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Update: Jail Guards Might be Behind ICRC Aids Abduction

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Update: Abduction of 3 Red Cross (ICRC) Aids – Just as I thought that how could a timely event of abduction ever happen to those Red Cross (ICRC) aids and how could the kidnappers ever know about where the service vehicle will pass over or when the perfect time to ambush the said vehicle. It was and is really the work of an inside job or soon to be proven yet from a theory in formation. Perfect crimes always involve perfect instruments and there could be no more no less that direct contact by the abductors to the actual people who know that the members of the ICRC were in the provincial jail in Sulu that time.

This is a big shame to the local government of Sulu as well as an even bigger challenge for the Philippine government that employing people who will handle or administer important positions in any institution that serves sensitive position could be a source for such international crime. The news is all over the internet today and I am not sure if there will even be something fast that the government troops can ever do in this situation although I personally believe that ther is some hot pursuit effort going on from the military.

This will greatly and negatively affect the tourism as well as the Philippines as a country and the people because we have been on watchful eyes of the world public in this incident. I hope we can recover the lost trust to public officials as well as we as people from this truly inhuman work of the people behind the abduction of the very people who helps Filipinos in so many ways and forms unmentionable to number in this post. I just hope we can still recover.

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