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Melamine Scare in Milk Kills China Export Industry

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Melamine scare is now a worldwide concern and a lot of food and drugs bureau had formed together to seemingly indicate that they are threatening to do more actions for a possibility to totally ban all products from China. These are just unconfirmed rumors but I think this is possible because of the multiple danger that different products from the said country were earlier found to be contaminated with chemical in manufacturing that is found to be hazardous to health.

This melamine scare is threatening to kill one of the biggest industries of China which is milk, supplying an estimated large percentage of the world market according to some reports. This will surely be the biggest bang against China this year as the world prepares to welcome the new year. The incident also threatens the small business as well who are dependent on selling and distributing the said dairy products that were later on found to be containing a health hazard melamine content.

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