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Bernie Dizon – An Expert Filipino Pomologist

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Who is Bernie Dizon? To start off with, I’d like to personally say in my own words about this man, Bernie Dizon, the Pomology expert Filipino who has lived his life doing things about exotic fruits and trees for free. For those who do not know Bernie (if I may call him), he offers free seminars to people who are looking to enter the wide wild word of planting what he calls as exotic fruits and trees.

If you are not an avid fan of planting a pomelo or lanzones or rambutan or jackfruit or mango or guava and other popular tropical exotic fruits, you might not really know Bernie Dizon personally. But for the benefit of those who are in to planting either for fun and excitement or for business, it would be best to go see him personally and allow him to offer you a free coffee or tea in his kingdom of exotic fruit and tree seminar at the Ninoy Aquino Wildlife  Park, formerly Wildlife.

Mr Bernie Dizon also offers people to go see his achievements within the park aside from what he offers in the seminars. He’s also been so busy talking about exotic fruit studd in the radio over at 774 Mhz AM radio station. It was only my cousin who told me about the radio station to this day but I haven’t even tried to hear from him any word yet at all so I don’t really know the name of the radio station.

Bernie Dizon, as part of his quest for educating people all over the Philippines has had numerous occasions of seminar strings for FREE. He is also conducting a lot of field trips in hopes to propagate what he professionally knows regarding his very own world of Pomology. Sometimes and some people would even call Bernie Dizon as the father of miracle grapes and of calamansi for taking time to study these types of exotic fruits and devoting almost half his life to learning how he can improve on everything making the fruit as perfectly capable of making a human lips smile upon tasting it.

With grapes,  Bernie Dizon claims that he can literally dictate when he wants a grape to be harvested or when he wants the vine to bear fruit. He said also that he can turn grapes into seedless variety at any time he wants calling it his miracle grapes. Dizon also grows a vineyard within the Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park as part of his commitment to teach people how to do grape planting perfectly as it serves as his very own token of achievement if you visit the park on Sundays. Bernie Dizon also claims that he can make his grapes bear fruit whenever he wants it to and program it to have fruit harvested on a set date like birthdays or any occasion which is one of the most important part of his lifetime achievement as a renowned Pomologist in the Philippines. The best of all achievements that he is propagating is that he knows how to make any fruit sweeter than most think.

Bernie Dizon, the Pomologist also has other obsessions on a wide variety of what he calls exotic fruits like chico, citrus, durian, lychee, longan. macopa, mango, mangosteen,  pomelo, rambutan and more. He gives all free information to interested people who are looking to learn more about how he does it with these exotic fruits and has become a very successful planter of countless variesties. Name it and he has it as well as ask and your questions shall be answered. Mr. Bernie Dizon also has his son with him in helping widespread a free source of information through seminars and short talks over a cup of coffe. For those who want to take a hold of him, you can try and visit at the Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park and you will not miss their small kingdom near the park entrance. You can also ask for him at the entrance guards.

7 Responses to “Bernie Dizon – An Expert Filipino Pomologist”

  • Marlon Mangubat says:

    hello, do you know someone who sells grape seedlings, i am from Cebu, hope you can help, thanks.

  • Edison says:


    Can I get the contact information of Sir Bernie Dizon? Thanks!


    Edison Tangon

  • waldy says:

    ano po number nyo kc oorder po kmi ng halaman.. pasend n lng po sa email q.tnx

  • jun says:

    saan po kaya ako makaka bili nang lanzones seedlings.salamat po

    • Philippines Review says:

      Mr. Jun, cutting na po ang mabibili nyo kina Mr. Bernie Dizon. Nandun po ang office at nursery nila sa loob ng Wild Life National Park malapit sa Quezon City Circle. ask na lang po kayo sa guard pagpasok nyo… May entrance fee po pagpasok sa park mga 10 pesos for adult and 5 pesos for kids po yata.

  • alfredo c.nerveza says:

    hi Bernie,I listen to dzmm every weekend here in los angeles California,and was wondering if you can reserve me a half dozen of your DWARF coconut,And I am looking for the17-0-17 that you frequently mention in the television to make my POMELO sweet.I visit my home in Paoay every year.My late mother is a class 1939 at UPLB and my auntie is also a Dean college of Nueva Viscaya.I am a Retired aerospace Engineer now.

    Wishing much for your respond,

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