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Remembering Minority Report Movie

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It used to be like holograms printed and suspended in the middle of the air where Tom Cruise and his fellow law makers in the now classic film Minority Report view the criminals and see what will happen in the future. This futuristic film had a great vision of what will happen in the future in the crime prevention system and judiciary law making. In the film where they used a twin to see in advance what will happen in the future. There, they see everything using an advanced computer system where the sequence of what will happen will appear right in front of the law makers and see who will be the next target of a crime and who will commit the said crime. All those used to be seen just in the films but now they are virtual reality.

Yes, what we saw in the futuristic film played by Tom Cruise in Minority Report as some holographic computer generated images and video of what will happen in the future is now alive and kicking today. That same computer system has now come true according to the post I read from Engadget today. I may be late on it but at least, today, I know that I am one of the first if not really the first to post about it here in the Philippines as part of the high end technology and cutting edge computer system come alive based in the film Minority Report.

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