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NSO Case Lawyers: How to Correct Wrong Spelling Typographical Clerical Error NSO Records

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Have you been having problems in wrong spelling of your name with your NSO birth certificate and other NSO documents? Are you looking on how to correct clerical or typographical errors of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR and other NSO documents? If this is your case, you might just need the services of a NSO lawyer. They are the ones who knows how to deal with the corrections of these types of problems so you could get your document right.

According to the NSO website, here is what you should do with this case on hand for your records:

Your case requires special handling, and the proper correction procedure involves the filing of an application for a Supplemental Report at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where your birth was registered. For more details, please refer to Question No. 2 under the COURT DECREES AND LEGAL INSTRUMENTS (CDLIs)/RA 9048/RA 9255 portion of the e-Census FAQ

Question No. 2 States That:

In order to supply the missing entry in your birth record, you have to file an application for a Supplemental Report at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO), where your birth was registered. You may have to bring supporting documents, e.g., baptismal certificate, school records, etc., as these may be required in filing the application for supplemental report. The LCRO will then be submitting a copy of the Supplemental Report to NSO, along with the civil registry documents they regularly transmit to the agency.

This procedure also applies for birth records with “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” written as the first name for births that occurred until 1992. For the years thereafter, 1993 to the current year, correction must be done through RA 9048 (Clerical Error Law).


165 Responses to “NSO Case Lawyers: How to Correct Wrong Spelling Typographical Clerical Error NSO Records”

  • emie madriñan says:

    where can contact the NSO case lawyer?i just wanna know to do something for my birth?thnx

  • joy mejia says:

    i have a problem about my birth certificate the sex written is male and i’m a female what will i do about that

  • AYA says:

    want to know, where can contact the NSO CASE LAWYER (davao city area)?
    coz i jaz wanna know to do something for the BC of my daughter…….
    hope 2 hear ur reply soon….

  • emz says:

    how much will i pay for the two letters typographical error?

  • Bernard Kennedy C. Igup says:

    Sir/Madam i just have to ask how long it will takes to fix Typographical Clerical Error of my NSO Records? My LCR is ok already, already have the Supplemental Report about my Gender, it’s already one(1) month when we forwarded to NSO, until now when i get the copy of my Birth Certificate, my gender is still blank & no supplemental report. Can you help me Sir/Madam because i need it urgently for me to get my passport to work abroad and the Company is chasing me with my passport. Thanks Sir/Madam hope you can help me with this. Thanks & more power.

  • nilo says:

    sir,mam,how can i correct the surname on my passport ? i am here already in kuwait. the problem is that the surname is not complete.(ex. DE LEON) the DE is not included in my passport. PLS,TELL ME WHAT TO DO.thank u and GOD BLESS….

  • Ricci Valdez says:

    guys, contact my lawyer, sha naghandle ng case naming magkapatid, saakin, gender error, sa kapatid ko, wrong spelling. paki sabi, nakuha nyo sa akin ang email address nya. Godbless!

  • enrique genson says:

    my wife’s name is mispelled from “girlie to gerlie” in my son’s birth certificate.. how can we correct it?

  • Jenelyn says:

    where can contact the NSO case lawyer?i just wanna know to do something for my birth name its just typo error for my surname.

  • HMA says:

    Good Day!
    I live in Norther Luzon but I was born in Davao City. My name in my BC was also misspelt by one letter only. What is the proper way to handle this? Do I need to go directly to the City Civil Registrar’s Office to fix this or can I fix this in our LCRO? Which one is the fastest way? What is the normal waiting time for this and how much does it cost to fix this?

    Do I still need the service of a NSO Case Lawyer?


  • roberto c. canhe says:

    Good day!

    I just want to ask about the BC of my son. there is no middle name in his bc. what are the requirements i will bring? how long it will take? thank you.

  • ronabel tumbokon says:

    good day..i have a problem on my birth certificate?my surname is wrong spelling..ronabel tumbokon instead of ronabel tombokon..what will i do? thank you..i need your response..

  • Help Me says:

    papaayus ko lang sana birthcert ko. kailangan ko ng timely birthcert na tama lahat ang nakalagay sa mga pangalan ko at parent ko. May mga mali kasi sa spelling.Help me naman ano gagawin ko?

  • Bert T. LIra says:

    I was having problem with the berth certificate when I got a copy to NSO there is no name indicated but registered as Berting Tejero Lira, But I was using Bert Tejero Lira for my document since I was child. My SSS, pag-ibig and transcrip of records shows Bert as name. what will I gonna do for me to correct it as Bert Tejero Lira? I was hoping for your reply and thank you very much for your help.

  • alma says:

    i have problem w/my BC, misspelling of my surname including my father surname, it written by GUITERREZ instead of GUTIERREZ, i went to our local civil register before and they scheduled me a year to go back, pero hndi ko na naasikaso.. this happend 6yrs ago.. now im planning to get a passport kaya gusto ko n mapaayos BC ko ,, how will i start again?? pls help me.. thnx..

  • rose says:

    Hello, bali nasa US po ako ngayon, at bali i got married po ako dito at e- petition po ako nang asawa ko. ang problema ko po is my birth cert. bali nag apply po ako dati sa nso manila and wala po akung records doon dahil sabi nila all the files of that years was distroyed. I just found out na pina late registered po ako nang kamag anak ko noong 1978 and mali po ang aking date of birth and place of birth.paano ko po ba ipa correct ito dahil ang nasa passport ko po is 1972 which is my correct date of birth and ang nasa late registered po is 1970 and my place of birth also is wrong. pls help me I really appreciate it. thank you so much.

  • jiamie says:

    i have a problem kasi yun year of birth ko na ginagamit ngaun ay mali sa birth certificate ko at ang spelling ng name ko ano kaya nag dapat kong gawin?

  • nanz says:

    My problem is this, im working here now in abroad when i first request my nso birth cert for my pasporting requirements it was correct date birth may 31, but now i need to request again a copy of nso birt cert, and my relative request this for me, but when the copy received it was not my date of birth , june 30, how this happend? please help me anyone there to answer my question so i can do an action to get my real nso date of birth,

  • cecil blastique says:

    i have a problem about my NSO birth certificate the sex written is male and i’m a female what will i do about that

  • Fedriel P. Abag says:


    I was having a problem regarding my birthcertificate,my middle name was incorrect it was FEDRIEL FESTIJO ABAG but it must be PESTIJO.i went to our local registry and they processed it transfer to lipa nso but the lipa nso feedback in our local registry then our local registry submitted again last july 1,2010 in lipa question is when it will process and send back to me correctly?i paid the said amount correctly and i expect the result urgent because i will need it in my examination this coming aug.15.
    I”m hoping that my request will be grant as soon as possible. Thank you for your kindness..

  • Fedriel P. Abag says:



  • vanessa says:

    is it possible to correct the name in just a short span of time?

