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How to Fix/Correct NSO Birth Certificate Errors – Late Registration, Typographical Error and Correction of Entry

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I know I have previously written a short post giving tips on how to correct NSO birth certificate errors on details. You can definitely read it by visiting my link so that you will learn the proper legal approach to this common problem whether it be with the wrong spelling of your name, wrong gender / sex (boy or girl),  wrong name of parents, missing details or text and more, you can use that post to refer regarding this problem. In there, you can find court decree orders to reference your problem including the step-by-step procedures on how to have it fixed.

NSO Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) Delivery

You can find a comprehensive guide here – on how to correct wrong spelling of NSO records.

This applies to birth certificate, death certificate and other documents being issued by the National Statistics Office.

Apart from the two remedies or solution to two of the biggest problems I have stated above with links to where you can find help topics, I’d like to let you know, my readers that if you want to fix your NSO birth certificate errors, you have to learn initially that there are 3 factors that influence NSO certificate problems in general.

I have it listed below for your information.

3 Major NSO Certificate Problems and Errors

  • Delayed Registration – Covers the FAQ, When your NSO Certificate was not registered on time
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate
  • Typographical Errors – Covers cases of minor changes in an entry on your NSO Certificate. [ex. from ‘Rexx’ to ‘Rex’])
  • Correction of Entry entails problems with Wrong name, wrong birth date or birth place, wrong gender, etc.


What to Do if you have Delayed Registration (Birth, Death and Marriage)

A. Delayed Registration of Birth

The requirements are:
If the person is less than eighteen (18) years old, the following shall be required:
Four (4) copies of the Certificate of Live Birth duly accomplished and signed by the proper parties;
Accomplished Affidavit for Delayed Registration at the back of Certificate of Live Birth by the father, mother, or guardian, declaring therein, among other things, the following:
name of child
date and place of birth
name of the father if the child is illegitimate and has been acknowledged by him;
if legitimate, the date and place of marriage of parents; and
reason for not registering the birth within thirty (30) days after the date of birth

In case the party seeking late registration of the birth of an illegitimate child is not the mother, the party shall, in addition to the foregoing facts, declare in a sworn statement the recent whereabouts of the mother.
Any two of the following documentary evidences which may show the name of the child, date and place of birth, and name of mother (and name of father, if the child has been acknowledged):
baptismal certificate;
school records (nursery, kinder-garten, or preparatory;
income tax return of parent/s;
insurance policy;
medical records; and
others, such as barangay captain’s certification.
Affidavit of two disinterested persons who might have witnessed or known the birth of the child.
If the person is eighteen (18) years old or above.
All the requirements for the person who is less than eighteen (18) years old; and
Certificate of Marriage, if married.
Delayed registration of birth, like ordinary registration of birth, shall be filed at the Office of the civil Registrar of the place where the birth occurred.
Upon receipt of the application for delayed registration of birth, the civil registrar shall examine the Certificate of Live Birth presented, whether it has been completely and correctly filled in and all requirements have been complied with.
In the delayed registration of the birth of an alien, travel documents showing the origin and nationality of the parents shall be presented in addition to the requirements mentioned in Rule 25.

B. Delayed Registration of Death

No delayed report of death shall be accepted for registration unless the following procedures and requirements are observed and complied with by the concerned parties:

Four (4) copies of Certificate of Death, which must be accomplished correctly and completely;
Affidavit for delayed registration which shall be executed by the hospital or clinic administrator if the person died in a hospital, clinic or in a similar institution, or by the attendant at death if the person died elsewhere. in default of the hospital or clinic administrator or attendant at death, the affidavit shall be executed by any of the nearest relative of the deceased, or by any person having legal charge of the person when the latter was still alive;
The affidavit referred to shall state among other things, the name of the deceased, the facts of his death, the date and place of burial or cremation, and the circumstances why the death was not reported for registration within thirty (30) days after death;
Authenticated copy of the certificate of burial, cremation, or of other means of corpse disposal; and
Approval for registration by the health officer in the box provided in the Certificate of Death.

