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Willie Revillame Threatens to Resign from ABS-CBN, takes indefinite leave

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A few days ago, Willie Revillame, the host for noontime show, Wowowee dared the ABS-CBN management to oust Jobert Sucaldito in a public statement. A few days after, Willie Revillame himself is now on an indefinite leave. No press release yet as to the exact reason why but according to some reports, it is all about the recent incident between Willie Revillame and Jobert Sucaldito which you can also read from our previous post below.

There were also reports that the reason behind is because he gave way for his leave as part of his much needed rest from hectic schedule. There were no updates yet if Willie’s stand to leave the ABS-CBN camp is still the same position he stands for. Willie also allegedly said “I mean what I say. Kapag nagsalita ako, yun na yun”.


5 Responses to “Willie Revillame Threatens to Resign from ABS-CBN, takes indefinite leave”

  • Gene S. Moron Jr. says:

    if this story is true, hey, this is the best time for abs cbn to look or search for a replacement for willie while he is allegedly on “indefinite leave” and find one or two that will carry on or surpass whatever revillame had done to the show’s popularity, ratings, etc.. find somebody thaqt is really good and if he comes out and outdid his antics and most specially the ratings. abs-cbn should be firm on this case or else whoever willie wants to be ousted in abs cbn, it will be done because they will be always “afraid” of willie’s threat to leave the show.
    philippines is a democratic country, thus , sucaldito has all the right and freedom to express on whatever he wants to say.
    take a stand abs-cbn & mabuhay kayo . . .

  • jhong sevilla says:

    i think abs-cbn shud find replacement 4 willie…parang bigboss narin cia pagnagkataon…and baka lage niang gawin…22o nmn yung mga cncv saknya ni juvert…dapat hindi ganun…parang gusto niang svhn na kayang kaya nia yung mga head ng dos if ever cia ang paboran!!!!!

  • hp says:

    it is sad to hear some issues relating to the show Wowowee,, i like this show and i think not only me but millions of Filipino people and Filipino abroad like this show especially the Willie a fortune where you can laugh and cry. i heard this issues when i went home in philippines for a 3week vacation and it was not good to hear it. i saw what willie did in the show were he got a lot of positive comments to people. and it is not a god way,if he really upset he can talk about it in a private manner.
    hindi dapat ganon ang ginawa niya sana may natabi pa siyang respeto at hiya sa mga big boss niya sa abs cbn na nag bigay sa kanya nang maraming chances,and the abs cbn give him a good life that he has now, there is no doubt that i like the show and wellie reveliame but i am always on the right side of the story, so ang ginawa niya ay hindi karapat dapat na e sabi pa sa live show he should have the descent way to do it. in that case willie challenge the abs cbn to make a hardly decision coz he think that abs cbn is always on his side as the show earned a lot of money because of him? parang big boss na rin siya nang abs cbn kasi if nag kaganon lahat nang gusto niyang gawin sa abs cbn magagawa niya, it should not be like that,
    i hope everything will turn out good. for the show wowowee

  • benilda says:

    i admire wowowee a lot coz many filipinos are given chances to help by the program especially by. mr. wellie revillame…we have different opinions to what was wellie have said and done…i cant blame others to feel mad and dismayed to wellie…, he just got carried away by his anger and dismayed at that time….i cant understand why they always see the negative sides of wellie….nobodys perfect…! i fully understand wellie….i know he’s mayabang like what other people say to him but whatever he is i still appreciate the way he likes to protect and help our fellow filipinos by his sincerely ways…i dont think wowoee will last long if people doesnt like and enjoy watching him…i am an ofw here in canada…and i survived working and living here beacause of wowowee….coz the program is giving laughter to like many of us working and away with their family. watching wowowee can ease away the homesickness…….without wellie in that program, i think it doesnt make sense watching wowowee….i like robin and he’s having a good job hosting wowowee temporarily but i will be happier if wellie will be the host.. And my message to all the people who doesnt like wellie…., inggit lng kau…cguro alagad kau ni joey de leon…nagtagumpay at natutuwa kau sa ngaun pero kahit anong paninira gawin nio kay wellie….KAY WELLIE pa rin KAME….we love u weliie and we will support you always…we miss u a lot…

  • benilda says:

    i am kapamilya since birth……….pero kng mawawala c wellie sa abs….d na ako manonood sa abs.! kawawa c wellie…lagi nlng negative nakikita sa kanya…pero hindi nila nakikita mga magagandng ginawa nia at naitutulong,….nagaun naniniwala na ako sa word na crab mentality lalo na sa filipinos…nakakahiya……………bakit hindi tau magtulungan wag maglaglagan………hayaan mo wellie kng mawawala ka mawawala nrin ng audiences ang ABS…ang laban mo laban din namen….

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