  • vanessa says:

    i already inquired on our local civil registry office regarding correcting the name..My name was actually misspelled..on my mom’s copy, it was “Vanessa” but on the registrar’s record, it was Vanissa.. It was not noticed even before I got married..Recently, I ask for NSO copy of my birth certificate and it was found out that my name is not spelled right..All my important documents are actually spelled “Vanessa”..When I inquired how to correct this, there are many supporting documents needed and I have to pay P1,300.00 for the 1 letter error and P200.00 for the processing fee and it will take 3 to 6 months..Takes a lot of time, effort and money to correct the error that was made by registrar’s clerk…

  • cherrie says:

    i have the same problem and sick of doing things na hindi ko naman original BC is correct tas nung kumuha ako ng NSO mali na. kaninis lng kse hassle sa taong involve na hindi naman nya kasalan na mali spelling ng name nya sa BC. kung sana ay yung mga Govt employees inaayos ang trabaho nila d sana tayo ganito.and to think that it involves money para lng strue that there are a lot of babies being born everyday and minsan sa hospital palang may mali na sa encoding.its also our duty to correct it from the start and from where or who is at fault but for those na maayos since birth and saka lng na discover when you get your ‘NSO SECPA’ na ewan kung baket may ganyan pa.i have my old original and certified true copy BC. sana ok na yun if you’ll get a passport kaya lng ang daming keme ng Govt natin.oo nga naman to counter FRAUD. but its still a hassle if your working and not have time to do this stuff. kainis lng! sentiments ko lng to guys.. until now hindi ko pa weekday day off kmi.for those who had it corrected.pls help..

  • Tess says:

    I need help kc. Both my kids mali birth crtfcate nila. My son female nkalgay tapos mali last name dpat ariba naging arriva so dalawa na mali. My daughter may date of marriage which I never been married before at Mali rin last name Nila.

    Paano ko maayos Ito how much kaya bayad paayos. I need an atty. At Kung miron saan office sa manila at phonenumber nyo?

    How many months process and fees?

    Email me at

    I need help asap


  • Mar says:

    I just want to ask if what are the requirements in filling a correction on surname of marriage contract and surname on childs surname?


    …i have also error on my birth date….my correct birth year is 1972…but on my late registration is 1970…and i already have authenticated BC na 1970 …
    …please help me din po about this errors… coz i know in the future it might cause problems …

  • MYRNA R. DE VILLA says:

    I have a problem about my NSO birth certificate the sex written is male and i’m a female what will i do about that

  • Rosario Caballero says:

    Good day sir/madam! just want to know what are the process of changing name, how much will I spend and how long it will take… I reside here in manila and I was born in Ilo-Ilo!

  • emz says:

    ask ko lang po sana what are the requirements in filling a correction on first name of my mother marriage contract?and also iba rin po ang name ng mother ko sa NSO birth certificate nya? ang name ng mother ko sa marriage contract eh ”CARNACION” ang name nmn nya sa birth certificate nya is “CARMENACION” wat po dpat gawin need ko po kc ang marriage contract nila ng father ko for requirements abroad…waiting for your reply..thanks po….

  • rowena c. ligaray says:

    dear sir want to know what happen to my application for change name. from rowena catucte to rowena cotacte . thats last year pa. pls. paki follow up.

  • emkei says:

    I have two inquiries:

    1. Mali ung entry ng name ng brother ko sa birth certificate nya sa NSO. Ung first name nya naging surname tas ung surname naging first name, since official document cia kahit gamitin ang common sense don mali pa rin cia. Sobrang trouble na to sa brother ko kasi hindi cia makakuha ng passport to work abroad. Inilapit namin sa cityhall andaming hinihingi na papers nso certificates at school records. Ano po ba ung tamang procedure?

    2. Ung SECPA copy po ba eh considered na NSO authenticated birth certificate if Civil Registry ang nag issue? ( sorry po lost ako dito). Ung NSO authenticated birth certificate ko states a wrong birth month, ung SECPA birth certificate ko ung tama. Paano po ba papalitan un? Ulit po, Ung SECPA copy po ba eh considered na NSO authenticated birth certificate if Civil Registry ang nag issue? please pa reply po kahit sa email .. salamat!

  • Kelly says:

    I just got a copy of my NSO Birth Certificate. To my surprise, the gender indicated in my copy is wrong, instead of female (F), it say’s there I’m a male (M).
    I went to the local civil registration office to find out what happened and they told us that my municipal birth certificate was flooded and so, the copy is not available anymore and that the only option we have is to file or seek for a court order.
    Years ago, my father was able to secure a copy of my municipal birth certificate right there in the local civil registration office and it’s indicated in the copy that I am a Female.
    I need your advise because I don’t think it’s my fault, and they should be responsible for this. I am soon to have a job and I don’t want this case to hinder me from helping my family. Thank you in advance for the help.

    • Philippines Review says:


      dumadaan pa po sa hearing ang pagpapabago ng mga NSO documents at magfile pa po kayo ng papers with the use of a lawyer. Best thing po for you to do is to ask a lawyer about this matter for court decree.

  • Mayette Martizano says:


  • shery says:

    gud day ask ko po sana kung where to contact NSO lawyers? i just want to change the surname of my child…

  • shery says:

    and how much will be the possible charge to use NSO lawyers?

  • Jinky Oliveros says:

    I had a problem regarding my birth certificate, my gender is male instead of female. Sa san jose mindoro pa ako pinanganak at naka register. Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin if ever mag aaply ako for passport?

  • Jenny says:

    Need to get the number of NSO lawywer who can help correct typo error in my fiancee’s birth certificate. His dad’s name was incorrectly encoded. We encountered problem in submitting requirment for our marriage certificate because of this. I would appreciate your response on this.

  • olivia says:

    hi,pwede po ba makuha ang number ng nso lawyer na pwede pong tawagan,?kasi me clerical error po sa birth certificate ko ngaun ang problema po ala rin makuhang record ng birth certificte ng tatay ko.ano po ba maganda gawin??

  • Rodina Dujali says:

    Gud Day,Hi,im just asking how to change my gender,im female and in my birth male.Me and my fiancee deciding to get married soon.Hope you can help me this problem.How i can get NSO lawyer?,how much i will pay for it?,how to contact them?.I was born in Samar and i live now in Rizal.Im hoping your response in this matter.
    Thank you so much!

  • bernadette ramos says:

    Hi there people!!! Please….. help need where to contact an NSO lawyer? I have also problem with my BC, NSO could not release a copy of it. Have to contact an expert to help us all with our problems. Hope somebody knows one.
    Tnx a lot waiting to hear a response.

  • cristine says:

    gud am…last month kumuha po ako ng BC ng pamangkin to apply for his passport at nakita ko po na mali spelling ng Middle Initial nya, at the same time un BC rin ng kapatid ko po na ina nya may problema Birthdate ang mali it should be DEC.12 but nakalagay sa Bc ay Jan.2. lahat po ng documents nya ay Dec.12 ang ginagamit. Ano po mga dapat gawin para ma-itama ang dalawang problema at magkano po magatos? Maraming salamat po.GOD bless

  • regie manalo barluado says:

    i just want to ask about my problem with my birthcertificate.the gender typed by the midwife in my birth certificate is male instead of female… I just want to ask how much will i pay f i want to correct my gender?

  • manuel says:

    Magandang araw po, nais ko lang itanong kung anung dapat ko gawin dahil yung BC ko may sulat ng ballpen at ayaw tanggapin sa SSS dahil altered daw po.. pagkuha ko naman sa NSO ng certified true copy ganun din po.. nakalagay kasi NALUS sa halip na NALOS tapos ang ginawa po itinama sa pamamagitan ng pagsulat gamit lamang ang ballpen ginawang “O” ung letter U pero ballepen ang ginamit.. panu ko po ba maiwawasto ito? sana matulungan nyo po ako at masagot ang aking katanungan..

    Maraming Salamat Po….!