C. Delayed Registration of Marriage

In delayed registration of marriage, the solemnizing officer or the person reporting or representing the marriage certificate for registration shall be required to execute and file an affidavit in support thereof, stating the exact place and date of marriage, the facts and circumstances surrounding the marriage, and the reason or cause of the delay.


10 step by Step Process in Correction of Entry in a Civil Registry Document

  1. Contact a lawyer who will prepare the Petition for Correction of Entry.
  2. Lawyers shall file the Petition in the Regional Trial Court. The fee for filing the Petition in the Regional Trial Court is Php 160.00.
  3. The Petition will be raffled and assigned to a branch of the Regional Trial Court.
  4. The assigned Regional Trial Court shall issue an Order for the publication of its Order in a newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks. Fee for publication varies.
  5. The Order contains the date of the first hearing.
  6. During the first hearing, the lawyer will present compliance of the jurisdictional requirements like publication of the Order in a newspaper of general circulation.
  7. After establishing compliance with jurisdictional requirements, the petitioner will be presented in Court to testify. The Court may assign the Clerk of Court to receive evidence.
  8. During the hearing, i is possible that an oppositor may appear contesting the Petition. If no oppositor appears, the Clerk of Court will receive the petitioner’s evidence.
  9. After presentation of evidence, the Court will rule on the Petition.
  10. If the decision is favorable, the Court will order the Office of Civil Registrar to correct the entry in the civil registry document (birth/marriage/death certificate of the petitioner).

For the complete guide on fixing problems with typographical errors. – Source: I decided to put the link so you guys can clearly understand by reading from the source including the republic acts or laws concerned with this type of NSO certificate problems. You can also read the requirements as well as what you need to do in a step-by-step process to have your problem fixed and corrected.

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47 Responses to “How to Fix/Correct NSO Birth Certificate Errors – Late Registration, Typographical Error and Correction of Entry”

  • GINA DAGTA says:

    padolina po talaga surname ko.peu s b.cert.ang surname ng papa ko naging padolino.anu ano po ang pde ko ipasa bukod s baptismal ng tatay ko,meron n poxa voters certificatio?anu p po b ang pde ko idagdag.?

  • raymond says:

    can i correct the spelling of my name, on-line? One letter lang ang mali. the birth cert showa raymUnd instead of raymond. What are the steps in correcting this?

  • Angelica Cababa says:

    My family is CABABA but on my birth certificate it’s spelled as LABABA and I don’t have first name as well. I just want to know how will I process in correcting my birth certificate. How much will I spend for it and how long will is the process.

  • Aaron says:

    Hello Friends,

    You can order your NSO certificate by calling (02) 737-1111 or
    Via live webchat at

    Got NSO related problems?

    This link can guide you on your NSO related Concerns.

    Glad to Help.

  • krystle says:

    question lng, anu ano po ang mga steps pra maicorrect ang spelling ng name ko sa birthcert? instead of krystLE naging krystEL ang spelling nya. one letter lng nmn and mgkano po kya at ganu katagal.

  • che says:

    ano po yong requirements at paano ko magpa clear kasi po yong birth certificate is typographical error po ung middle name ko..d po tlaga sya ma distinguished kasi madaming bura, pro nakakuha na ako nang passport dun, i based my middle name sa middle name nang mother ko..pano ko po sya magpa clear?thanks po?what the exact address na pupuntahan ko…

  • gold aroja aringo says:

    i am Gold aroja aringo ,male,born feb/07/1981. my problem is about my gender. and my family name.that was written in my birth certificate.Gold Aroja Caringo . I am male not female .this is the mistake of the typist here in roxas city civil registrar office.i have here attach the affidavit support of my midwife .that im male.

  • arlene says:

    i like to fix the error on my birth certificate..arlina-arlene..who will aproach to fix this problem

  • Raidah L. Sultan Sarif says:

    Pwede po ba magpa-late register online kasi po 38 years old na po asawa ko pero ala pang BC. Sa Marawi City po kasi Birthplace niya samantalang dito kami nakatira sa Cagayan Valley. Hindi po kasi kami makapag-apply ng MC.

