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Ted Failon and Wife Shooting Case Update

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This is the update to Ted Failon case as far as I know from newpapers I have read and news I’ve watched today. Ted Failon’s wife, Trina Etong already died yesterday past 8:00 PM at the New Era hospital.

Meanwhile, since she is already laid at the funeral homes, the police already took paraffin test to the corpse of the wife of Ted Failon and to our surprise, she was found negative of any gunpowder burns in the hand.

On the other hand this does not mean that she did not fire a gun at all according to investigation authorities because out of the 3 days that she was laid in the hospital, she could have gotten her hands clear of gunpowder so easily. This is the reason why in other countries, parffin test results can no longer be used to pin down anybody of positively firing a gun. It is no longer an accurate basis for an investigation these days.

The inlaws and maids as well as the driver of the Failon were already released via lack of weight in evidence and with bail of Php 12,000.00 each. Let us wait for the upcoming updates to this case as Ted Failon declared in a statement earlier that he is suspicous that this case is being pushed against him and his close family members in the house because of his participation through comments in his radio program to the previous video taken by ABS-CBN in the EDSA shooting case by the QCPD.

The QCPD on the other hand expressed that they are doing their best to give Ted Failon a fare case and trial on this incident of shooting of his wife.

One Response to “Ted Failon and Wife Shooting Case Update”

  • joyce says:

    it’s not fare! I’ve seen the videos how the police of Quezon city handled the cased! They’re such an a sshole and they abuse their power!!!! Shame on you! videos tell all what pipol want to know!!!! Gusto nilang idiin si Ted Failon for their own interests!! Mahiya naman kayo!!! Andaming videos ang nakakapagpatunay sa mga maling ginawa nyo tapos ang lakas pa ng loob ninyong umapila na ginagawa ninyo ang dapat!! Hello mas pinabababa nyo lang ang mga pulis sa pilipinas!!

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