  • efudima ochea says:

    good pm! i had the problem of the birth certificate of my 2 daughters. kasi po yong date of marriage po ay mali instead of feb.17,2001 ang nakalagay po ay june 23, 1996. how should i do to correct that error. i need a help because i am applying a job in aboard. hope to hear you soon…

  • airam says:

    Hi po…I just want to ask the requirements and procedure of changing my son family name.He’s using his father’s family name since birth but were not living together.i want my son to use my family name…pls reply,i need your advise….thanks

  • Bebelyn Lumaino says:

    Hi im bebelyn lumaino..i just want to ask these following question. because i have a big problem of my birth

    1. I just want to ask what are the following requirements to be submitted when you are trying to correct your gender since im a female but my nso birth crtf. was male.

    2. and what are the needed documents when i want to correct the spelling of my last name..because im using my last name as lumaino but the spelling was put in my nso was what are the following to documents to be needed.

    hope you can reply my message..i need your advise…thank you so much and godbless you..

  • Marizol says:

    Hi I’m Marizol. I have a problem with the Advisory of Marriages that was sent to me
    NSO said there is one record that says My name and my Husband’s name being married on certian date. All are correct except my “MAIDEN MIDDLE INITIAL” On Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate, is clearly says “FELICES” is my maiden middle name but NSO recorded my middle initial as “E”. This is very dissapointing for me because I only have few days to complete my requirements. Teleserve said it will take 1-2 weeks to process correct doc. I cannot imagine I will be the one to suffer on this mistake. I hope anyone here can help me. Thank you

  • LORENDA says:

    gud pm…ask ko lang po kung ang case kong ito ay under ng clerical error…

    ang record ko sa local registrar, baptismal certificate, sss, philhealth, tor ay june 14, 1982..

    dis month kumukuha ako ng passport dito sa batangas, kelangan daw ang birth certificate galing nso, kaya kumuha ako dun sa lipa…kaya lang ng kuhanin ko ito june 12, 1982 ang andun…hindi ako nakakuha kc iba ang magiging record ko. yung galing nso, pero ang general kong ginagamit ay yung june 14, 1982 mula ng ipanganak ako. kc hindi pa namn uso noon ang nso kapag mag eenrol unlike ngayon….puro galing lang local registrar…

    nagpunta ako local registrar at ang sbi need ko daw ipa court hiring…i need 18k para maprocess…ndi ko kaya ang ganong kalaking halaga kc wala ako nun..

    ask ko lang kung ano dapat gawin? dapat ba talaga ako ang mag suffer dun, hindi naman ako ang nag kamali…

    sana matulungan ninyo ako sa malaki kong problema…

    maraming salamat at may ganitong website..malaking tulong ito para sa akin at para sa iba pang nangangailangan ng tulong ninyo

  • Diana says:

    good day! I had a problem with my birth certificate a long time ago,
    I noticed that My middle initial is not written and the mother’s name and
    the attending physician is the same! Is it still possible to fix this documentary errors.

    Thank you!

  • maricar morillo says:

    where can i contact NSO case lawyer? i want to correct my middle name from delfiero to del fierro because im expected to give birth this feb 2011 . the sss requires me to correct my middle name before i submit my mat 1.. it is possible that i can correct my birth certificate in short time?

  • jun says:

    how long will it take to have our marriage certificate be corrected? Wala po kc Jr. sa name ko pra sa marriage certificate namin. pwede po ba ma expedite? kailangan na po kc namin.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Christian says:


    Just want to know coz I have problem with my birth certificate. There was a discrepancy of sex, instead of Male it became Female. How can i fix this matter? Is there anything that I can do for my birth certificate without paying too much? Please let me know. Really appreciate your quick response.

    Thank you very much…

  • leodardo villegas says:

    Year 1980 i got my birth cert. from LCR . my birth record was jan. 1, 1951 as appeared on my passport. Year 2005 I got my birth cert. from NSO and I found out that my birth record was Jan. 1, 1950. I checked it on LCR then they found out that they have 2 records of my birthdate .Sir/madam How can this error be corrected?

  • juvy says:

    good day …. I would like to inquire about the correction of entries of my marriage certificate and passport in particular of the birth year. I’m here working in kuwait right now.I ask a copy of my b/c found out that it was register 1974 while ive been using 1973 for long time.I already seek an attorney with this matter but they advised that i should follow what the registry records has.What will be the best thing to do to correct this conflict in my documents? and how long it will take time to change the records and what are the necessarry documents should i send to my sister because she’s the one who is processing all my documents there in the Philippiness.
    thank you and pls. reply asap,

  • Maricel Felimon says:

    Good day po, tanong ko lang po if ano po ung mga requirements kapag magpapacorrect po ng 2 letters sa familyn name ng asawa ko dun sa B.C. ng anak ko. nagkabaliktad po kz…at magkano po ung gagastusin q..tnx & God bless

  • evron ver says:

    hay naku, mga tanga lang kasi mga nagrerecord ng mga files sa mga ospital, pati sa munisipyo na din. type lang ng type sa computer/makinilya nila ng di ginagamitang utak! di muna itsek kung ano information sa birth certificate, babasahin lang nman din dun. tapos tayong mga namaling pangalan ang magsuffer. di nmn sila tulong kundi mangulekta ng pera. tapos kaw din magprocess sa NSO main sa maynila. ke bagal pa nman ng processing ng mga yan. wait k ng ilang weeks tapos wala pang results pag follow-up mo. minsan iniisip ko na modus operandi din yan gobyerno pra makalikom ng pondo! what do you think guys? sistema talaga! sucks!!!!! pusang gala! pera pera na lang labanan dito sa pinas e. hilig sa padulas. madulas sana mga yan til mamatay sila.

  • katrinang iyamot says:

    correct evron ver: hay nko isa yan sa skit sa ulo ko kung paano ko aayusin. wala man lng reply sa mga taong ng tatanong kung aayusin ang mga typographical errors sa live birth. Nkaka imbyernang mga taga munisipyo ang my kasalanan yan. Mga Peste kyo mga empleyado ng Rosario Cavite Municipal Office. Malinaw na Malinaw daw na isinulat ng nanay ko ung Full Name ko. Pero mali ang naisubmitt ng munisipyo sa NSO peste di tuloy ako mkpag abroad plus abala pa at pera ang uubusin mo. Abala talaga. nkakakunsumi kyo. Mga Bobo tlga ang ngkakamali ng pg forward sa NSO dapat gumawa ng batas ng mgmulta at makulong ang mga ngakakamali sa pg ttype sa mga Birth Certificate. Hay mga hinayupak tlaga.

  • Dave Ofracio says:

    Gud Day! Ask ko po sana kung paano ang mga procedures para i-correct ang wrong spelling (clerical/Typographical error) na nasa birth certificate ko???
    reply po sana kayo….

  • fevzsbet says:

    paano ko mabago yung name ko sa birth certificate ng anak ko e wrong spelling ang name ko don

  • maricel macabingkil says:

    dear sir/madam;

    paano ko mababago ang famely name nang papa ko wrong spelling kase from makabingquil to macabingkil at tyaka yong birthday nya from april 15,1958 to sept.15 1957.thank you..

  • Shirley Planas says:

    Ask ko lang where can I find the NSO Case Lawyer may ask lng bout s birth certificate.. tnx.. gud day..

  • Irene Jangao says:

    Hello good day po..i jUst want to ask po kong ano po yong gagawin ko..kasi po sa marriage contract namin eh mali po yong apiliyido.. nagka change po yong middle name ko at yong surname ko..peno po ba yon?hindi po ako pwede maging beneficiary ng asawa ko kasi kelangan po nila ng marriage contract… e kaso mali nga!..



