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The 728 Million-Peso Fertilizer Scam

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The list of who got the money for the 728 Million Fertilizer Scam was finally leaked to the media and one of those who have a copy of the document is ABS-CBN Channel 2 which was reported early tonight in the news and presented therein. The list of the people who allegedly got each from 3 million up to 5 million as it appeared in the news comprised of different political figures ranging from congressmen, congresswomen and other local government officials in respective provinces.

In an interview of how the budget release was approved the ex-budget secretary, the latter told newsmen that if there is anyone who can and should be questioned about the details of the release of the money to each local government officials as stated in the document, it should be Jocjoc Bolante himself. The reason is because it was him who personally had the document signed by the then budget secretary and it should also be only be him who can release all the money to each of the recipients. Korina Sanchez the one who did the interview also asked if there is any valid receipt to be issued to the corresponding local government officials who received part money of the Fertilizer Fund the latter who is being asked replied that there should be in all basis from legality and release of each of the part money.

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