  • zenaida condes gultiano says:

    im using my name zenaida.when i first get my NSO copy it turned out that my name that was filed is Zenia.all my life im using my name as”ZENAIDA” all my identification card is on that can i fix my NSO copy ?

  • marisel g.baculio says:

    ask ko lang po kung pwede ba dito ko nalang po i file sa QUEZON CITY ang pagpa correct sa birth certificate ko kasi ang layo ng province ko,taga misamis oriental po ako…ang problem ko po spelling ng name ko instead of MARISEL it was spelled MARESIL…magkano kaya ang magagastos dito…thanks

  • deserie santos verroya says:

    gud day pu..ask q lng pu kz pplate register pu un nnay q kso kelangan daw pu ng mas matanda s kanya para mgng witness eh wala n aman pu mas matanda s kanya dun smen..anu pu kelangan gwn..?salamat pu

  • jethro reyes says:

    may problem po sa birth certificate ng mommy ko.iba po ang nakalagay na name ng nanay at tatay niya at mali din po ang address kung saan siya ipinanganak.bakit po ganon?ano ang pwedeng gawin?

  • claire de guzman says:

    Good day po. Paanu po ayusin yung double register ng birtcertificate q sa NSO? first kuha q po ng nso birthcertificate tama po yung binigay, then nung kumuha po ulit aq for extra copy kc po kinuha po yung original copy q nung kumuha po aq ng passport last year. Online lng po ginamit q pra kumuha ng new copy ng NSO BC q,nung dineliver po sakin, nawindang po aq kc puro mali info. yun daw po original BC q, wla po aq name tapos yung lastname q surname ng mom q nung dalaga p sya.tapos po yung birthplace q manila instead of pampanga. yung ginagamit q po pala n BC is late registerd ng 5 years. ask ko po s mom q if alin yung tama,sabi po nya birthpalce q manila at sa hospital dw po aq pinanganak,yung s ginagamit q po ksi is pampnga then s hilot po nklagay.gusto q po sna ipacancel nlng yung una at yun nlng pong late reg. un ggamitin since yun na po tlga lahat gamit q s lahat ng papers q. panu po b maaayos un? magkanu po maggastos?

  • mr.tabiosas says:

    ask ko lng po kung pnu ma fifixed un birthcertificate ng anak ko.. nka sunod po kc un surname sa asawa qu.. at unknown po ang nkalagay sa fathers name.. at anu po ang requirements pra po sa problem ko.. at mgknu gastos?

  • Raquel Gamboa says:

    Please help me.I have a problem getting passport because my surname was Gamboa, but it was spelled as Gambon. how can i correct it. and whats should be needed to fix it..
    Appreciate your immidiate reply

  • marynoll says:

    ask ku lang po anu yung process yung husband ko po kc kinuha nmin yung birthcertificate nya sa province nalaman po namin na mali yung spell yung gamit po nya ngayon christopher tas yung nka reg nya sa municipal record nya sa province cristophin.nung subukan po namin kuhanin sa nso napag alaman po nmin wala po sya record sa nso..anu po dapat nming gawin..salamaty po

  • aaron del rosario says:

    mali po ung middle initial ko, nka lagay po dun s NSO ko Aaron Nalliano Del rosario mali po ito.. ito po ang tama Aaron Nallano Del Rosario, wla pong “i” dapat ung Nallano ko. pano ko po b ito aayusin at ilang weeks at magkano ang gagastusin ko?? tnx po..

  • Lucien D. Barrera says:

    paano po ang pinakamadaling proseso para maayos po ang gender ko na female instead of male,lalaki po kasi ako.32yo na po ako.tnx…

  • Lucien D. Barrera says:

    paano po ang gagawin ko sa NSO Bcert.ko ang Geder ko po na naka indicate dun ay FEMALE dapat po MALE.paano po at magkano po kaya gagastusin ko 32yo na po ako.tnx po…

  • anna cabanero says:

    hi. the problem in my birth certificate is that ii indicated that my parents were married where in fact they were not. where should i file my petition to change this? will the local civil registrar accept this or do i have to file this in court?



