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Mumbai, India Attacked:Death Toll Rises to 87

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Death toll rises to 87 in the latest terrorist attack by suspected extremist-terrorist that claimed they are part of the group Deccan Mujahideen. This group, according to some terrorism expert analysts were the ones who have the capabilities to launch such simultaneous and massive attack in India. The prime target, according to some unconfirmed news reports were aimed and targeted to kill western nationals from Europe and the United Stated as the said terrorists kill hotel tourists in the Taj Hotel, November 26, 2008.

The alleged attack is said to have been launched in so far one of the most organized attacks in the India archipelago in the history. Killing people close to hundreds and injuring hundreds more in a single attack in 10 strategic India sites simultaneously. The attackers were also caught in a new camera hauling and driving all over India, a police car where they have reportedly killed at least 11 authority government policemen.

The attackers held hostages in the Tajmahal Hotel and other major establishments and also had burned the Taj Hotel in what some would say as the most fatal and lethal attacks ever launched in the public places of India. Earlier, some experts on terrorism say that there was an e-mail received by authorities warning of an alleged attack in Mumbai as the next target but never thought it would pursue as seemingly planned based in the sent e-mail.

Some reports as of the writing of this post say that the injuries the attack caused rise to 900. Deccan is a known place somewhere in India while Muajhideen is the plural of jihad which we all known to be some form of an all out war and by meaning is “the struggle”.

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