  • Eloisa Mendoza Kiseleva says:

    Hi Sir regarding in spouse surname, He is Russian citizen, they different ruling about surnames MALE (KISELEV) FEMALE ( KISELEVA), When I applied for passport, they told they follow what is written in MC which is his last name Kiselev,. Please what will I do, Pls since it affects all my document at the moment.
    Many thanks,

  • marilou says:

    hi sir paano ko po mapapaayos ang marriage contract ,mali po yung sa birthdate ko instead na feb.21naging feb.22 so papaano po ang gagawin?at how much po gastos ko?at requirement din ba yan pag nag aaplly ka abroad?tnx

  • meldy says:

    dear sir/mam
    gusto ko lang malaman kung pano ayusin ang birthcertificate ko mali kasi ang spell ng last at middle name ko eh……paano po ba ga2win?

    i need a reply plz…salamat po

  • Ferdie says:

    Good day !!! Ang problema ko ay tungkol sa Marriage Certificate namin. Dahil Mali po ang spelling nang surname nang aking asawa sa pagka dalaga, at pati na rin po ang kanyang middle initial. Ikinasal kami sa San Pablo,Laguna. Sa ngayon ay nasa Cebu kami nakatira. Ang tanong ko po ay, kung puede bang dito sa Cebu ko e process o file ang correction para sa Marriage certificate namin? At kung gaano ka tagal ang processing. Can you please advice me on what to do best. Cause i really need it the shortest time if possible. Thank You very much. I’ll be waiting for your reply.

  • rowena r.mardicas says:

    good marriage contract had mispelled “MARDIGAS INSTEAD OF MARDICAS” how can i correct it.i had a problem in getting passport.please help.i dnt know what to do.

  • lovelyn villa says:

    hi sir gud evening po itatanong ko lang po kung paano ko po malalaman na nakaregister na po sa NSO ang aming marriage certificate?anong website ko po pede makita?salamat po..

  • lovelyn villa says:

    november 22,2008 po kmi kinasal sa munisipal po ng baras rizal?

  • J. Schwantje says:

    Dear Sir, Madame,

    my philipine girfriend and I want to marry in Germany and in her birth certificate is only ONE LETTER in her middle name wrong.
    Is it needed to change this for the visum?
    Thanks for your answer!

  • Leann says:

    Hi Ma’m/Sir

    Just want to know coz I have problem with my birth certificate. There was a discrepancy of sex, instead of female it became male. How can i fix this matter? Is there anything that I can do for my birth certificate without paying too much? Please let me know. Really appreciate your quick response. pls. answer in my email.

    Thank you very much…

  • richel dario says:

    ask ko lang po kung pano ang dapat gawin sa birth cert ng anak ko…mali po kasi ung apelyido ko na nakalagay sa informant ng bata..dapat kasi ay yung lakandula nya ay K ang nangyari C ung nakalagay bale lacandula..apelyido po un ng mother nya..ano po kaya ung dapat gawin dun at pano po ang gagawin..thanks po

  • Geradine says:

    Hi! nagbabalak sana kami mag pakasal ng boyfriend ko kaso we found out na mali pala ang middle initial nya sa NSO copy, pero sa Original Birth Certificate nya tama naman ang middle initial nya, atrasado ang kasal because of this. ang mahirap pa nito sa Daram Samar pa sya pinanganak at naka register,eh sa Pampanga kami ngayon nakatira , advise sa amin ng NSO employee na pumunta kami sa (LCR) Local Civil Registry kung saan sya naka-rehistro. ngayon doble ang gastos kung doon pa aayusin, pwede bang thru online nalang? if meron paano?

    Clerical Error na ba ang tawag doon? kasi ang brother ko surname naman ang mali sa kanya wrong spelling ang nakalagay sa Original and NSO copy nya. nag bayad ako ng 1,300 for clerical error then, may mga requirement/s pa na pina kuha sa akin, Cedula Php 5, Diploma ko nung H.S,Birth certificate ko, Birth certificate ng Brother ko, Baptismal ng kapatid ko, pati iyong NSO Php125 copy kailangan din kahit mali. tapos pa photocopy mo lahat iyon pati resibo ng Php1300 para sa Clerical Error. then mag wait ka ng 3 months pero bumalik ako doon after 3 months wala parin, ang dahilan dami meetings nung pipirma ng papers ng kapatid ko, nag follow din ako thru phone ganun din, inabot siguro ng Seven months pag katapos nakuha ko na, printed name ng kapatid ko na nakasulat tinatama ang pangalan nya un lang, makukuha ko daw ang copy ng NSO Birthcertificate nya sa Manila pa hay! e from Pampanga pa ako patay talaga ang bulsa ko nito, then pumuta ako ng Manila dala-dala ko iyong mga dating requirement/s ko tsaka iyong Binigay sa akin ng LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY then syempre pamasahe pa sa Bus papunta at pauwi,Php110 Ordinary lang, FX, papunta pabalik Php40 Papunta ng NSO, tapos pag dating ng NSO may bayad ulit para sa NSO copy Php140 ata iyon, tapos 1 week pa bago ang release nun, huh?! Pamasahe nanaman nyan next week ganoon ang EKSENA ko hehe… finally nakuha ko naman sa tagal at dami ng efforts ko nagawa and syempre naitama narin surname ng kapatid ko.

    ganito rin kaya katagal ang hihintayin ko bago ako makasal?bukod pa dito ang layo ng Place nila From Region 3 to Region 8.

    I needs some advise….thank’s! +639292195712/+639166365245

  • noel says:

    good day,

    just want to know how long it will take the processing to correct the wrong letter or typographical error in birth certificate. tnx

  • ronaldo lopez says:

    ask ko lang po kung may circular na po tungkol po sa pagamit ng apelyedo ng isang single mother, na gagamitin nya yung apilido ng mother nya? or insertion of maiden name of her mother sana po matu;lungan nyo ko.

  • charmaine valino says:

    paano po ba palitan ang name ko na charmaine to charline?

  • mary anne says:

    i just want to ask about the change name, because my mothers name that she is using is Dolores but on her birth certificate that we get in the national statistics office is under the name of Dolora . what should we do i hope to hear from you

  • danilo s. padrigano says:

    pls kindly or request 1 cpy each birth cetificate name below



  • genevieve o.cutab says:

    kindly ask po about my birth certificate…IN MY BIRTH certificate my mother’s middle is incorrect…instead LA VICTORIA,naging VICTORIA,ao dapat ko gawin…its that a big problem?
    or do i need lawyer?

  • bAin0t laubAn says:

    ask k lng po kng how long ang pag pROcesS ng BC na may r0rrection of entry. Na submit sa Nso manila how long naman bAgo k mkuha result dun. Pls! I nid emmediate ans. 4 my board dis july.

  • bAin0t laubAn says:

    pag nasubmit na po sa manila ung judicial ordr how long it takes naman po para mkuha ang result sa manila, any1 enc0unter ths? Kelangan ko kc 4 board, dis july nle pls!

  • Darlene says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Could you please advise any lawyer na makakatulong sa problem ko in regards to correction of my birth certifcate at sundin ang current na ginagamit ko. I do highly appreciate your advice.

    regards po

  • louie jean angeles says:

    hi..may problema po kase yung spelling sa surname and middle name ko on my birth certificate then andito napo ako sa rizal and pinanganak po ako sa bicol..kelangan ko pa po ba bumalik ng bicol to fix it? o baka po may iba pang option na pwede kong gawin.. para po hindi na kinailangang bumalik sa bicol.. thank you po and i’m hoping for your advice..

