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Nicolas Sarkozy Napoleon Height

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So what is Nicolas Sarkozy’s height? I am asking the same question as what others have been simply because of the thought that French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s (often misspelled as Nicholas) height have been hot in the internet today. For whatever reason, read along.

Discussion have been around for what is the actual height of the French president and some were interested to know what’s the true score. A comment on a blog I just read says he Sarkozy is 1.65 meters while another says it’s 1.73.

Here is one computation from a blog on him – “165.1 cm. (5 feet x 12 inches per foot, + 5 inches = 65 inches; 65 inches x 2.54 cm per inch = 165.1 cm)”

It is said according to the news today that “French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his handlers have tried to compensate for his height – or lack thereof” (source: Inquirer.Net). Well, whatever it is, I don’t care much, just thought it would be an interesteing scoop.


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