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Pacquiao Will Fight Hatton Under 60/40 Fight Revenue Share

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Pacquiao was interviewed and said early yesterday in the January 11 news and he told newsmen that he and his camp is undergoing some negotiation with the Hatton camp for the Pacquiao vs Hatton fight this year. According to the best pound for pound fighter, Ricky Hatton’s camp doesn’t agree with the revenue share of the fight if it goes well with the negotiations with his promoter Bob Arum but the camp of Hatton does not approve of a 60/40 share where the pacman wants 60 %.

Pacman told newsmen that Floyd Mayweather’s camp is also trying to negotiate and is showing some interest in arranging a fight with Pacquiao should he change his mind and decide to fight Mayweather and if the negotiation with Hatton camp fails. Pacman also told newsmen that Hatton camp won’t accept the offer of Bob Arum according to Pacquiao’s bid which is 60/40 on the overall revenue of the fight in case it pursues.

I believe in this matter Pacquiao should not put any other consideration with Hatton. Hatton is a looser to Mayweather and it was a convincing loss with the former best pound for pound while on the other hand, Pacquiao has the leverage to bid over what price he wants to get paid for his upcoming fights after becoming the best pound for pound fighter today. Hatton does not deserve to bid at all because he is a looser to Mayweather and Pacquiao has all that it takes to make a fight earn as much or even more than what the boxing records have in the Mayweather-Dela Hoya fight.

3 Responses to “Pacquiao Will Fight Hatton Under 60/40 Fight Revenue Share”

  • Just says:

    Junk Hatton if his not interested with the split, after all Pacman has nothing to gain with the win. The former lost badly to Mayweather. Pacquiao has all the leverage for he is a boxing draw.

  • Just says:

    The split is Philippine pride at stake. It is same way as saying to a poor country at least i have given you the money which would be big if you use in you poor country.

    Arum in my opinion is working for his own profit only and not for the interest of his fighter. He as Pacquiao promoter should know first hand the worth of his fighter and demand the proper split in terms of boxers’s draw power.

    Lastly, pacman should now be looking forward of promoting his future fights by other options beside Top Rank.

  • Philippines Review says:

    I totally agree with you here. Promoters should be the first person to know about their fighters and this is very obvious. Arum should indeed be hard on insisting or he shouldn’t insist at all. If Hatton doesn’t want to fight in Pacquiao’s price then, he should rot in his camp. Pacquiao doesn’t loose anything.

    Regarding promoters, well, just like what Manny Pacquiao had been in to with all his previous promoters even from here in the Philippines. Greed is always been there and I think this is the reason why many popular boxers make their own boxing promotions to handle their fights even if they are not yet retired.

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