  • annoyed says:

    I was having a problem with my birth certificate it supposed to male it becomes female,
    i went to NSO about it and they suggested me to get a lawyer,and guess what?they ask me 50 thousand pesos for the mistake that i haven’t did,the mistake that made by the stupid civil registrar,or the corrupt government in the Philippines,it made me think sometimes that they done it in purpose to make money,its sucks eh,i supposed to fly to abroad asap,but it was ruin and everything was delayed,they should make there jobs correctly if they cant even do it,they shouldn’t be there working,and maybe they should work in the mall as a sales lady,not in the government office,one mistake ruin everything,anyways my case on going and i should get my correct birh certificate soon,it doesnt matte about me as i can pay for the lawyer but how about those other people,??i dont trust philippines government at all,thats why we been always look down by other country,anyways we deserve it though,,,,

  • Janet Gauran Cortes says:

    i have a problem with my nso . writter is male instead of female on my sex and my middle name is yococo instead of yucoco. Since elementary til i graduated in college I used the old birth certificate issued by our cicil registar in our town. They said there was a correction made on my old birth certificate. I don”t know who made it since they are the one who fill up the forms when i requested for my birth certificate since elementary. Can i file for late registration? That was made on my brother birth certiifcate when his birth date is different from the one issued by NSO now

  • marisa costanilla says:

    magkano po mababayaran kapag nso lawyer ang kukunin sa pag ayos sa correction sa spelling birth certificate.thanks po

  • Neth says:

    Hi! There is a typographical error on my NSO BC which my last name appears as Villaniel suppose to be Villamil. How I can fix it? Please help me coz I really need to fix my BC asap. Thanks!

  • rina says:

    To whome it mya concern,


    i was having a problem with my birth certificate i found out that my first name was not written in my birth certificate..only my last name and middle name..i just want to know what will be the procedure or process to correct and arrange it…ill wait for your immediate reply….

    thank you so much..

  • rosalyn malicsi says:

    pano po ba mag-pacorrect ng BC?marami po kasing mali ang BC ko.tnx

    • Philippines Review says:

      The guide is already posted in this article. I wonder why you still ask how to correct birth certificate errors? Please read carefully because if you don’t, then nothing else might help you. Thank you for visiting our blog. If you don’t find anything you need here, please feel free to visit our NSO category in the sidebar.

  • carol says:

    how and where can i contact an nso lawyer for a correction on my daughter’s name?
    and how much would be the fee? thank you so much

  • carol says:

    where and how can i get in touch with an nso lawyer? how much would be the fee if there’s any? thank you so much..

  • Ruby says:

    i am a permanent resident
    here in Florida and i am planning to petition my mother to apply for a visitor’s visa to visit us here in florida, so we need to get her a passport. while in the process of applying for the passport her marriage license was noted to have several errors. my father’s last name was misspelled and their resspective addresses were interchanged. so we were advised to visit the local registrar and have them fixed. the representative from the local registrar’s office said it would be submitted to the main office in manila and it would take sometime to get a reply from them. but such application was way back november of 2010. how long does it take for the correction to be done? we are really very to have that document back so we could
    move on to our next step to get the passport and eventually get the visa. we , know that this is such a long journey for us, so please guide us accordingly. thanks you!

  • Ian De Castro says:

    sir paano ko po mapapaayos ang marriage contract ,mali po yung sa birthdate ko …

  • queenie says:

    regarding my case, my surname is supposed to be ALORO but on my birth crtificate it is RAMOS, which is my middle name. My surname and middle name was exchanged. But eversince, im using QUEENIE JOELLA RAMOS ALORO, which is my true and correct full name. i’m just enclosing my affidavit if needed.. how can i fix my birth certificate? i want my bc to be corrected.

  • danica says:

    pano po ba mapapalitan ang middle name ko sa nso?yung una ko po kasing birth certificate ayos naman po,na ang middle ko sa una hombre pero pagkuha ko sa nso esurana na,na middle name naman yun ng mama ko.sana po malaman ko rin kung mgkano po ang magagastos ko sa pagpapa-ayos.salamat po!!!!!god bless

  • Joy says:

    May tanong lang po ako tungkol sa Marriage contarct namin. Last 2000 nag pa civil marriage po kami, after one week na po nakuha namin ang copy ng Marriage contact. Then we found out na mali pala ang birth of place ko.Ang advice naman po ng civil registrar sa province namin which kung saan na held ang civil namin na kailangan na daw namin kumuha ng attorney for court hearing which money na po ang pag uusapan. Tanong lang po kung may options po ba kami na pweding gawin? Before po kami ma kasal na ipasa ko naman po ang Birth certificate ko which isa sa mga requirements. Hindi ba nila nabasa kung ano ang tama ng birth of place ko? Thanks po.

  • abigail says:

    gudpm po sir madam
    ask ko lang po me big big problem po birth certificate ng asawa ko actually po ung middle name nea …bala po nagkamali po ung maidens name ng nanay nea instead NARCISA RIVERA BANAG E naging NARCISA BANAG RIVERA so un lumitaw po sa nso birth cert ng asawa ko instead na EDWIN BANAG MUNOZ e naging EDWIN RIVERA MUNOZ …all documents nea po sss philhealth tin e tama po na EDWIN BANAG MUNOZ po talaga….ngayon po big problem din po wala po rehistro mga parents nea sa munisipyo at nso pampanga po apakahirap po talaga dumulog naman po kami sa munisipyo ng minalin pampanga napakarami po kailangan na requirments and dapat po all original po from nso ….birth cert ng parents nea 2 birth cert ng kapatid from nso din po nbi tapos humihinge papo sila 2000pesos for processing fee….sana po matulongan neo po kami ang hirap po talaga lalu na ok lahat ng documents ng mga anak namin found out lang po na mali pala ung nso birth cert…need your help po talaga thank you po

  • noemi ramos cortado says:

    i was given nso copy of my birth cert. but it was illegible. napakalabo at di mabasa ang mga entries. nso office in gensan city, so.cotabato told me to apply for a clear copy from nso manila. the copy arrived and the requested copy was still illegible. ako lang po yata ang may problem na ganito. ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

  • Jayve Siasico says:

    Hi, i have a problem about my birth certificate the sex written is male and i’m a female what will i do about that?

    • Rizsell V. Estabillo says:

      hello, good day. i just wan’t some help here about my gender in my birth certificate. I’m a female but in my birth certificate it was male. I have a daughter right now. And i wan’t to get married to my hubby but this is my problem. please help me figure it out. Thank you then. please reply to me as soon as possible.

  • rodel alfaro says:

    i have a friend who has a problem in the gender of her daughter…it appears in NSO certificate that she is a male in the Nso record….what should she do and who will be the contact person or attorney?

  • Evelyn Duatin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,May I ask for assistance pls.My son’s gender in the birth certificate he issued from our Municipal Registrar was FEMALE. How to change his gender?Could you pls help me in what to do and is there any lawyer from NSO I can approach regarding this matter and how much should it cost. Thank you for your immediate reply.

