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First A(H1N1) Virus Case in Philippines

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The announcement was made in a press release by Healthy Secretary Duque that there is now a confirmed A(H1N1) swine flu virus case in the Philippines. It as a little girl who arrived here in the Philippines last May 18 but was later on diagnosed for the A(H1N1) virus in May 19, 2009. The girl came to the Philippines from the United States where the first case was believed to have come from in New Mexico.

Despite the move by different Philippines authorities to quarantine and control people coming in to the Philippines, this case happened which proves that if we do not take extra more precautions and it to the previous we already have, we could reach soon a population of A (H1N1) virus infected people.

The Health Department should issue more strict implementation of rules and if possible, a total ban on countries from coming in the Philippines from those areas that were positively found to have infection of the said virus. This is of course to allow us to prevent its spread here in the Philippines as some Asian countries were already monitored to have cases today.

The people who were said to have treavelled with the Filipino girl who was later on found positive with the Mexican swine flu virus were all being searched all over the country for possible quarantine moves and to check them all up if anyone among those could have possibly been infected along with the first case found in the country. It will soon be school days and we should take extra care of our children and keep reminding them to take precautionary measures issued by the Department of Health to the public.

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