of these seekers are the famous Albanian killers who were officially listed as wanted by the InterPol, they were allowed to seek refuge in Britain and seek their own homes there with the chaotic asylum system.

Of course, these world top criminals slipped using deceptive acts such as using the channel from Calais down to Dover while they are hidden in the lorries of ferries according to reports in the Mail Online, a news mag. These criminals also allegedly used bogus names as a standard way to get in any country undetected and unknown. False papers were said to be literally easy for these criminals because they have no choice to seek asylum but in an illegal way such as what they just did as alleged upon claiming asylum in Britain.

These people were also often using the fact which is happening these days that a pretentious case is in them just like that they are from war-torn places like the Balkan Republic of Kosovo.

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  • Jann Carlo says:

    Hello i am from Phillipines and i am a gay .I am planning to apply for asylum if its possible because of discrimination in our country for Gays.I felt not accepted and im not happy for the world ive been stepping here..I hope theres a way you can help me for my problem.I want to be in other country that Gays are knowingly accepted and not insulted much..Pls do help.thanks

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