  • lin says:

    good day,sa BC ko po ang birthdate ko ay aug. 12 pero sa ibabaw nito me nakasulat na ballpen na 22 ito ay ang BC na kopya na nakuha ko noon sa mama ko at ang pangalan ng father ko na norberto ay naging berto ito ang palayaw niya,sabi ng mama ko ang komadrona na kapitbahay nila noon ang nag paregister ng BC ko. sa local registrar at nso 12 at berto din ang nakasulat.ang problema ko po ang school transcript ,marriage contract,at lahat ng mga papers ko 22 at norberto ang nakalagay.if ang nso record na lang ang susundin ko paano ko ma change ang mga maling entry sa marriage contract at iba pang mga papeles ko?at magkano naman po ang magasto ko? please i need your help…

  • Leslee H. Asuncion says:

    Good day po, may problem po ako sa BC ko, mali po gender, male po ako, ang nk record po ay female, ano po dapat ko gawin?

  • Airen S. Escobilla says:

    Good day, i`m planning to go abroad soon. Six years ago, i was disappointed to see my birth certificate with a lot of errors in it. I go to NSO to furnish a copy of my birth certificate bringing the correct name, but surprised to know that i have no records on file. Maybe its because i`m bringing my correct name spelling, date of birth, etc. When i requested my birth certificate in my hometown, there are lot of errors in it (surname spelling, date of birth, my mother`s maiden name, etc.) Oh, i don`t know how to start fixing my correct birth certificate records because i`m bringing my correct name with my transcript of record, sss & philhealth. Please help me fix it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

  • eva samson hipolito says:

    dalawa po ang entry ng middle initial ng mother ko, pano kopo ito mababago?

  • Jen says:

    Hi, I am a single parent. In my daughter’s BC, i included my middle name as her middle name as well. It was learned that if you are a sinlgle parent and the child followed the mother’s last name, the middle name should be left blank. How can I have the middle name in my daughter’s BC be removed? What is the process? How much would it cost? Thank you and hoping for a reply on my inquiry since I will be needing the correct BC of my daughter when I apply for her passport this August.

  • karen says:

    hello po pwede po ba ako mag request ng best visible copy ng birth certificate ko malabo po kc thanks…

  • claire says:

    good day po. ask ko lng po if pano gagawin kc un husband ko eh foreigner tpos nakita ko po s marriage cert nmin eh Filipino un citizenship nya n nakalagay dun… late ko n po n check n mali pla nun kumuha lng me ng records s NSO pno po p papalitan ng un citizenship nya. sbi po ng friend ko typographical error daw po yun kya lng ayaw po ayusin ng municipal civil registar dito smin ngpresent n po me ng mga supporting documents n ng po prove n un husband ko eh foreigner.. hoping for your quick reply. thanks po.

  • anne says:

    how much will i pay if my gender is incorrect?.im from angeles city,pampanga..

  • crazychixz1990 says:

    ask ko lng po ,ok lang po ba kahit mali ung hometown sa address ko?

    sana po masagutan nio tnx..

  • crazychixz1990 says:

    peo nakalagai sa application form ng address ko clark air base peo ung nlagai n hometown cabanatuan city ,,ok lng po b un?

  • hotmalditah24 says:

    good day poh, my problem poh ako sa last name ng baby ko, sinunod poh kasi sken ung last name so were trying na isunod ito sa last name ng papa nya.. how can I change it? what are the process na kailangan kong gawin.. Thanks!

  • Kenneth says:

    Panu po ggaein sa wrong gender best way at kung magkanu at kung gaano katagal male kasi u BC ko pero u sa NSO ko Female fom Laguna po ako help guys…

  • daisy says:

    hello po.gusto ko pong malaman kung ano po ang dapat gawin sa birth certificate ng brother ko.wrong spelling po ung maiden(middle)name na nakalagay sa birth certificate nya.ESCARMOSA dapat,kaya lng ang nakasulat sa birth certificate nya ay ENCARMOSA…kailangan nya pong kumuha ng passport…magkano po ba ang magagastos sa pagpapaayos ng wrong spell???thank you po..

  • pe shin san d. oclinaria says:

    dear sir/madam,

    where can i possibly do to correct my gender, i am female but my birth certificate is male. and i already asked or consulted to a lawyer.sabi po doon lang po iprocess or file where i was born but the problem is where no longer residing where i was born. im her na po in Cagayan de Oro City and sa Baybay, Leyte po ako pinanganak. worry po ako kasi 2 concern lang ko mahal na po fare going there. can i possibly file here dito sa Cagayn de oro city? plss…help me..

  • apao says:

    nais ko po sana palitan o ibahin kunti ang aking apelyedo dahil dito po kasi palagi ako na bu bullying tinutukso dahil may meaning po kasi may magagawa po ba ako na pwedeng mapalitan or maiba man lang ang aking apelyedo?po ang pag process at paano?salamat po

  • weshin_05 says:

    hi there,

    Is there somebody in here who can help me about the typographical Clerical Error of my gender (it is supposed to be female not male) in my birth certificate,where can i find an NSO lawyer that would help me fix my prob right away..i need to get a passport as soon as possible coz i need to go abroad before this year ends originally from davao city but now staying in it possible that there’s no need for me to go back to my hometown to process my doc. coz it takes a lot of time and money to go back and forth just to process..plzzzzzzz help Any one who know’s something about my prob…you can contact me :

    09166467880 or send me an email @

  • dean says:

    Just a warning. Using a lawyer of any kind may save you time but it won’t save you money. You will pay through the nose for a lawyer as they know all the scams to draw more money out of you.
    The cheapest way is to go to your city hall where the incompetent staff there will likely make further mistakes and may cost you further stress but at least they will eventually get it done. Expect to have to pay twice or even 3 times if they stuff your information up. Expect it as they will likely do that but it will still be cheaper than using a lawyer.

    Then there is the NSO, it’s possible they also will stuff up the process. I can only say that it is likely due to incompetance as well and staff who are bored in their work and don’t give a dam about you or what you need the documents for.

    You will likely have city hall staff blaming NSO and then NSO staff will blame city hall staff. It’s the incompetent way the whole;e country is run. Absolutely don’t take responsibility for anything. No matter what. Ask you current and former presidents.

  • nelvie lacorte says:

    goodmorning po! gusto ko po malaman kung ano po ang dapat kong gawin s mga birth certificates ng mga anak ko, mali po kasi ung isang letter ng middle name ko sa birth certificates nila at magkano po kaya magagastos ko sa pagpapaayos nito?
    sana po may makatulong sakin tungkol dto! tnx po!.

  • Luzviminda Llamas. Araojo says:


    I filed a request for correction of my first name spelling fromLUZBEMINDA to LUZVIMINDA at LCR San Jacinto, Masbate last June 2011. result of my follow-up at that office (LCR San Jacinto, Masbate) shows that said request was forwarded/submitted already to the Legal Division of NSO Central Office in Manila last August 2011, however, until now (as of this writing: October 13, 2011) the confirmation has not returned yet to LCR San Jacinto, Masbate. I am very much in need of it as I am now retiring from the service, please help me. Please help facilitate the immediate confirmation at the Legal Division and the sending of the same to LCR San Jacinto Masbate.

    Thank you so much and more power.

    Luzviminda Flores Llamas-Araojo

  • Gabby says:

    Good Evening!


    My father’s citizenship is FILIPINO (correct). on my original Birth Certificate,
    on my NSO birth certificate copy my father’s citizenship is CHINESE (wrong)

    on Civil Registrar’s Office, I noticed that their copy had a CORRECTION MARKER (typewriter correction marker) on my father’s citizenship and has been overwritten by CHINESE (wrong).

    I just found out today. I know this will cause future problems
    also: I have proofs that my father is a FILIPINO Citizen.

    how could this be possible?
    what are the steps to fix this error?
    will it affect my citizenship?

