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Erap Gets Executive Clemency

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Does Erap Deserve Executive Clemency?

Erap, received an executive clemency from the president for his convicted case against the Philippine government today. People from all walks of life are stay tuned to Erap’s executive clemency and release today. All eyes are on the former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada who is convicted for criminal cases against the Filipino people and the government trying to make things clearer as the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo distorts the criminal justice system with her executive power.

While the big time lawyers in the Sandiganbayan are all trying to put the statement on a trial regarding its constitutionality, I wonder what is the reason behind the sudden change of heart of the incumbent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when early after the conviction of the latter, she was announcing all over the world about the fair criminal justice system here in the Philippines. Is this her definition of fair? Could this be a sign of something more deathly evil cooking in the palace? These are just a few questions from friends in our community as I heard them talking about it.

Could Erap’s Release be a Sign of Desperation?

According to some of the best lawyers here in the Philippines early after finding out that Erap will get executive clemency from the office of the president, they organized to meet and seek for the constitutionality of the said executive clemency which is offered by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the impeached president who is detained in Tanay.

The offer is said to be attached with condition that the former president should give a promise to not run again in the coming election. The people of the Philippines are all asking about this as another circus of the incumbent president and another effort to trick the Filipino people and mislead the ongoing hearings about the case that the First Family id involved in right now.

I believe that this is also a way to surf the interest of the people as the first family is going trough to a lot of pressure these past few days regarding the ongoing case on the ZTE broadband deal scam that they have been involved in.

Another Trick to Lure the People Away from the ZTE Scam

If this is another trick to cheat the legislature and the Filipino people, they better beware of this because the might of the people is surely mightier that the sword. This might lead to another upsurge of people power in a different form as the people are all aware of what is really going on and they seem to know that no EDSA will do anymore on this new trick to fool them on the white papers.

Let us all just see if this will lead to something in the next few days and I will remain vigilant about the ongoing updates on the news and so you all can expect that I will be doing more updates on this deception tactic against people of the Philippines.

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