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Facebook Anti Willie Revillame Movement Posts Open Letter of 12 YO

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I was shocked because I don’t know anything about it. I didn’t like what Willie acted upon on national tv that day when he asked for the funeral video to be removed from his show but this is even more hateful. I received a comment today while writing some of my posts here at Internet Philippines. That comment must’ve been the longest comment I can remember out of my 2,106 comments on this blog. This came from “illid@n” for which you can find now in my post about ABS-CBN statement on Willie’s leave here.

The comment contained a wall of text from an allegedly Chloe Ronquillo for which according to the commenter is the daughter of a (best) friend of the host. The open letter was also posted on Facebook Anti-Willie Revillame Movement according to the the person who gave the info.

You can also find a full detail of the open letter of the 12-year old Chloe Ronquillo from PhilStar.Com article here. I tried to look for the facebook post copy the open letter to make a comparison but was not lucky to find it and I don’t have so much time to spend looking for it. Anyway, it was in one comment on my blog post about the statement of ABS-CBN which you can find above in a link I provided. I saved a copy of the open letter below so you can read and make or comment your reactions.

Open Letter by Chloe Ronquillo

“Yes, I am the eldest daughter of Raymond Ronquillo, and I am a victim of Tito Willie’s hurtful jokes on Wowowee. Everything you read on the newspapers and Internet is true (Tito Willie’s cars, Aiko Climaco).

I had a happy family before my papa became friends with tito Willie. I had a papa who took care of us and loved us so much. But now, we don’t have a papa anymore.

I know Tito Willie or even Tito Willie’s friends know about this group. If anyone who knows Tito Willie, please pass my letter to tito Willie.

Dear Tito Willie,

I once had a happy family before you came into our lives. I had a papa who cared for us and loved my mama very much. I had a family. Now it’s just my mama, my sisters Robbie and our baby Alex and me. It was because of you, your money and your girls why he left us. Sana may papa pa po kami. We don’t see our papa anymore. He doesn’t talk to us and doesn’t spend time with us.

Mas nakakasama mo pa po siya kesa sa amin. I miss my papa. We miss our papa. We miss going to church with him. Sa mall, sa restaurant, sa birthday po namin wala rin siya kasi kayo ang magkasama.

Tito Willie, sabi mo po tutulungan mo maayos ang family namin. Pero bakit ganun po? Pinapahiya mo kami sa TV, pinagkakalat mo pa po yung sa kanila ni Aiko. People laugh at us in school. I am hurt. Nahihiya po ako. Nasasaktan po ako kapag nagsusumbong sa akin si Robbie. Mas nasasaktan po kami kapag si mama ang nakikita namin umiiyak kasi mahal niya si papa. You promised to help us.

Ang sakit na po Tito Willie. Sabi ni papa, joke lang yung mga sinasabi mo sa TV, e tito hindi naman po nakakatawa yung mga sinasabi mo kasi ginagawa mong pagtawanan ang papa ko. Sinasaktan mo po ang mama ko, sinasaktan mo po kami dahil pinapamukha mo po sa lahat ng tao na si papa, may babae. Ano po bang kasalanan namin sa yo? Wala naman po kaming ginagawang masama sa ‘yo. Tapos ngayon sinama mo pa si papa sa Davao para magkasama sila ni Aiko. Sana po kami na lang ang pinasamahan mo kay papa para nakasama namin siya.

Tito Willie, please ‘wag mo po kaming saktan na. Kasi naaawa na po ako sa sarili ko. You made fun of us 5 times already on TV. Sabi ni papa, sinabi niya na po sa ‘yo na wag mo na kaming pinapahiya sa TV, pero ginawa mo pa uli. Kung hindi pa kami ipagtatanggol ni mama e sino pa po ang tutulong sa amin? Si papa pinabayaan na nga kami, tapos yung promise mo po sa amin na tutulungan mo kaming maayos ang family namin, lalo mo pong sinira.

Tito I may be young but I have feelings. I am very hurt. I don’t want to cry anymore. I am hurt because you don’t understand how I feel, how my sisters and my mama feel. I’m hurt because I lost my papa and you don’t seem to care for us as my papa’s family. Tito Willie, you’re my papa’s bestfriend. Di ba po ang mag- bestfriend nag­tutulungan tapos sinasabi yung totoo lalo na pag may ginagawa silang masama? Tito I’m only 12 but I know what’s right and wrong. May asawa po ang papa ko, mama ko yun, bakit po hindi mo pagsabihan si papa at si Aiko? Bakit ikaw pa po ang tumutulong na magkasama sila?

I’m glad you’re not my papa Tito Willie. Kasi po kung ikaw ang papa ko baka po mas masakit pa yung nara­ramdaman namin ng mga kapatid ko. Ikaw ang papa namin pero papahiyain mo po kami sa maraming tao. Hindi po joke ‘yung ginagawa mo kasi po ginagawa mo pong pagtawanan ang buhay namin sa TV. I hate you so much tito Willie. Sinira mo po buhay namin. Sinira mo po ang pamilya ko. Ang _______ mo po.

You will go _______ I hate you so much!!

Hate you Tito Willie,

Chloe Ronquillo

Note:  This open letter was just sent to me through a comment on a post which is provided above in a link. I did not make this up nor wrote it. I am posting it here for information purposes only, nothing more nothing less.


One Response to “Facebook Anti Willie Revillame Movement Posts Open Letter of 12 YO”

  • Willie S. says:

    sign of greed for abs-cbn to employ somebody like willie revillame. and in case its true that he will be the running mate of manny villar, maawa naman sila sa pilipinas. This is disgusting!

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