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Filipino Backyard Beekeeper Attends Fiesta in Buruanga Aklan

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So me and my dad came out of our comfort zone last May 4, 2015 to attend our province’s official yearly fiesta celebration in Buruanga, Aklan. This is in the Visayas area. Luckily, this province is where I, as an aspiring urban backyard beekeeper is looking forward to put up my own small backyard honey bee farm. While it’s good to go traveling from Manila to Buruanga, Aklan to attend the fiesta, as an official Filipino beekeeper after finishing course in “Management of Philippine Bees” and Beekeeping basics 101, I would like to try to seek for possibilities in putting up a small apiary of our local stingless bees or “lukot” in our province this year. I already bought me 2 colonies of Apis Mellifera over 2 weeks now, putting them in our backyard somewhere in Caloocan and they’re getting stronger each day with less sugar feeding as planned. It’s been 14 days now and the colony is still going strong.

backyard beekeeperSigns that A Backyard Beekeeper Can Keep Bees in Aklan

Now, as I look forward to keeping local native stingless bees in Buruanga, Aklan, after attending our town fiesta, we took time to roam around to see if we can find a small group of these bees around. We were lucky to find some of them foraging in an “ipil-ipil” tree flower which is a favorite and I immediately thought about the possibility of turning my father’s little town into a depot for a backyard beekeeper. Furthermore, there were lots of coconuts in the area which makes it really a good choice to keep local bees in Aklan. The coconut is a pollen and nectar favorite of Philippine native stingless bess. Add to that, there is literally no beekeeper in the province upon searching in the internet. We are looking forward to sell our local raw, natural, organic and unadulterated pure bee honey soon in a year in Aklan. Attending the fiesta with the purpose of trying to find out if there is a possibility that our native stingless bees will survive and is currently thriving in Aklan is finally done.

philippine-stingless-beesProspect Backyard Beekeeper Apiary

I will be back by next month to seek for more information about native aetas and people in the mountains I could talk to and ask if there is anybody familiar with these kinds of bees that I wanted to breed and take care to put up as a small apiary in Aklan. Hopefully, by next month, I would be able to find more information that would lead me to find more proof and possibly. I am now preparing to seek a nice place where I can set up an apiary of stingless bees in this part of the Visayas region and the lot we bought in Tamalagon, Tangalan, Aklan is a prospect which me as a backyard beekeeper and my wife both thinks to be a good place to start. You can watch a video of the local stingless bee below.

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One Response to “Filipino Backyard Beekeeper Attends Fiesta in Buruanga Aklan”

  • Charles Uy says:

    Sir, presently saan po kayo naka based? I am also interested sa backyard bee keeping. Magkano dapat ang capital to start to put up a colony of these stingless bees (lokot)? also monthly maintenance cost ? you can email me at the above email address. May i also get your contact numbes as to where in can get intouch with you. Salamat!

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