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Jessica Sanchez settles for second place despite an awesome performance in the American Idol finals

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While some neighbors would say that Philip Phillips really had the charm and Jessica Sanchez did not, I say booo. Why, because to me as well as to those who were not fans of the Filipina Mexican, it isn’t fair to think that way. No, not even if we all know that showbiz is showbiz whether  in America or the Philippines. Philip might have the complete package but I strongly believe that Jessica had more. Ok, I want to be biased here. First I am Pinoy and second, I love Jessica.

I wouldn’t be fair even to myself if I say that Jes won the talent search even if the judges and the people (who voted) clearly shows that Philip won the finals of American Idol 2012 finals. I believe that Philip had the talent the looks and the complete package but the same thing goes for me with Jessica.

It’s all about the fans in the end, the votes did it and there is nothing that anybody can do about it unless the counting of the votes had been turned upside down like a circus which to me had the slightest slimmest chance of pushing through in a U.S. program. No offense, I saw one fan who strongly urged and pushed for / demanded a recount and I believe it all will be useless. Philip Phillips won first place and that’s it. Jessica might have settled for second but she clearly had a brighter future than the man (on my own point of view).

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One Response to “Jessica Sanchez settles for second place despite an awesome performance in the American Idol finals”

  • Celia Manansala says:

    Sorry, but in my biased opinion, Philip has no voice quality at all. He sings all songs with the same tonal quality and all he does is magpa “cute”. Jessica’s voice is more versatile.

    I strongly believe that AI always favor white male caucasians, period. Which is why I will no longer waste time watching it. Imagine, giving 16 standing ovations to Josua and then kicking him out at the last 3 finale. Jessica also got several standing ovations. Philip never got a single standing ovation other than at the finale when suddenly all the judges became crazy – calling his performance “perfect”! The band did it, maybe.

    In the final 3, Jessica was first call. And in the finale – all of sudden, she was only second. Did that mean that all who voted for Josua transferred their votes to Philip? It does not compute, excuse me. It does not even take elementary arithmetic to see how the voting went.

    That is because if the choice were between him and Jessica, it would have been a fight between two singers whose skin color is not white. Will America allow that? Har!!!

    Nevertheless, I agree that Jessica has a better future. So congratulations to her!

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