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Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake in Chile Sparks Tsunami

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(February 27, 2010) – A magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile strikes the roads and sparks tsunami. The said mega 8.8 quake immediately killed at least 214 people leaving roads blocked with the biggest cracks I have seen for ages. It was a monstrous quake according to MSNBC news yesterday. It even spawned a tsunami that crashed humongous waves all over the shores in different countries across the Pacific.

The 8.8 Chile earthquake is by far one of the strongest ever recorded according to Edmundo Perez, the Interior Minister. Streets were now dark because of power failure and millions were left to strangle over the streets. Cars, trucks and other forms of vehicles were all over the bridges and streets. They were all crushed and tossed over and over. See photos / pictures of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile in our update posts.


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