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Dennis Trillo’s Buddy Drowns in Boracay Maxine Eigenmann Safe

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I had to confirm it from the news today if it’s true that Dennis Trillo’s companion drowned in Boracay Island while swimming. It was only early today while reading online news that I got a hold of the whole story.

It was confirmed by Western Visayas police superintendent Ranulfo Demiar that a certain Jollybee Bordajo (earlier mistaken to be Borajo) died on arrival in a hospital – Don Ciriaco Tirol Memorial Hospital.

In an interview / investigation, it was revealed that Dennis Trillo is with Maxine Eigenmann and one Jollybee Bordajo swimming in Boracay Beach shores about 1:30 PM when they came face to face with big waves that hit them straight.

The two tried to save Bordajo from drowning but it was too late for them while Trillo is said to have only suffered a few gashes in the tragedy and Maxine Eigenmann is safe.

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2 Responses to “Dennis Trillo’s Buddy Drowns in Boracay Maxine Eigenmann Safe”

  • L. morgan says:

    It’s amazing how shady the philippines is.. This is 100% a suspicous death.. Big waves in bora? I was there during one of biggest storms on record and the waves in bora were still tiny.. They need to get Dennis on a lie detector test ASAP.. I don’t buy this story for one second.. The police were told not talk to anyone? Why? Isn’t it just accident? NOT!! I SMELL COVER UP!! Are we really going to let a celeb get away with a possible murder just because they only look to him as an anctor with the good boy roles and not as a normal person who has a possibility to do a crime??? This cover story is 100% BULLSHIT… Just look at his face in the pic during questions.. He looks TATALLY guilty.. sorry.. Wake up Philippines.. Please Wake up!

  • J says:

    I think L. Moragan says shit here. JollyBee is Dennis’ friend. Have you gone to Boracay during the Habagat season? strong winds and waves here dude, have you seen where they found him? It was near rocks. How well do you know Boracay anyway?

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