  • Erna Manlangit says:

    nakapag file na po kami ng petition for correction of entries of my birthcertificate the wrong was my surname instead of Manlangit “manglangit” last september 2011 it was worth of P15,000.00 but until now hindi pa rin dumating wla pa rin nangyayari..Please paano ba ito maayos!

    • stephany says:

      Nakuha mo na ba? ang mama ko kailangan change name nya. nakakuha na sya ng passport iba ang name nya at birthplace. Bakit matagal hindi mo pa na receive?

  • Oliver Merced says:

    Sir pwd po ba ako humingi ng tulong at gabay sa inyo? kasi po nang ipinanganak po ang aking anak ay hindi pa po kami nagpapakasal ng asawa ko kaya sa Birth Certificate Record niya po ay ILLIGITIMATE.. at kinasal po kami noong 2009 gusto po sana naming ayusin na maging LIGITIMATE na po sya sa Record…. Anu po ba ang mga Kakailanganin namin para po maayos ang aming Problema?
    Hangad ko po ang inyong Pag reply sa aking Email Add po
    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year po Sa Inyo Lahat..
    Salamat po…. & More Power,.

  • sixela says:

    pano pag registered na,ok na certificate of live birth ng baby ko,di pa sya nabibinyagan pero gusto ko palitan surname nya kc napagamit surname ng tatay kahit hndi nmn kami kasal;acknowledged nya lng.mapapapalitan ko pa ba?pano proseso?pls reply

  • normayama says:

    Hello po. Ask ko lang po if ipapadelete ko yung date of marriage ng parents ko kasi hindi po talaga sila kasal. Pwede po ba na dito sa current city na kung saan nako ako nakatira siya ipa process yung petition? Or dun sa birthplace ko pa? Pa help po please…

  • joana says:

    bakit ganun nso p nagkamli ng record s kinuha ko nso birthcertifacte ng ank ko. nagbbyad nmn ng maayos tao s pagkuha ng record tpos mali ang gngwa ng nso name ko joana nilgay ng ob-gyne ko s mothers name n pinasok s city hall eh,pagkakuha ko record
    ng ank ko s nso.mali name ko jaona…

  • DionisioM,Tolentino jr says:

    Gd day sir.
    i have some question with regards my full name.actually ang kulang lang is un junior.but i.m sure n may junior ang BC ko,ang mistake q lng never ako gumamit ng jr,so ano po ang dapat q gawin para ma ibalik q un jr.thank you vry much

  • cecil says:

    usually ang prob sa gender ng BC ay Female instead of Male or Male instead of Female.
    ung prob po is sa BC wala pong nk-indicate kng ano ang gender. Paano po kaya yun? Can u help me with this?

  • lito bacolores says:

    date of marriage po namin sa nso, april 20, 1992, pero sa birth certificate po ng 2 kids namin, april 23, 1990, paano po dapat gawin?

  • joerie s. bioncio says:

    hi po..paano po ba mapapalitan ang gender sa birth certificate?i am male po but then female ang naka indicate dun..please reply po..thanks

  • rosenda mccarty says:


    • Philippines Review says:


      Noboldy else can fix your typographical error in NSO birth certificate but you. The guide is already stated here on what do to and the step by step process po. I hope you read it carefully so you know how to go over with the right approach. Otherwise, you can simply hire a lawyer from a law office to do that for you at a certain fee.

  • Francia says:

    Hi I just wanna ask po kng panu po ang step sa pag remove ng error sa marriage certificate nalagyan kc ng JR un name ng husband ko na dapat wala nman..thanks

  • Lb says:

    I’d like to know what is the step to step process in correcting the following errors by NSO:
    1. No first name, only last name when NSO recorded it
    2. The day of birthdate is wrong

    Does my niece have to spend thousands of pesos to correct this or is there a procedure that she can just follow through herself without a lawyer?

    She is from the province and has no money to go to Manila ( that’s where she was born) to get these errors corrected ( by the NS O)

    Please help.

