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Obama Look Alike in Indonesia Becomes Famous

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Obama Look AlikeJakarta Indonesia – Who is this allegedly Barack Obama look alike who is said to be where people in Indonesia are all going crazy about? I personally saw the guy and I must admit that indeed, there really is a very big resemblance of this guy to the new president of the United States who will soon be proclaimed come a few days from now.

This Barack Obama look alike name is Ilham Anas, an Indonesian photographer who suddenly went famous because of his looks. Not just his ordinary of handsome look but because he is a look alike of Barack Obama, the president of the United States. In some news about the look alike, I read that Ilham Anas will not be coming over to the Obama inauguration but instead, he will be busy coming over to a TV station in Indonesia to star off as an Obama look alike and perform in front of the camera.

Ilham Anas is already 34 years old and according to what I saw in the picture which I will provide below for you to judge yourselves, he did resemble in many angles the looks and features of the face of Barack Obama including the built of the now president of the United States. Today, Anas, is no longer earning much of his money from photography but instead, it comes from being an Obama double being the star of the show. I wonder if he can immitate the acts and gestures of the original president this very moment or if he is right now trying to learn some popular eye movement and facial expression of Obama?

The said look alike also allegedly gained fame since Obama won the elections last year and in fact started earning income then on in Indonesian TV as Obama double. We all know that Obama himself live for 4 years in Indonesia and this made them even more interested to know that they can have Obama in their TV anytime they want which even made Anas more popular than the matinee idol in Indonesia.

It all started according to Anas when Obama won and his colleagues played practical jokes on him which he didn’t know would later on play true to life famous recognition being the look alike of Obama. His colleagues even took a shot making him wear some suit and tie and later on took pictures with him posing as Obama.

The pictures taken by his friends quickly spread over the internet and so it was all the start of stardom of Ilham Anas – the Barack Obama look-alike from Indonesia. He later on got a call from advertisers and so on. It is told that when he even came to Malaysia airport, some guy asked him if he is Obama and he even bought him a meal for a picture taken with him.

2 Responses to “Obama Look Alike in Indonesia Becomes Famous”

  • Freezebox says:

    hehehe what a coincidence since Obamas has Indonesian blood… is Ilham Anas the one who appeared in Motiliom advertisement? together with Tita Glo look alike?

  • TonyK says:

    Wow, he does like Obama.
    Freezebox, that name explain where your brain stored. Obama spent 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia.

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