    Thank you so much sir/ma’am

    Hope to hear from you soon

    “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
    and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
    Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

    More power thank you. God Bless you and your family…

  • Kris Sanorjo Anonuevo says:

    I have also a problem about my gender written on my birth certificate. I am female but the gender written on my birth certificate is male… what will I do for this case? easy way nad affordable lang po.. tnx

  • Raymund Montero says:

    I have a problem with my gender indicated on my birth certificate. I am male but what was written on my birth certificate is female. Can you please advise on how should I go about correcting this matter with the help of an NSO lawyer? Thanks so much for your anticipated reply. Sana po affordable lang ang mga babayaran ko po.

  • jennifer veloria says:

    gandang haon, ask ko lang pano po yong procedure ng pagcocorect ng spelling ng middle name ng brother ko. nagtanong kc yong mama ko sa munisipyo ang hinihingi din yong brith certificate nya which is may mali din don sa maiden name nya.. konek konek na po kasi yong mga typo error. what po kaya procedure na dapat namin gawin?

  • Amalaia Ramona Abuan says:

    Help please. What do I do po to correct my marriage certificate wherein my name “Ramona” is missing? How do I go about correcting this error?

  • vanessa says:

    good day po …my problem po ay ang name ng father ko na nakalagay sa birth certificate ko ay ang nickname niya bert pero sa marriage contract ko ang nakasulat ay norberto ,nadiscover ko po lately lang ng kumuha ako ng nso ng bc ko? makapekto po ba ito if mag-apply po ako ng passport? ano po ang unang hakbang para macoreect ito?

  • wendy says:

    I have found through experience that casting spells really works, the only person who can really affect the outcome, and make it work, is you, believe is your spell and it would work for you, I testify of the this powerful spell caster from Africa he derive are magical powers from the Indian Ocean, he spell made a get different in my life by bring my ex back home. This is the email of his translator because he does not hear English he only speak his local language

  • Jevalyn hora says:

    My problema po ang kapatid ko sa kanyang middle initial imbes n R ay naging N po, pero lahat po ng requirements Nya ay tama nman po lahat mliban LNG sa bc n Mali ang spelling ng middle initial! Merun narin po syang passport at tama nman din po ang nk lagay n middle! Paano po ang gagawin nmin nandito po kami sa japan at nalaman LNG po nmin tong problema dahil kinailangan po ang bc nya dahil sya po ay ikakasal d2 sa japan sa Japanese citizen, thank you po

  • rhea says:

    ask klng po kc ung friend ko may mali po sa name nya ung name po nya n nsa birth nya is maria but she use marea in her school and work document! ngayon po kailangan nyang kumuha ng pasport pero di daw pwede dhil nga wrong spelling any help po what she need to do to fix her name problem?pls pls

  • George A. Simacon jr says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Good day,,ang mali po s birth certificate ko ay yung apilyido koh,,ang gamit ko po ngayun ay,,George A. Simacon Jr,pero nkalagay po s original birth certficate po,,ay george A. SUMACON jr,,ginawa kna po yung procedure kong panu gawin pag nag pa change ng apilyido,,kaso po mabagal po yung local civil registra s probincya nmin,,nag hihinga pah ng pera,,may reply nman po ang nso manila,,pero ndi ko po alam,,kc pag kuha koh ng origal birth certificate ganun prin,,anu po yung gagawin koh,,kailangn kko kc kumuha ng passport,,salamat po,,god bless

  • laarni jean says:

    gud day… nagfile po ako ng correction for clerical error pero malabo n daw po ung birth certifc8 ko kya waiting gno po ktgal ang process nun kc 2 yrs nko nghihintay wla pdin dw. ano po ang dapat n gwin kong aksyon pra mpbilis at mkuha ko n?tnx


    i have a problem po sa pamangkin ko, kc gusto ko siya ikuha ng passport po kaso po may problema ako sa birth certificate niya kc ung birth certificate niya nakalagay is HAZEL CUEN ung gamit lang niya ung sa mama niya na name tapos po ung mga school ids niya from college is hazel cuen patilan soo dito ginagamit na niya ung name ng tatay niya kasi nga po di pa po sila kasal noong panahon nga nagschooling po siya tapos noong college na siya ito na nga po ang problema po kc kapag kumukuha kami ng nso birth certificate niya nakasulat hazel cuen lang tapos may nakalagay sa likod ng affidavit sa likod ng nso niya na hazel cuen and hazel cuen patilan ay iisa po ngayon alin ba dito ang pwede naming sundin ung hazel cuen lang ba or ung hazel cuen patilan pag kukuha na kami ng passport at di ba po ba kami magkaroon ng problema nito kapag kukuha na kami ng passport. sana mabigyan nyo po kami ng payo maraming salamat po

  • eva mary cojotan milo says:

    dear sir madam,
    my mali po sa akinfg birth certificate. ang mali poh ay ung aking middle name instead na cojotan, regacho poh ung nakalagay..nagkabaliktad po kc ung middle name at surname ng nanay ko..ang nkalagay eh avelina cojotan regacho eh ang tama po dun dapat eh avelina regacho cojotan..anu po gagawin ko?????tnx

  • Vinz says:

    Hi I just have a quick question.. How do I fix a clerical or typographical error on my marriage certificate.. It’s only missing a small part of the adress (it’s missing a city and country) and also missing one letter on my religion.. It’s suppose to be Christian but on the marriage certificate it show Christia… It’s missing one letter.. Can someone please message me on how to fix this problem.. Do I have to get a lawyer? Or do I have to go to court? And how much will this problems cost me to be fix?

  • Jeffreylon Segador says:

    Good day po!..
    May mali po kasi sa spelling ng name ko. Sa NSO ko po kasi JEFFRELON yung nakalagay pero ang gamit ko po sa school ay JEFFREYLON.May Y po na nadagdag. Pano ko po ba ipaayos to?.Ano ang mga kinakailangang dokumento para po sa pagsasaayos.Sayang din po kasi yong credentials ko at diploma ko kung d po maiwasto yung spelling ng name ko.Tulungan nyo po ako…Please…Salamat po…

  • carlo says:

    pano ba dapat ko gawin sa nso ko?1986 ako pinanganak pero 1966 yung sa nso.pero lahat ng year na makikita sa birth certificate ko is 1986,naging 1966 lang yung article 1.

  • carlo says:

    is there a possible easy way para mapalitan agad yung year ng b.cert ko?

  • riva says:

    hi,good day my problem is defferent than the my kids birthcertificates my signature is wrong coz instead my family name.i used there father family name in my the way we are not married,but we live together 10 yrs.please help me i dont know what im going to do this problem…..i really appreciated if you can help me about it…..thank you so much.

  • joy says:

    Hello po good day po sir/mam ask ko lng po pano ko po ayusin birthcertificate ko kase po yung midle name ko po Mali initial lng nkalgay Lang hinde po buo c Cruz yan po nklgay dapat po joy cruz Cruz.pano ko po aayusin yan hinde po kase ako mka kuha passport ko.Saka lage po tinatnong yung midle name ko sa apelydo ko e mgakapreho po tlga yan,tulungan nyo nman po ako sa prob ko pra mkakuha ako ng passport ko tnx more power….