    Thank you,

  • Jesusa Barnett says:

    good day! how to correct my son’s birth certificate? there is date of marriage where in I was never married with his father but he was acknowledged by his father and he is using his father’s family name.
    I hope for the immediate answer on this matter, my son needs to get a passport soon for his job, he is now 19 yrs. old.

    Thank you,

  • victoria dagdagan says:

    hope you can fix my problem regarding the birth certificate of my daughter. The error is the gender.her name is Robilyn Dagdagan Domingo….in her birth certificate was male but she`s girl. must be female. The midwife who assist me before got mistake by putting male instead of female…. i just need a help how can i change her gender coz she need in ALS. She`s trying to finish her high school. and how much is cost and how? thank you

  • Lerma Manlangit says:

    Good day,

    Could you please assist us regarding the birth certificate of my husband namely : Ramlee Luna Frigillana. Birthday was November 07,1979 at Tripplit Zamboanga. He needs a “CLEAR & READABLE COPY” of his birth certificate for the APPLICATION FOR ABROAD-(passport) as soon as possible. Hope you can fix immediately if possible on Monday Nov.17,2014 . How much is the cost regarding this matter?

    Thank you

  • ivy says:

    Good day!

    It would be great help if you can help me. My mom was born in a very remote place in the mountain province, her birth certificate was filed a month before she was born by her mother (but we are not even sure by who really). Here middle and first name are both wrong, my dad needs to get it fixed because he is trying to apply for residence status in the philippines. It is too hard to get to my moms original place of birth because it is very dangerous and the municipal there is already asking 25 thousand pesos from us.(is there a basis for this). Is there any other way to fix it without risking our lives to get there? Can the fact that someone made the delayed birth certificate without first consulting other documents with the name my mother is using be a way to make this easier.

    Hopefully you can reply and help me our.
    Thank you very much
    Stay safe.

  • dan says:


    yng B-Cirtificate ko walang lastname ng father ko ang nklagay lng yng lastname ng mother q dn sa lastname sa B-Cirtificate ko. kya ang prob. ay imbis last name ng father q nklagay sa mother ko.. tapos wla pa akong middle name? sino b pdeng 2molong sakn /

    pls. reply me thanks..

  • Jane David says:

    Hi ask q lang po pano poh ba mag apply late registered kc po ala po record mother q ng bc sa nso 61 na po mother q anuanu poh ba dapat gawin???tnx hope n masagot nio po

  • she says:

    Hi. Im so very pissed regarding this issue all my life
    Im using sherilyn because it based on my ctc bc but
    When i get nso for my passport i suprise its wrong spelling
    i ask why we need to pay fees if im not responsible for
    These error it super hassel to much irritate and there solution
    Go to municipal that where i was born.. super invoniece
    I was born in province and super big problem to me.
    Super dissapointed to there service

  • Edison Sagadraca says:

    My is Edison Caraggayan Sagadraca but sa NSO ko po Edison Caraggayan lang po. I have no surname. How can i fix this? Help me please.

  • joy says:

    hi po I’m Joy regarding sa nso birth certificate puwede ko po ba ipatanggal ang nakatatak na late registration sa nso ko?

  • joan says:

    Ang problem po ng brother ko is, year of birth po nya sa birthh certificate ..ang ginagamit po nya sa mga documents nya since birth ay March 15,1979 . Pero nung kumuha po kami ng copy ng BC nya sa NSO ang naka record po ay MARCH 15,1986 . Kumuha na rin po ako ng baptismal certificate nya march 15,1979 po ang naka record .Paano po namin ma correct ang BC, kung susundin po kasi yung nasa NSO lalabas na sya pinakabata saamin magkakapatid sya po ang panganay sa 5 po magkakapatid.At paano po ang gagawin namin .paano po ang proseso date of birth in NSO record was 3-15-1986 ..dapat po 3-15-1979.

  • JEMILYN says:

    good day! paano po ba process sa pag cocorrect ng middle name? ksi po ung sakin sa BC ko nkalagay ORDUNIA pero the correct spelling po tlga is ODRUNIA paano po kya un? pahelp nman po ksi di ako makakuha ng passport.salamat po.

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