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LPG Overpricing Targeted by DOE Crackdown

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The Department of Energy (DOE) is now eyeing on liquefied petroleum (LPG) dealers who will be possibly exploiting the situation of shortage of LPG supply in the past few weeks in the opening of January this year.

There is now a warning officially released by the Department of Energy to the public as well as the LPG dealers that anyone caught overpricing the said major commodity will face charges and possible criminal or regulatory offense if found guilty.

Prices of LPG, according to the Department of Energy should not exceed to Php 500.00 or else, they will be charged and penalized or shall face charges and possible cancellation of distribution permits or its equivalent penalties if found guilty.

The public on the other hand were advised to be vigilant and report any abuse by LPG dealers and suppliers whom they think is using their authority to abuse people who are in dire need of the supply of LPG these past few days.

some suppliers and dealers, due to supply of branded LPG shortage is also advising some patrons and consumers to shift from their brand to the less branded LPG products but they will have to change the main LPG tank regulators to do that so it will mean additional charges or cost for the said branded LPG owners in their part.

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