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Philip Salvador – Accused of Hitting Bus Driver in Traffic Confrontation

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Early in the 7 o’clock news today, actor, Philip Salvador has been accused by a bus driver with allegedly mauling/hitting the later after a traffic confrontation.

According to the news today, the actor went out of his car after the traffic confrontation and went straight to the driver side of the bus to hit the driver but when the actor cannot seem to reach the driver, he went inside the bus and started to hit the bus driver without hesitation or warning.

There were witnesses according to the report and video shown in the news that reenacts what the actor did. A witness is said to try to stop the actor but he then, went up again to hit the said driver with his feet and kicked him.

Meanwhile, the actor, Philip Salvador instructed the traffic enforcer to give a ticket to the bus driver but failed to give the same ticket to the actor which according to the investigating police is not the right wat to approach or treat traffic obstruction cases.

According to the police who is investigating the case, both should have been givent each their respective ticket for violating traffic rules without prejudice because both had caused the obstruction of traffic. The actor, Philip Salvador failed to give his statement to the media for now and remained silent in the accusation and charges.

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