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The Estrada – Arroyo Coalition in the Nativity Scene

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If I were to be asked about the title of the latest picture of the two presidents, Gloria Arroyo and Joseph Estrada, I would like to have it “The Estrada – Arroyo Coalition”. This way, the two could at least have been on the same path, at least with their faces beside each other for the first time in history of the Philippines.

The latest attention-drawing “nativity scene” where both president Arroyo and former president Joseph Estrada joined as Mary and Joseph in the manger. The picture depicts the images of both as the Christmas season fast approaches triggered nationwide laughs seeing the two together and stimulating different reactions from the public, media and the clergy.

Monsignor Cayetano Gelbolingo from the Cebu Metroppolitan Cathedral actually even said he talked yesterday with the New Cinema Theatre management and owner in Colon Street. His purpose is of course to ask him to make some corrections on the image caught in tarpaulin showing the infant Jesus being watched over by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and deposed president Joseph Estrada. This, to many of the population is just a joke to laugh at while to some it may be a direct insult to the Catholic Representation of Jesus being watched by Mary and Joseph.

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