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Pag Ibig Fund Website

Pag-Ibig Fund HDMF

Pag-Ibig Fund HDMF (photo credits to

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Pag Ibig Fund is the provider and government agency for Home Development Mutual Fund(HDMF). If you have been employed in the late 80’s I’m pretty sure you know about it because it became a compulsory deduction to all employees back then amounting to Php 100.00. I am one of those who were the first to take advantage of the system that the Philippine government has implemented to employers and employee.

Because of this, many members of the Pag-Ibig Fund has been making monthly regular remittance to their accounts. This is also the reason why searches for online contribution, hotline numbers, branches and the hdmf website have become prominent.

But it is because of the lack of information drive for online availability of the Philippine government that until now, many have been struggling on information as such mentioned above and many have had a hard time finding the Pag-Ibig Fund website. For the benefit of those who are still not familiar with the online url, site or presence of this service, the official Pag Ibig Fund website (HDMF website) is

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122 Responses to “Pag Ibig Fund Website”

  • Christopher Vilan says:

    Wanna know my Pag-ibig number to be submitted to our company for the contribution purposes.

  • Rey Acabal says:

    I am a member of Pag Ibig since 1996 with Pag Ibig number 0701-348263-03 but I lost my MID number. Last October 2013 I went abroad and paid 1 year Pag Ibig contribution but unfortunately the Pag Ibig teller cannot find my name as an existing member.
    Due to this the teller told me to issue another number which is 913291059842.
    In connection to the above mentioned problem and the number given to me by Pag ibig teller I dicided to wrote you this letter.
    My questions and concerned are as follows:
    1. What happen to my previous contribution why my records are missing?
    2. How can I get my MID number?
    3. What is my contribution relates to the contribution I paid last October?
    4. What shall I do to resolve the above listed questions and concerned?
    In this regards I am personally requesting your good for assistance.
    Respectfully Yours,

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