  • Edna says:

    Hi, may tanong po ako. Right now, I am applying for US citizenship dito sa San Diego. I was planning to sponsor my mom when I get approve soon. Pero ang spelling ng mother’s maiden nya is Desavelle pero ang ginagamit nya ngayon is Desabille. Tapos ang spelling ng middle name ko is Desavelle so yan nalang ang ginagamit ko ngayon eventhough, yan ang maling spelling, dapat sana is Desabille instead of Desavelle. Can you give some advice on how to change this? or should i use the wrong spelling? pero I already applied for my citizenship here in america and the name on their file is the wrong spelling of my desavelle but my mom’s name on my birth certificate is not the same as the name she’s been using for her whole life. Please advice me. Thanks!

  • joust says:

    gud day….ask ko lng po ung easiest and cheapest way to fix the problem of my sister in NSO b-crtfc8 gender from male to female…..

  • marcuvinn says:

    i was born in toril davao city, davao del sur. but i am living now here in pangasinan since i was 4yo. i wanted to apply for a passport thru municipal civil registry. then they found out that my provincial address was missing so they made a supplemental report and i sent it at davao city municipal civil registry to have it fix. then they found another problem, they could not find the record of my birth certificate at municipal records but my birth certificate is accessable thru nso branches. to fix this nso should supply records to the municipality of davao city, and this process would take 2-3months. is there anyone who have experienced this before? pls help me thru the process or do you have any advice to hasten the speed process. thank you so much.

  • harry sanchez says:

    ask ko lng po panu maayos un cenomar ko ? d pa ko kinasal pero may lumabas na name ng babae pag kakuha ko ng cenomar lhat ng documents ko single. panu un ma void na kinasal daw kme ? anu dapt ko gawin ? thank you.

  • EM says:

    Good day!
    My brother is applying his passport, but the problem is, his middle initial is different, it is mispelled, so how can he procced to have his passport since his middle intial doesn’t match? How can I help him fixing his problem, he is planning to work abroad this year.
    Please I need your immediate response on how to fix this problem.
    Thanks and God bless!

  • Ramil says:

    Hi good day po…
    May mali po sa spelling ng family name ko. Yung nkalagay sa NSO Gabiloria, pero yung ginagamit ko po sa school ay Gaviloria. Pls help me po kung anu po gagawin kailangan ko po kasi sa school credential at pagkuha ng passport…maraming salamat po!

  • halena smith says:

    may passport na po ako kaso kailan ko lang po nalaman na iyong naipasa kong birth certificate ko may mali sa middle initial ng mama ko noong dalaga pa xa. Ano po kaya ang maari kong gawin kasi na release na po passport ko at iyong maling entry sa middle initial ng mama ko ang nasa record ng dfa? paano ko pa po macorrect ang entry ko sa dfa? hawak ko na ang passport ko?

  • myra buenavista says:

    good day, ask ko lang po pwede po ba mag pagawa ng passport , kasi ang mali lang nman sa birth certificate ko ay yung one letter sa middle name ko. kung hindi po pwede ano po ba ang mabilis na proceso sa pag ayos nito.

  • myra buenavista says:

    thank you.

  • Lucille says:

    I am helping my mother in processing her documents for Visa. I’m from Cebu City, Philippines.

    What are the requirements we need to comply in correcting the clerical / typographical error in her “maiden name” marriage Contract?

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    Yours truly,


  • cora says:

    may problema ang anak ko sa birth certificate ng kumuha sya sa NSO apelyido ko parin nung dalaga ako ang nka lagay sa kanya..saan po ito maayos ..salamat po

  • Evie says:

    ask lang po ang name ng nephew ko sa NSO BC ay kate (no Middle Name) Dela torre, dela torre surname ng mother nya pero ang ginagamit nya ay kate dela torre almayda sa school sabi sa school nya dapat daw kate dela torre ang gamitin nya dahil yun daw ang nakalagay sa BC nya yun daw dapat. ask ko lang may nakalagay naman sa remarks/ annotation ng BC nya na acknowledge by father on mar. 13, 2002. alin po ba susundin namin hindi ba sya magkaka problema? alin po ba susundin namin dela torre po ba o almayda? Grade 5 na sya pano po ba yung previous school records nya sa school? need your help please reply ASAP. THank you

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  • Johny sumangayon says:

    Ako po ay isang Unwed Father, nakipag hiwalay po ang aking ka live in nitong taon lng po.. nagkaroon po kami ng anak na lalake at naiparehistro ko po ito sa aking apelyido na alam din ng dati kong ka live in. naparehistro ko ito nang Early Registration sa LCRO ng Old City Hall of Cabanatuan dated 03/12/13.. nakipaghiwalay po sya nitong 05/07/13 after 1 month nabalitaan ko na lng na pinapalitan nya ito ng pangalan, tinanggal ang middlename at pinalitan ng surname na apelyido nya na nklgay, ang payo sa kanya ng taga LCRO Old City Hall of Cabanatuan na pwede daw palitan ito ipa LATE REGISTRATION nya na lang ng di dumadan sa korte at kahit walang consent ko, Ngayon po inaantay na lang ng dati kong ka live in ang NSO ng anak ko.. pwede po ba ang ganito or pinapayagan ba ang ganito? Paano magiging Late Registration kung ito ay napa Early Registration ko naman? Bakit ito pinapayagan Ng LCRO ng Cabanatuan?

    Ano po ba Karapatan ko bilang Unwed Father? Anong mga hakbang ang dapat kong gawin sa kaso kong ito?

    pina blotter nga pala nila ako sa Buong NE.. Nakialam po pl ang kanyang pamilya

  • Joan Bomuel says:

    Ask ko lng po kung anung gagawin ko at san ako magsisimula regarding my concern sa fathers name in my birth certificate.
    Ang nasa NSO birth certificate ko ay LAURO PURONA BOMUEL
    but my fathers name is LUISITO URRIZA BOMUEL.

    Hope you can give me ideas for this problem.

    Maramin salamat po.

  • Dest says:

    Ano po pwede ko gawin na i corrected lahat ng naka sulat sa Marriage Certificate ko paano ko po ma iaayos un ng tama .Kc iba po ang mga information na nakalagay sa marriage information ko pls Help ASAP

  • Marites Reyes says:

    Papanu ko mapa correct ang marriage cert kc sumobra ang s ko sa pangalan ko at mali ang middle initials ng parents ko sana mabigyan ninyo aq ng idea anu requirements

  • Marcelito Enriquez says:

    How can i correct my name in our marriage contract? My real Name is Marcelito Enriquez and it was written on our marriage contract as Marcelino Enriquez.

  • ma.cristina rubio says:

    ano po pinaka posible na paraan pra maitama po ang entry s NSO dahil po ang birth cert.po n hawak ng mother q at ginawa ko pong basehan ng lahat ng aking legal documents mula binyag hnggang s aking marriage certificate ay may “Ma.” po, pro nun kmuha aq ng NSO registered Birth cert. nlaman ko po n wla “Ma.” ang nk registered sa knila.Please po i need ur help.thanks so much

  • Gigi says:

    Pls. help po. double registration po ako, yong late registration ang ginagamit ko sa lahat ng documents passport, school records, Sss…etc ko since 1994. Everytime kumukuha ako ng copy mg Birth certificate ko yong late registration ko ang ibinibigay. Last Nov. 2014 nung ngpakuha ako ng birth certificate ko ang ibinigay nila ay yong 1st registration ko na hindi ko po alam na meron dahil last month ko lng po nakita, ang sabi nila yong late registration ko dw po ay nablock na at hindi na ko makakuha. mgkaiba po amg spelling ng name ko at place of birth sa 1st registration na binigay nila. pano ko po mapapalitan ang spelling ng name ko sa 1st birth certificate ko? salamat po

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